May 2, 2007

PHS students gather to protest veto of Iraq spending bill

BREAKING NEWS: Students from Pinckney Community High School are staging a protest today at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday to protest the President’s veto of Congress’s spending bill for the Iraq civil war/occupation.

The protest is being led by Pinckney junior Chris Dzombak. The group will meet on the sidewalk in front of the village square, along M-36, in downtown Pinckney. It’s just a stone’s throw from Hell. Anyone willing to attend and help these students out in predominately Republican Livingston County are welcome, and all you have to do is just get off the Howell/D-19 exit from I-96 and follow D-19 straight south until the road ends; and you will run right into the village square.

This group of students braved the cold, middle fingers and abuse last January at the very same place to protest the war that these young people are being pressured everyday to fight in.

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Den said...

It's all good. Our brilliant President wants to stay the course, with no benchmarks and no timetables. And his henchmen in Congress are staying with him to the very end.
So, Bush is claiming victory. Now we can continue to pay for the Irag war and Iraq's reconstruction, without any accountablility.
Actually, it signals the end of the Republican party. People will remember who tried to stop the war, and who lined up against stopping it.