May 8, 2007

Voters show no love for “LOVE” in Howell School Board race

Voters in the Howell Public School District struck a blow for common sense, sanity, fairness and education by rejecting the candidates supported by the anti-gay hate group known as the “Love” PAC - (Livingston Organization for Values in Education).

Vicki Fyke, the leader of “Love,” said on this and other blogs that the group has some 1,900 members, and she told their members to vote for Bill Harvey and Doug Moore. However, publicly she told reporters that she does not know the candidates, fearing the backlash from the group’s ridiculous book banning quest would come back to bite them in the butt. It did.

Either, as we suspected, the 1,900 number was hugely inflated, or few of the 1,900 alleged “Love” members are registered voters because Edwin Literski and incumbent Jeannine Pratt were the winners of the two, four-year school board seats. The two ran as a slate, and although I only voted for one of them, I am relieved “Love’s” agenda is thwarted.

Literski was the top vote getter with 2,162 votes, and he led the race throughout the night. Pratt also kept her lead all night, but Harvey was within striking distance until all the votes were counted.

The final unofficial vote results from the Livingston County Clerk’s office are as follows:

X-Edwin J. Literski, 2,162 25 percent
X-Jeannine M. Pratt, 1,788 20 percent
Bill Harvey, 1,667 19.4 percent
Doug Moore, 1,657 19 percent
Dan Fondriest, 1,116 13 percent
Write-in Votes (Phil Nichols)191 2.2 percent

The results are unofficial until the Board of Canvassers certifies the election.

I am looking forward to hearing from Fyke. This is what she had to say commenting on this blog.

“Doug Moore and Bob Harvey don't need your vote, C.G. Our majority has already been instructed as who to vote for. Come back here May 9th and face the music. I'll stop by on May 9th and reveal the winning strategy.”

I’m waiting to hear that “winning strategy.”


vicki said...

We're certainly not going away, and I promise we'll be back and win the next election. We came very close yesterday, and I consider this a victory because our majority continues to grow at a steady rate.

Chet said...

Ms. Fyke, as a political consultant I rarely offer free insight. You did not come close (in a five way race this was a convincing margin), and by all media accounts your opponents successfully used you as a lightning rod with which to attack candidates and distract the public.

CG, for the record, this is the first communication I've ever had with Fyke.

Communications guru said...

I don’t usually gloat, but that’s certainly what you did before the election, Ms. Fyke. You said, “Come back here May 9th and face the music. I'll stop by on May 9th and reveal the winning strategy.”

Both of your candidates were shut out, and you consider that a victory? You threw these snide, arrogant comments around on blogs, but publicly you disavowed your candidates because “Love’s” endorsement was poison. You consider that a victory? You consider 121 votes among six candidates close?

I have no idea how you can possibly call what you have a majority? A majority of what?

As for you “not going away” I have mixed feeling on that. On the one hand people have begun to realize you are nothing but an anti-gay hate group, and it helps people realize what the Republican party has become when you were once the leader of the LIVCO Teen-age Republicans. So I’m not sure I want you to go away because you are sending people over to our side. On the other hand, your group’s antics have embarrassed this community and reinforced its image as a small-minded, racist community.

I agree with you Mr. Zarko when you say “as a political consultant I rarely offer free insight,” and that’s why I am still wondering you is paying you. It was Ms. Fyke that tried to distract the public into believing Mr. Harvey and Mr. Moore were not the “Love” candidates, but the public saw through it.

As for this being your first communications with Ms. Fyke, that’s what you say.

vicki said...

My group has already set it's goals for the next few years. We will continue to fight for what's right for the children. New people have been joining with us, and our membership is now over 2000.
A few of you hateful people shot us down this time around, but our mission is too important to set aside. We welcome the fight, and I will continue to speak out against the forces in this community that try to undermine the children.
I look forward to the next election when we will add two more like-minded people to the school board, and get our important changes accomplished. Our goal is for the benefit of all Howell school children, and we wont let a few of you hatemongers distract us.

Communications guru said...

Wow. The “leader” of an anti-gay hate group is calling me a hatemonger. That’s sure a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Coming from someone like you I take that as a complement. You are not fighting for what’s right for children, and you know it. You are fighting for this narrow-minded view of yours that discriminates against children, and adults, that are different than you. You keep believing you have 2,000 members; that’s fine with me. Why didn’t any of them vote?

“A few of you hateful people shot us down this time around?” How about the majority of the caring, and reasonable people in this community shot you down. I have no doubt you will find two small-minded people like you to run next year. Why don’t you run? Perhaps this time you will publicly acknowledge them. What you did this time with Moore and Harvey makes you a hypocrite. How were you distracted? Perhaps people finally just saw you for what you really are. I have no idea how you can change that fact in a year.

Anonymous said...

I would ask the same question - why didn't your members vote? The election was not even close - Literski ran away with it. Are your members under legal voting age or do they just not exist?

I am rather taken away that this Vicki refers to others as hate mongers when the hate I hear is usually coming from her. Calling teachers pornographers, calling a rainbow flag a gay flag and a group of students just trying to make sense of the world a gay club.

Thank goodness a majority of the community rejected this type of hate and negative thought processes and voted for the right candidates!