May 8, 2007

Cast a vote against hate, discrimination and censorship by voting no on “LOVE”

The polls for school board elections in Livingston County’s five school districts are open until 8 p.m. today, and this normally pedestrian election has taken on much more importance thanks to a couple of groups with an agenda.

A couple of groups with an agenda other than providing a good education to our children in a safe learning environment have emerged. The Livingston County Republican Party has attempted to make a farce of this nonpartisan race by actively recruiting candidates, training them, providing campaign volunteers and providing financial help.

But they are not the worst group. Here in the Howell Public School District we have all read, watched and heard about the anti-gay hate group known as the so-called “LOVE” PAC (Livingston Organization for Values in Education) that has given this community a black eye with its book banning quest. The leader of this group has endorsed her two candidates, so I will not tell you who to vote for, only who not to vote for.

The candidates for Howell’s two seats are Dan Fondriest, Bill Harvey, Edwin Literski, Doug Moore, incumbent Jeannine Pratt and write-in Phil Nichols.

The leader of the “Love” hate group has on this blog told me who “Love’s” candidates are, but publicly she is denying she even knows them.

“Vote for Moore and Harvey for school board, and soon we will be able to control the rulings of the Howell school board against everything that is indecent. We shall see as our majority speaks on May 8th!”
Doug Moore and Bob Harvey don't need your vote, C.G.
“Our majority has already been instructed as who to vote for. Come back here May 9th and face the music. “

I urge you to vote for anyone but Bill Harvey and Doug Moore.

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