May 12, 2007

Ann Coulter mudslinging? Say it aint so

The leading public opinion and survey research firm, American Association for Public Opinion Research, called hatemonger Ann Coulter out on her latest lie that the firm made up a poll that recently appeared in Newsweek that showed all three Democratic Presidential candidates would handily defeat all Republican contenders.

"Ann Coulter's kill-the-messenger assessment of the Newsweek poll exceeds the bounds of professional reporting and commentary," said AAPOR president Robert P. Daves, director of polling and strategic research at the Star Tribune in a press release. "It's pure-and-simple mudslinging on her part to question the ethics of a reputable polling firm and news organization that abides by a longstanding Code of Professional Ethics and Practices. Anyone who values solid public opinion research and intelligent public discourse should be outraged and ignore Coulter's irresponsible and groundless assertion that the results were fabricated."

Mudslinging is Coulter’s stock in trade, and it apparently is what Cleary University - who is paying the hatemonger $30,000 to speak at its Livingston Economic Club Speakers Luncheon Series - thinks “enrich(s) the Livingston County community by hosting speakers who can share a broad spectrum of social, political, intellectual and cultural experiences.”

Coulter's comment was made in response to a question from Geraldo Rivera; after she described the poll as "Newsweek doing more push polling for Al Qaeda," she answered his question about whether the results were made up as "yes."
She went on to say that in polls "where Republicans are actually allowed to vote," they "do a lot better," implying that the poll was not representative.

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