Jul 15, 2010

Rocker makes strange bedfellow for GOP sheriff

The Republican Party bills itself as the party of family values, but not only does it fail to support middle class families, they associate themselves with some strange people: like rightwing extremist ex-rocker Ted Nugent.

In a brief in the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus, “Republican gubernatorial candidate and Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard this week "joined" rock music legend Ted Nugent to call for an amendment to Michigan's Constitution to create a "legal right to hunt and fish."”

I’m not sure why we need such an amendment, and that’s just a political ploy. But why would any supposedly family values political candidate want to be associated with someone like Nugent? The answer is the money and the press. Not only that, it’s hard for Republicans to find a pop or rock artist that supports Republicans.

You will recall that in the 2008 Presidential election, the rock group Boston told former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee that he could no longer use the song “More than a feeling” as his theme song, and liberal rocker John Mellencamp told Arizona Republican Senator John McCain not to use any of his songs at events.

I guess Bouchard can use a Nugent song for his theme song. “Cat Scratch Fever,” or “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang” would do nicely. After all, Nugent is quoted as saying:
"My man, Mike Bouchard, is the kind of leader and hunting buddy Michigan needs. We need a leader in truth who will continue to stand up for our guns, God and beliefs," Nugent said.

And what a guy to have as your man. Upstanding citizen Nugent could have faced statuary rape charges for sleeping with his 17-year-old Hawaiian girlfriend Pele Massa, so he talked her parents into allowing him to adopt her.

Like many Republicans, Nugent is pro-war, except when it comes for him to actually serve in combat. The famous story he has told numerous times has him stopping all forms of personal hygiene for a month and showing up for his draft board physical in pants caked with his own urine and feces, winning a deferment from serving in Vietnam. However, since Nugent has become a darling of the Republicans and appears on Faux “news” regularly, he has changed the story and now says he enrolled at Oakland Community College and got a deferment. Events say that is highly unlikely, but at a minimum it makes him a liar.

Why he has anything to do the Governor’s race or Michigan is beyond me. He voluntary left Michigan in 2004 when he moved his family to Crawford, Texas, where George Bush once owned a sprawling ranch and spent the majority of his time instead of at the White House.

I was a Nugent fan in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and I still like some of his early stuff. The irrelevant stuff he said on local Detroit radio stations was funny and rebellious, but it didn’t have the hateful, misinformed tone it does now. But I have also matured since then.


Silverfiddle said...

From what I've seen, he's never denied his past, and I've seen video of him bragging about this stuff.

I have not seen him talking about "family values." That's a new one. He's usually talking about more libertarian stuff, getting government off our backs, hunting, and guns.

So you found one instance where he commends a candidate for standing up for God and guns.

I hardly call that a scandal of inconsistency.

Not Anonymous said...

He didn't try to adopt his 17 year old girlfriend. He asked her parents to allow him to have guardianship of her until she was legally old enough to not need guardianship any longer. A year.

Guardianship is not adoption. I find no mention anywhere of him being in danger of statuatory rape.

He also owns a place in Jackson or near Jackson and didn't give up that property. He just has another place in Texas that he calls home.

Anyone that is a citizen of Michigan should be permitted to run for Governor. If you don't like him, don't vote for him. But he hasn't entered the race here anyway, so it's really a moot point. Or just you wanting to have something to bitch and moan about.

Passing judgement on how someone else has lived their life, or the mistakes that they've made in the past seems to me to be very arrogant especially when coming from someone that seems to have his own personal problems that you have chosen to make public on here.

Find me someone with a perfect life and I'll show you a guy with nail holes in His hands and feet. I seriously doubt that He'd run for public office though.

Communications guru said...

I agree with you to a point, so that begs the question why then is an alleged family values candidate like the Oakland County Sheriff embracing such a scumbag?

However, I believe he has tried to change his story on his deferment. Here is a pro-war guy until it’s time to do his part. I guess he only likes to shoot at things that don’t shoot back. If you think Bouchard is the only person who has embraced Nugent then you must not have heard of faux “news.”

Communications guru said...

Sorry, anonymous coward, he did adopt his 17 year-old girl friend in order to have legal sex with her. You can call it what you want, but the result is the same.

Property has nothing to do with it. He cannot vote in Michigan, and I say good riddance. Anyone that is a citizen of Michigan is allowed to run for governor, but he’s not a citizen of Michigan.

Ted Nugent is a public figure. I don’t have any personal problems, and I never made any public here.

Only a cowardly liar like you would think Nugent’s behavior is just a minor imperfection. The post isn’t about Nugent, it’s about his man Bouchard and who he embraces.

Again, anonymous coward, I’m still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”

Not Anonymous said...

You have to be a moron to not see the difference between a guardianship and an adoption. Guardianship means you make the legal decisions for someone, such as signing for them if they decide to join the military, or signing for them if they are going to learn to drive, enrolling them in school, or even take responsibility for them if they get in trouble.

Adoption makes them your child. Good God, only someone like Woody Allen would ignore the true difference and he's a pedophile.

He owns propery in Michigan. If he decides to list Michigan as his primary residence, yes, he would be eligible to vote and even run for office in Michigan. Interesting that you want to enroll sixteen year olds to vote opening the possibility of more voter fraud than we have already, but you're anxious to keep Nugent out.

If this was about Bouchard, you spent very little time and effort on Bouchard and spent most of your time talking about Nugent.

I don't think I said "minor imperfections". Let me look. Nope. I didn't. You just hate being caught in your silly little teenage lies.

No persomal problems? You whine that you work three jobs and still can't afford health care for your wife. Sounds like two problems.

I've already told you about the time we were nearly next to each other. You didn't like it, so you make excuses. You are a coward with nothing of value to contribute to society, unless living in your mothers basement is considered a contribution to society. I call it a drain on citizens resources.

Communications guru said...

There is no difference between a guardianship of a minor and adoption. So he owns property in Michigan, says you? His residence is Texas, and that’s where he votes.

Yes I want to pre-register 16-year-olds, as does the League of Women Voters, and where is the fraud there, anonymous coward? Sorry, anonymous coward, it was about Bouchard and the people he embraces. You sure did imply minor imperfections, anonymous coward. And I have never lied.

Ah, the cowardly personal attacks. Again, I have no personal problem, but I have problem millions of hard working Americans have that is being addressed.

Thanks for the compliment; coming from a cowardly liar like you it means a lot to me.

Again, anonymous coward, I’m still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.” That means back up that fanciful false tale you spun.

No, a coward is someone who throws out slimly, false personal attacks and then hides behind an anonymous name, like you do. That makes you the coward. I put my name –my real name - to everything I write.

Johnny C said...

When someone says Ted Nugent is full of shit they're not lying LOL, I remember seeing his card on the Chicken Hawk hall of fame site. It always seems those who champion war as the first choice are people who wanted no part in fighting in one when they were of legal serving age.

It seem supporting wars and having no intention in serving in them is a carried tradition to today's young right winger, they have no problem logging hours of gameplay in "Call of Duty" but doing it real life not so much.

As for D-listers and the Republicans, I love when Fox News and other right wing media bash Hollywood celebrities for having an opinion but they don't mind digging Ted Nugent,Victoria Jackson and that chick from "Northern Exposure" out of the mothballs to talk that right wing shit on air.