Feb 7, 2008

McCain his sour note with rocker Mellencamp

Arizona Republican Senator John McCain can officially start his campaign for President after his nearest competitor, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, bowed out, but McCain will have to change the tunes he plays at his campaign events after liberal rocker John Mellencamp pulled the plug on McCain using his songs.

The McCain camp has been playing Mellencamp hits “Our Country” – which Chevrolet uses very heavily in its TV ads – and "Pink Houses." Mellencamp is a liberal, and he most recently supported former North Carolina Democratic Senator John Edwards for president before he dropped out of the race.

Apparently, Mellencamp had his publicist contact the McCain campaign to ask them to stop using the songs, and published reports said Mellencamp wanted to know why someone who is trying to woo the conservative vote would want to be associated with songs that glorify the working man and labor. The McCain camp quietly stopped using the songs.

Mellencamp hails from the border state of Indiana, growing up in the small town of Seymour. His impressive body of work that has earned him enshrinement in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next month has solidly identified him as a icon of bedrock small town, Midwestern values, singing about the plight of farmers, small town life and poverty.

He has been an activist for the poor and the farmer, and in the '80s Mellencamp teamed up with country singer Willie Nelson to raise money for farmers with the Farm-Aid concerts.

No word on what music we can expect to hear at future McCain events.

I wonder who Bob Seger is endorsing?

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