Jul 29, 2010

Newspaper endorses conspiracy theorist over businessman

As expected, the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus endorsed former State Rep. Joe Hune, R-Hamburg Township, for the open 22nd District State Senate seat, but it has to be the most wishy-washy, weak endorsement I hare ever read.

The paper endorsed Hune over the Howell City Councilman and businessman Paul Rogers simply because he vowed to never, ever raise taxes under any circumstances, and the fact that he has apparently matured since he was elected to an open State House seat by two votes in 2002, making him one of the youngest ever to be elected.

“Still, Hune gets our endorsement partly because he has clearly matured since the callow young man who was elected to the state House in 2002 at the age of 21.”

I liked him better when he as “a callow young man.” He was always an extreme conservative, being named among the top 10 most conservative House members consistently by subscription only MIRS and Michigan Votes, but he was at least reasonable. However, since leaving the House in 2008 and beginning his Senate campaign, he has thrown in with the extremist fringe and sometimes racist Republican teabaggers.

The paper had to hold their nose to endorse him, and you had to read seven paragraphs down to find out that that they had endorsed him.

Hune's answer in a debate sponsored by the newspaper earlier this month that the United Nations was coming for his guns caught the paper’s editors so off guard that they saw fit to do a follow up story. Despite that outrageous comment, the paper endorsed a conspiracy theorist over an established businessman.

“Often, Hune's position is simplistic, shrill and even a little conspiratorial, such as his worry that the United Nations is poised to overturn the nation's Second Amendment protection of citizen gun ownership.”

One of Hune’s most ridiculous answers in the debate that the newspaper continues to ignore is his vote on the bipartisan package of bills aimed at attracting the film industry with incentives in March of 2008. Hune said in the debate that he would not vote for the package, but when Hune was asked why he voted for it, he tried to claim he didn’t know or understand the package included a tax rebate.

He has to be the only person in the State of Michigan that didn’t know the package include allowing production companies a 40 percent rebate on the Michigan Business Tax (MBT). He either cannot read a newspaper, didn’t watch TV news, didn’t read an analysis the bill from the nonpartisan House Fiscal Agency, didn’t watch the committee hearings like I did, was asleep in the Republican caucus, was playing a video game on the House floor when the debate was going on or had an incompetent staff.

We want to send a guy back to Lansing who does not even know what he’s voting on?

We need to send someone like Green Oak Township Democrat Chuck Fellows to Lansing. He is a planning commissioner, and as such, he knows how to do his homework and knows what he’s voting on. He has the experience, knowledge and common sense to get things done.


carraig said...

It's telling that the radical left has so damaged any discussion about how to meaningfully repair the state finances, that a moderate republican is deemed to be likely to be taken advantage of by the relentless tax increase demands of the vicious political thugs of the MEA and the UAW.

Look at it another way. Bernero, the angriest mayor in America, bought and paid for by the unions, who own the Democratic Party, is now leading the moderate, thoughtful Andy Dillon. Why - because of his personal views on an issue(abortion) that's unlikely to be in play over the next 4 years ? Despite his expertise in the area that matters most - the economy.

The Democratic primary is a clear union vs. non-union choice.

Communications guru said...

What the hell are you talking about? Not a single thing you said is true. Not a single thing.

carraig said...

It's all true - which is why you didn't write your usual 5 page rebuttal.

Have a nice day.

"A socialist democrat is a person who is a member of the democratic party, who advocates socialist ideals. I've met some who've self-identified as such at U-M and around Detroit. Denying their existence doesn't make them go away"

Communications guru said...

Sorry, nothing you wrote is true, and it’s just ridiculous. Teachers are thugs? Give me a break. I have never written a “5 page rebuttal,” but I don’t let lies go unchallenged.

What exactly does your incomprehensible rant have to do with the endorsement of Joe Hune?

There is no such thing as a Socialist Democrat in the United States, and that is just a false, Republican smear.

carraig said...

Rogers was supposedly the thoughtful candidate. But that was deemed a weakness in the face of the unrelenting demands for tax increases without reforms of the longterm state liabilities by the radical MEA and UAW owned democrats.

So Hune got the endorsement.

Communications guru said...

What? What are you basing that myth on? First, both were unimpressive, based on the debate I saw, but Hune is so extreme and uninformed he doesn’t deserver the endorsement.

The MEA and the UAW are radical? Based on what? What do you have against democracy. I guess in your world democracy is radical. We are facing budget deficits every year, local services are being cut and police officer and firefighters are being laid off every year because we have structural budget deficits. It makes no sense to send someone as inflexible and radical as Hune to Lansing who will not even consider fixing it.

You notice he had no realistic plan for balancing the state budget.

Johnny C said...

I never understood why those who like to pound their chest and call themselves blue collar or Joe Six Pack conservatives defend the very interest that screws them over.

Unions might not be prefect but I side with the unions over those who want to give away American jobs for cheaper labor overseas.