Dec 18, 2006

Hune named one of the House's most extreme conservatives by Lansing based MIRS

Our own Joe Hune is one of the most extreme conservative Representatives in the Michigan House, according to a ranking by subscription only MIRS and Michigan Votes.

Hune finished in the top 10 most conservative tied for 9th with ranking of 82 percent, but he could not come close - thank God - to Rep. Bob Gosselin’s 100 percent. Our other Livingston County Legislator, Chris Ward, finished in the middle of the GOP pack tied at 22 with a ranting of 78 percent. It seems appropriate that the No. 2 man on that list, Rep. Rick Baxter, was unseated last month.

The ranking is based on votes on 41 bills in the session that ended last week, and the list includes such bills as one that required parents of female sixth graders to sign off for a human papillomavirus vaccine to help prevent cervical cancer and requiring welfare recipients to take drug tests.

On the progressive side, Rep. Abe Vagnozzi was the most liberal with a ranking of 2.4 percent conservative. The good news is the person taking Chris Ward’s job, Majority Floor Leader-elect Steve Tobocman, was a close second. The most conservative Democrat was Rep. Dudley Spade (D-Tipton) – the same place that spawned ultra-conservative Tim Walberg - with a rating of 46 percent, and the most liberal Republican was Rep. Tory Rocca (R-Sterling Heights) with a rating of 60 percent.

The Speaker of the House-Elect, Rep. Andy Dillon was one of the more conservative Democrats, finishing just a few paces from Spade with a rating of 42 percent. Obviously, no Republican was more liberal than a Democrat and no Democrat was more conservative than a Republican.

1. Bob Gosselin (R-Troy) — 100 percent
2. (tie) Rick BAXTER (R-Hanover) and Rep. Jack HOOGENDYK (R-Kalamazoo) — 92.68 percent
4. (tie) Rep. Leon DROLET (R-Clinton Twp.), Rep. Brian PALMER (R-Romeo) — 92.50
6. Rep. John GARFIELD (R-Rochester) — 92.31
7. Rep. Fulton SHEEN (R-Plainwell) — 89.74
8. Rep. Glenn STEIL Jr. (R-Grand Rapids) — 89.6
9. (tie) Rep. Kevin ELSENHEIMER (R-Bellaire), Rep. Joe HUNE (R-Hamburg), Rep. John MOOLENAAR (R-Midland), Rep. David ROBERTSON (R-Grand Blanc) — 82.93
13. Rep. John STAHL (R-North Branch) — 82.50

1. Rep. Aldo VAGNOZZI (D-Farmington Hills) 2.44 percent
2. Rep. Steve TOBOCMAN (D-Detroit), Rep. Morris HOOD III (D-Detroit) and Rep. Andy MEISNER (D-Ferndale) 4.9
3. Rep. Alma SMITH (D-Salem Twp.) — 5.00
4. Rep. Marsha CHEEKS (D-Detroit) — 5.4
5. Rep. Paul CONDINO (D-Southfield) — 7.32
6. (tie) Rep. Brenda CLACK (D-Flint), Rep. Tupac HUNTER (D-Detroit) — 7.6
7. Rep. Chris KOLB (D-Ann Arbor) — 10
8. (tie) Rep. Barb FARRAH (D-Southgate), Rep. Lee GONZALES (D-Flint), Rep. Hoon-Yung HOPGOOD (D-Taylor) — 12.20
9. Rep. Gabe LELAND (D-Detroit) — 12.50


Anonymous said...

Welfare recipients taking drug tests? Why the hell not! Who could be opposed to that??

Communications guru said...

I’m opposed to it for one. I seem to recall something about the Bill of Rights where you are presumed innocent until proven guilty not the other way around; guilty until proven innocent. It’s bad enough to be poor, and now you have to go through this indignity. I think Legislators should also go though mandatory drug tests. After some of the wacky votes and proposals they have made I think it’s a good idea, and they are also receiving government benefits.