Dec 30, 2006

Ward in violation of campaign finance laws

Rep. Chris Ward, R-Brighton, is in violation of campaign finance laws, according to an investigative report by the subscription only Gongwer News Service.

Gongwer reviewed the campaign finance reports for the 148 legislators and found that 17 had not responded to department requests to amend their filings based on incorrect or missing information. Discrepancies were found on Ward’s 2006 pre-general report.

The report found 17 lawmakers in the same boat as Ward, and only seven, including Ward, were Republicans. The Secretary of State’s office is working with more than a dozen campaign committees for incoming lawmakers in order to bring their reporting into full compliance, and the report said several lawmakers are in talks with officials as to what needs to be done to bring their committee into full compliance.

However, based on the recent unprecedented and selective prosecution of former Democratic Representative LaMar Lemmons III by the Republican Secretary of State, Democrats on the list have a lot to worry about.

The Livingston County Republican Party is still in violation of Michigan Campaign Finance Law by failing to turn in its required Pre-General Election Campaign Finance Report before the Oct. 27 deadline. To date, it has not filed the report at all.

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