Dec 6, 2006

Newest progressive blog will shine the harsh spotlight on Mike Rogers and his voting record

I am proud to say I have enlisted in the blog Army to hold U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers accountable for his actions, votes and lack of representation of the people in the 8th Congressional District. I did so by becoming a contributor to the newest progressive blog, “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.”

This blog is not sinister nor an attack on Mr. Rogers. It is simply shining a spotlight on his voting record and actions, and that will be accomplished by focusing a group of dedicated eyes from all of the municipalities in the 8th District on Mr. Rogers. I am proud my fellow progressive bloggers allowed me to be a part of this.

We have already gained some notice. In the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus a three-paragraph brief appeared today announcing our presence. I also expect to see a story coming soon from the P & A featuring the person who started the blog, Liberal Lucy from “Liberal, Loud and Proud.”

Despite the blog being up only a few days, more than 50 people a day are visiting the blog. The hits are not only from all over the 8th District but from all over the county, such as Washington, D.C, Los Angles and Chicago.

We also look forward to input from readers and our fellow progressive bloggers in the form of comments, and if you see something we may have missed on Mr. Rogers please feel free to bring it to our attention.

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