Dec 4, 2006

Election of Evans as chair of the Livingston County Democrats ushers in new era

As predicted last week, Green Oak Township attorney Matt Evans, 49, was unanimously elected by the Executive Committee Sunday as the new chair of the Livingston County Democratic Party, replacing long-time chair Joe Carney.

Officers were also selected by the Executive Committee at the annul holiday party at the party HQ in Brighton. Donna Anderson was chosen as the Vice-Chair. She has been a tireless volunteer for the party. She ran for state Senate in 22nd District last month, and she earned some great endorsements, including the endorsement of one of the state’s largest newspapers, the Detroit Free Press.

Pam Green was chose as the secretary. Her many volunteer activities with the party include serving as the web master, and she also ran for the Livingston County Board of Commissioners last month.

Brighton resident Nancy Bosak is the treasurer. Bosak is the Voter File Manager for the Michigan Democratic Party, and she is responsible for managing the Voter Activation Network (VAN) including outreach, and training.

The Executive Committee includes all of the candidates for state and county political offices during the last election, as well as party volunteers. I personally know all but a few of the members, and I am excited we have such quality people on the committee. The committee includes Jim Marcinkowski, Mike McGonegal, Mary Anderson, Jan Vogal, Dave Buckland, Joe Carney, Judy Volk, Jim Swonk, Judy Daubenmier, Tom Butts, Paul Perosak, JoAnn Murphy, Dale Smith, Nancy Sauvage, Mike Hatty, John Devon and Debbie Buckland.

One of Evans’s goals is to have a full slate of candidates for every election. He helped the party work towards that goal when he ran for County Commissioner last month, and it was the most Democratic candidates for the county board in many years.

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