Jul 30, 2010

Republicans finally admitting teabaggers are strictly a GOP operation

It’s nice to see teabaggers finally admitting that the farce is just the militant arm of the Republican Party that was bought and paid for by rightwing Washington, D.C. think tanks, and not some nonpartisan, grassroots movement consisting of both Republicans and Democrats because they were angry at both political parties and big government.

The successful petition drive that collected some 60,000 signatures to give the “tea party” ballot status has led rightwing bloggers to put on their alleged investigative journalist hats on, and they have soused out that the petition drive may have ties to Democrats. If the teabaggera are a “nonpartisan, grassroots movement consisting of both Republicans and Democrats because they were angry at both political parties and big government” what does that matter?

The answer is because it isn’t. One blogger is calling it the Bullshit Tea party (BSTP), but the fact is that name fits the entire movement.

The organizers held a convention over the weekend and nominated actual candidates. Apparently, several of the affidavits of identity filed by candidates for the new party were notarized by Jason H. Bauer of Oakland County. Jason Bauer is also the name of the political director for the Oakland County Democratic Party. Not only that, some of the candidates donated to Democrats like Andy Dillon.

Some smoking gun.

But Subscription only Gongwewr is reporting at least one candidate is legitimate, Dan Davis, running for the 7th U.S. House District

“Mr. Davis was known to tea party activists and actually had been campaigning for months with the intention of running as an independent. He also has a website.
"I've typically voted Republican most of my life, but I was frustrated and thought we were getting played back and forth by both parties in this two-party system," he said Wednesday.
Mr. Davis said Tea Party Chair Mark Steffek approached him about running. He said he assumed Mr. Steffek knew of him from his independent bid. Mr. Davis said he has seen nothing to suggest The Tea Party is a Democratic conspiracy to siphon conservative voters away from Republican candidates.
And he took some digs at the Republican establishment for fuming at what they say is a Democratic conspiracy.
"They're concerned about putting their candidates in office," he said. "The Republicans have absolutely no right to my vote or any other conservatives' vote."

Clearly, teabaggers are a Republican ginned up operation, thought up and organized by the Washington, DC-based, rightwing think tank Freedom Works, chaired by former U.S. House Majority Leader and rightwing Republican Dick Armey, and the Washington, D.C.-based rightwing think tank Americans for Prosperity.
They will never be a real party because political parties stand for something, and teabaggers don’t; other than hate, racism, anti-government rhetoric and they hate the President. The only grassroots effort has been put forth by the collection of white supremacists groups, militia groups and secessionist groups.

I thought teabaggers on the ballot would drain away Republican votes and help Democrats, but I’m not so sure anymore. Most people vote straight party or for people they know. This collection of candidates will make little difference because people are seeing what a fringe crazy group teabaggers really are, and most of these candidates are unknowns.


Not Anonymous said...

I'd tell you that you're dumber than a stump, but I hate to disparage stumps in that way.

First, a simple google search will reveal that tea parties took place before the DC group you talk about. Don't waste your time looking for it. I don't think you can handle the truth printed right before you.

Second, you claim that the Tea Party is Republican only, but then you say that donations have been made to Dillon and that one of these guys might also be a chairman within the Democrat party. If some have donated to a Democrat, that removes the "Republican only" label. If one of the leaders is or was a leader in the Democrat Party, that makes it not Repbublican only.

Third, I think it's really arrogant of you to think of the people of Michigan or even the country as a bunch of idiots claiming that most vote straight party or for someone that they know. This also presents a dichotomy because you are one of those that votes straight party. Don't even try to deny it. If you can flat out state these things that you do without any verification other than what you create in your own lack of mind, then others are free to decide from your comments made now and in the past exactly what you vote, if you vote, how you vote and why you vote whether you accept it or deny it.

Finally, the racists are led by the Socialist Democrats, not the Republicans. This has been demonstrated with Obama's comments about the Cambridge police department last year, the things inserted in some of these bills passed, such as financial regulatory bill as well as what's happened with Shirley Sherrod recently and the worst is the crap with the "black" panthers in Philly. Not to mention the comments of Eric Holder and Obama in the past year and a half.

Once again, you've been caught in lies, and half truths. You having the last word doesn't make you right. It only means that you're continuing your lies in the last comment.

Thank you again today for the comic relief.

Communications guru said...

Thanks for that compliment; coming from an anonymous coward like you it means a lot.

Sorry, the think tanks have been there since day one. The fact is rightwing bloggers are confirming that teabaggers are an arm of the Republican Party.

The fact is many people vote straight party, and I fail to see how that makes them idiots. I don’t vote straight party, but I have not voted for a Republican in 18 years because they have taken such a hard right turn and are the party of no: no solutions and no ideas. I was talking about Michigan because not all states have straight party voting, but it has been a tradition in Michigan for 110 years, despite attempts by Republicans to stop it.

Once again, anonymous coward, there is no such thing as a Socialist Democrat in the United States, and that is just a false, Republican smear. If you think the teabaggers are not racist, you are simply lying again.

Seriously, you’re using Shirley Sherrod as an example? It was a rightwing blogger that again doctored a video to make her look racist. As for the false ginned up faux "news" story on the “black panthers” it was dropped by the Bush Department of Justice because not a single voter in the predominately Democratic precinct complained they were intimidated from voting. Not one.

Once again, you have never caught me in a lie simply because I don’t lie. The only liar is you, and that reminds me: I’m still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”

d.eris said...

If you think all "tea baggers" are Republicans I invite you to check out Poli-Tea, which is dedicated to building independent and third party opposition to the two party state.

K. said...

Another 'bagger hiding behind an anonymous post.

CM, apologies for the blog flog, but you might appreciate this and this.

The July Gallup poll of self-identified Tea Party supporters reports that 62% are conservative Republicans and 17% are moderate/liberal Republicans. Poli-Tea may be sincere in his desire for a third party, but he won't find teabuggery to be an especially accommodating vehicle.

Communications guru said...

All teabaggers are Republicans.

d.eris said...

K. writes: "Poli-Tea may be sincere in his desire for a third party, but he won't find teabuggery to be an especially accommodating vehicle."

People who identify themselves as "tea partisans," if you will, are indeed less likely to be open to third party and independent alternatives to the continued tyranny of the Democratic and Republican parties than the rest of the population, but not by much. Insofar as "tea baggers" are resistant to the idea of stopping the Democratic and Republican parties in their ongoing war against the people of the United States, they are no more dangerous than your everyday Republican or Democrat. It is no coincidence that so many millions of people are in prison in the United States, that the police state continually expands in power, that none of our so-called leaders speak up against the construction of the surveillance society.

Nonetheless, I refuse to let shills for the Republican wing of the ruling political class hijack the legacy of the Boston Tea Party and put it in the service of the criminal conspiracy that passes for government in the United States today. Today, freedom and independence begins with freedom and independence from the Democratic and Republican party machines, from the two-party state and duopoly system of government.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The Teabaggers are just the vocal out in the open bigots of the Republican party. *Most* Republicans these days try to veil their racism nowadays.