Dec 28, 2009

Livingston County lawmaker again leads Senate in missed votes

Sen. Valde Garcia, R-Marion Township, again led the Senate in missed votes in 2009 with 304 missed votes out of 716 votes, according to Michigan Votes.

Garcia missed 42 percent of the votes in the past year, but he attributes his number of missed votes to his duties as a Colonel in the Michigan Army National Guard. However, that’s something that has been ridiculed by the Senate leadership. Garcia has led the Senate in missed voted every year since at least 2006.
In the House, Rep. Doug Bennett, D-Muskegon, missed the most votes of any Legislature with 311, but he suffered a brain hemorrhage this past summer. He was followed by Rep. Mike Simpson, D-Jackson, with 194 missed votes, but he missed time with a rare blood disease that led to his tragic and untimely death on Dec. 18.

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