Dec 3, 2009

Gate-crashing socialites find an invitation they don’t like

Apparently, publicly seeking socialites Tareq and Michaele Salahi actually have an invitation to an event, but they are turning it down.

You will recall that they crashed the White House’s first state dinner on Nov. 24 where they managed to meet and have their photos taken with President Obama. What should have been a one day story and led to a commitment to have tighter security has been blown completely out of proportion.

Now, they have been invited to testify at a hearing to be held by the Homeland Security Committee on the incident, but they have declined this invitation. Who they do they think they are, Karl Rove?

I’m not sure what is more ridiculous; that they are even wasting time holding a hearing or that the couple declined to testify. I understand the need for security because of the irrational hatred of the president whipped up by the racist tea baggers, but the attention paid to this is just ridiculous. The Secret Service has their hands full investigating all the threats on the President’s life, so they simply need some help.

They went through metal detectors, and no one was ever in any danger. According to news reports, the White House said it would ensure that staff are physically stationed alongside Secret Service agents to screen guests at official events in the future.

That should end the story, but I don’t see that happening.


liberalshateusa said...

The Chicago party mindset shows @ this WhiteHouse. The Secret Service would never let a guest in that was not on the list yet 3 agents get throw under the bus while Desiree Rogers(Another Chicago Thug)Refuses to appear ( Protected By The WhiteHouse) before the Homeland Security Panel. Who is she Karl Rove?????

There’s growing pressure on the White House to allow social secretary Desiree Rogers to appear before a congressional committee to explain why a couple without an invitation managed to crash last week’s state dinner for the prime minister of India.

A number of Republican lawmakers already have been pushing for Ms. Rogers to appear, saying that administration refusal to produce her has amounted to “stonewalling.”

Communications guru said...

More ridiculous nonsense from hate America. “The Chicago party mindset?” What the hell is that, hate America?

The Secret Service’s job is to protect the President. No one got “throw” (sic) under the bus. They took responsibility. Desiree Rogers is a Chicago thug? You’re irrational hatred of the President is making you even more ridiculous than normal. She was born and raised in New Orleans.

“Press secretary Robert Gibbs said Desiree Rogers will not testify before the House Homeland Security Committee, which is probing how aspiring reality TV stars Michaele and Tareq Salahi gained entry into the dinner honoring the Indian prime minister.” Staff does not go to testify," Gibbs told reporters during an afternoon briefing, citing the separation of powers and a history of White House staff not testifying before Congress.”

“The House panel has scheduled a hearing for Thursday, and Rogers has been invited to testify.”Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., chairman of the panel, said Rogers' testimony would provide a "layer" to the story, but added that he isn't upset about her absence because Rogers was called by Republicans to testify.”

Let me explain this to you slowly. Karl Rove should be in jail. He was subpoenaed to testify, not invited. Second, he was no longer a staff member when called.

What’s even more ridiculous than you, hate America, is that we are actually wasting time holding hearings on this.