Dec 8, 2009

Some Democrats pushing to change the name of the annul state Jeff-Jack dinner

One thing I like about being a Democrat is that there are so many different kinds of people in the party with many different views.

We have Blue Dogs, pro-life Democrats and Pro-choice Democrats. Try finding a pro-choice Republican; They are few and far between and becoming more scarce everyday. We often fight with each other because we have such a big tent. Unlike the Republicans, we don’t have a purity test. I guess that’s why more people call themselves Democrats.

So, it was with surprise that I learned that the Livingston County Democratic Party recently passed a resolution asking the Michigan Democratic Party to remove the name of President Andrew Jackson’s name from the title of the annual Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, the MDP’s largest annual fundraising event held at Cobo Hall in March, known affectingly as the Jeff-Jack.

The resolution objects to the 7th President’s human rights record and his actions toward Native Americans. The notorious Indian Removal Act of 1830 forcibly removed Native American tribes from their traditional tribal lands in the southern states of Georgia and Florida to west of Mississippi, and it became known as the “Trail of Tears.”

Despite that record, someone told me Jackson should not be viewed in the light of today’s policies. Regardless, it raises an interesting debate. The Indian Removal Act was very popular at the time, and many Americans favored extermination of the Native American tribes instead of removal.

The Livingston County Republican Party calls their annual fundraising dinner the Reagan Dinner, and Reagan was no great shakes as a president; he wasn’t even the best Republican president.

Jackson, like many of the Founding Fathers, was a slave holder. But unlike previous presidents, he was the first president that was not born an aristocrat.

He was born in poverty from Irish immigrant parents in 1767 in Coastal Carolina, and his father died while his mother was pregnant with him. Jackson and his brother joined the Continental Army as boys serving as messengers during the Revolutionary War, and they served where the most vicious fighting of the war occurred in the Carolinas where atrocities on both sides occurred. Jackson and his brother contracted Small Pox while captives of the British, but his brother did not survive, leaving Jackson with no family.

Jackson was a self-made man and a frontiersman that became rich farming and raising race horses, but, unfortunately, he became rich on the work of slaves in Tennessee.

Jackson became a nationally recognized cultural hero following his defeat of the British in the Battle of New Orleans in 1815, earning the nickname “Old Hickory.” The only thing close is the adoration of General Dwight Eisenhower following World War II.

This is an interesting question that should be examined and debated. There is no doubt Jackson was a great man, but he needs to be viewed in the time he lived. No one is denying George Washington was a great man, but he owned some 300 slaves when he died. There is also no doubt Abraham Lincoln was a great man, but he was actually hated by many during his time. And, even though he signed the Emancipation Promulgation freeing the slaves, he favored colonizing them outside of the United States.


bluzie said...

Can you just imagine if anyone tried to have ANY Democrat pass a purity test? The thought of it would make any Democrat laugh.
No matter how annoying all the different opinions can be, I wouldn't change that element of the party for one moment. We are united by our common goals for equal rights, affordable heath care, fair labor laws and our belief in a strong public school system as education for our children and that means everyone's children is a top priority. Tonight our Senators are working tirelessly for affordabale and accessable health care for all and I can't help but think how proud I am to be a Democrat.

Not Anonymous said...

The socialist health care reform is going to fail. Your government education system is already a failure. You're about to lose the House and the Senate. Oh, and I'll take care of my own kids. I really don't need the assistance of socialists. Maybe when I find one in my bed, she'll have half the say of what happens with my kids. So, unless you're planning to roll over in the morning and tell me what's for breakfast, keep your hands and everything else away from my children.

You really need to set your standards higher.

Communications guru said...

I agree Bluzie. When you look at what Democrats have accomplished for this country, it makes me proud to be a Democrat. There’s a reason we are the oldest political party in the U.S., and why more people call themselves Democrats than republicans.

Communications guru said...

First, what the hell are you talking about, and what does this have to do with President Andrew Jackson, anonymous? You really should not be posting this late after you have been drinking.

Well, the socialist health care reform, where ever they are doing it, may fail. I have no idea. Good thing that’s not what we are doing in this country.

Universal public education has made this country great and leveled the playing field for the poor and helped create the middle class. Maybe that’s why you hate it so much. I guess you believe education should only be for the rich, anonymous. Sure, Democrats could lose the House and Senate. Anything can happen, and maybe the public will start to believe your lies. However, improving the lives of Americans is more important than keeping power, and that’s why your party is dying.

“and I'll take care of my own kids. I really don't need the assistance of socialists. Maybe when I find one in my bed, she'll have half the say of what happens with my kids. So, unless you're planning to roll over in the morning and tell me what's for breakfast, keep your hands and everything else away from my children.”

I’m not sure what they rant means, but good for you. Have another shot.

Anon said...

No pro-choice Republicans? Guru, dude, are you serious? How about Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Rudy Guiliani, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Christine Todd Whitman, William Weld, Lincoln Chafee, Christopher Shays ... how many more do you want me to name?

This might be the dumbest thing you've ever said.

Communications guru said...

You’re right, I think, anonymous. But I thought those people were RINOs. I have only met one pro-choice Republican in my life, and her political career is over because of that. But again, you are correct, and I am wrong. At this time my statement is incorrect. But I’m sure in a few years it will be correct. However, I always correct my mistakes, and I will do so here.

But according to the purity test being circulated by the Republican National Committee, how can they still be Republicans?

bluzie said...

So how many of you Republicans are for a Republican Purity test? It seems rather like something Joseph Stalin would like. Certainly it would never fly in the Democratic Party.
As far as renaming the JeffJack, I am all for naming it the Obama Dinner. Truly, he has brought our party together like no other.