Dec 25, 2009

Glenn Beck is his own favorite charity

While people all over the country are celebrating Christmas today with family in numerous and unique ways, one timeless way to make the day has been through giving: giving to family and friends and those in need. Somebody should tell that to rightwing wacko Glenn Beck.

Beck is begging people on his web site to give to him instead of their favorite charity so he can buy a new Mercedes. He is urging everyone in the household to send $1 to “Glenn Beck's New Car Fund.” Can this guy be anymore classless? Probably.

From his web site: “While Glenn Beck has meet (sic) with former Presidents, had dinners with Governors and played with dolls at a Super Bowl party - there is one thing he's never done, he's never been the owner of a Mercedes S600. Now is your chance to real make a difference in someone's life.”

Make a difference in someone's life? Unbelievable. You would think he might support the American worker and the country and beg for a domestic car, like the Cadillac CTS, bit not Beck.

The request was put up some time ago, so I don’t know if he raised enough money to actually buy the car. However, Pay Pal is still accepting donations.

Since 2003 he can afford to buy the car himself. It’s estimated he makes $23 million a year; at least before advertisers began deserting him like rats from a sinking ship after his racist remarks directed at President Obama.

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