Dec 26, 2007

Ward and Garcia have the worst 2007 voting records

Two of Livingston County’s three state lawmakers boasted the worst voting records in Lansing, and the pair led their respective bodies with the most missed votes in 2007, according to an annul report by Michigan Votes, maintained by the conservative Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

Rep. Chris Ward, R-Brighton, led the hit parade by missing the most votes of any Legislator with 133 missed votes. Sen. Valde Garcia, R-Marion Township, led the Senate in missed votes and was second overall with 120 missed votes.

Garcia may have some mitigating circumstances for the missed votes because he was a member of the majority party in the Senate, and he was involved in the budget negotiations that helped end the brief state government shutdown in October. But that does not account for 120 missed votes. However, that was not the case for Ward in the House controlled by the Democrats.

On a positive note, the third Livingston County lawmaker – Rep. Joe Hune, R-Hamburg Township - was one of 22 lawmakers with a perfect voting record, and did not miss a single vote in 2007. All three lawmakers are term-limited.

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