Feb 12, 2009

As expected Hune to run for state Senate

Although the 2010 primary election is 18 months away, campaigning has already begun. In fact, it began even before the New Year with about half of the state Senate Republican caucus running for statewide office.

Here in Livingston County, it came as no surprise that Republican Joe Hune announced Wednesday that he is running for the Senate seat in the 22nd District that will be vacated by term-limited Valde Garcia. Hune, one of the youngest state Representatives in Michigan history, was term limited last month after six years in the House. The 22nd Senate District includes the counties of Livingston, Shiawassee and the southern part of Ingham County.

He is already the favorite even before he officially announced, especially after his fellow Livingston County Representative, Chris Ward, basically decided to take the last two years of his term off. Hune has three major assets going for him: He's a really nice guy, he knocks on a lot of doors, he toes the party line and he only missed a couple of votes in six years.

But if you look at his legislative accomplishments, it's as thin as the Republican's ethics manual. Even though his party was in the majority for four of his six years, he doesn't have a lot to show for it.

Hune won his seat in 2002 in the newly created 47th District by a mere two votes in the primary election over a large field of more experienced and better known candidates.

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