Feb 20, 2009

See you at the MDP Convention

Like many Michigan Democrats, I will be at Cobo Hall in Detroit on Saturday for the Michigan Democratic Party Convention.

For political junkies like me, conventions are a chance to spend a day immersed in politics and see people I campaigned with and for. After the 2008 election, it will also be a celebration and a chance to gear up to take the Michigan Senate back in 2010, keep the governorship and take back the Attorney General’s office and Secretary of State’s office after allowing the Republicans to borrow the traditional Democratic positions for a few years.

The Republicans are also holding their convention at the Lansing Center on both Friday and Saturday. But after their showing in 2008, they are crying in their beer on Michigan Avenue. On Friday their guest speakers were rightwing Republicans radio host Frank Beckmann and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour. Apparently, Republicans want Michigan to look like Mississippi.

I’ve been in Mississippi: I’ll pass.

Beckmann, get this, is talking about media bias. If anyone should know about media bias he does, and there is none more biased. He is apparently talking about the Fairness Doctrine He is toeing the Republican Party line that the Fairness Doctrine will stifle right-wingers who have an unfair advantage on talk radio. No one can explain how that will happen, but they are making the ridiculous claim that it is censorship.

The fact is the Fairness Doctrine expands the debate and gives more people a voice, not stifling anyone. Also, the President said he will not enforce it.

I’m also excited because my wife is attending with me for the first time. She came over from the dark side to the light; like many Republicans did in November.

I also hope to see some of my fellow liberal bloggers there. Rumor has it that many will be at the Progressive Caucus.

See you there.


ProudlyAnonymous said...

I'm curious. Did the convention talk turn to ethics? I wonder how the party felt about Schauer's illegal $200,000 contribution.

Oh, that's right, he's a Democrat. He can't do any wrong. It's only a sin if it's done by a Republican.

Communications guru said...

He paid the fine; he owned up to the violation, what else do you want him to do? I can’t wait until 2010 when we have a Secretary of State who pursues violations by both parties.

Red Or Dead said...

I want him tried for treason!!!

That would be Al Frankens line if it was a GOP member.

Who has the Culture of Corruption

Tim (Turbo Tax) Geithner

Tom(Kill you Mom Health Bill) Daschel

Hilda($6,400 for 16 Years) Solis

Bill (pay-for-play)Richardson

Is there not a single honest Democrat?

That is not a socialist or communist in America????

And that doesn’t even count new Attorney General Eric Holder’s politicization of Justice ten years ago on behalf of Bill Clinton in the FALN and Marc Rich pardons, or the dozen-plus lobbyists hired by the President Who Hates Lobbyists.

The of course we have Blagojevich and Burris. Both from the same corrupt mafia run city and is Nobama and Rohm Emmanuel.

Nobama's approval numbers are trending down, as is the direction of our country. Even the Daily Kos has the direction rated @ 35 right 62 wrong track.

What happened to the Messiah?

Dont for get to listen to Schumer say Americans don't care if a bill have pork in it Here

Communications guru said...

Another incoherent rant from Commie or Dead. You want who to be tried for treason, Commie or Dead? If you mean George Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove then I agree.

Republicans still have the culture of corruption title. We have a long way to go to equal the Jack Abermoffs, Duke Cunninghams and Tom Delays.

Tim Geithner paid $34,023 for the mistake in taxes and $8,679 in interest. I have no idea about your Tom Daschle comment. That’s a heck of a stretch on Hilda Solis, and I don’t see where she did anything wrong. If the investigation reveals Bill Richardson did anything illegal, then he should be held accountable.

I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I read where you said, “And that doesn’t even count new Attorney General Eric Holder’s politicization of Justice ten years ago on behalf of Bill Clinton.” Man, you sure got your daily dose of rightwing talking points. The only time the Justice Department has ever been politicized was under Bush. Attorneys were only hired if they were Republicans, and the ones were hired were fired if they refused to go after Democrats and look the other way with Republicans. And we get this Eric Holdr crap from you? Give it a rest, Commie.

There is nothing wrong with lobbyists, and no one said they hate them. But the problem is when you hire a lobbyist who was lobbying against environmental laws as the head of the EPA like Bush did, then you have a problem. It’s like hiring the fox to guard the hen house.

Blagojevich was held accountable. When is Bush going to be held accountable for his crimes? If Burris is dirty, he should be held accountable. There is nothing wrong with Rohm Emmanuel or Chicago, other than your blind hatred of anything or anyone you don’t agree with.

Who the hell is “nobama?” If you mean President Obama, no one ever said he was the Messiah but you, but after eight years of lies, incompetence and fear mongering, he was a welcome change. That’s why his victory was so large.

I don’t consider a 60 percent approval rating bad in light of how divided the country is, especially when you compare it to Bush’s 22 percent.

I have no idea how you can say a stimulus bill has pork. How do you stimulate the economy? You spend. I, and the American people, agree with Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Johnny C said...

It seems even in defeat the right wing even like to behave like little kids, if I was you republicans I wouldn't want to list things because someone could Google the list of events that Republicans have done in the past few years. Again for right wingers and Republicans to complained about pork after eight years of spending and kick backs.

And this latest line of attack from the right "what about your guy" is even worst than acting like the Bush years never happen. And speaking about the Bush years Guru's right wing troll shouldn't even dare to mention anybody else.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

Al Franken?


Communications guru said...

You mean Sen. Al Franken.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

Yeah, I see Normie is still fighting...wants ballots thrown out, then wants them in, then wants them thrown out when they favor Franken. What a douchebag.

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