Feb 16, 2009

New study says secondhand smoke may raise the risk of dementia

We already know secondhand smoke causes lung cancer, heart attacks, asthma, stroke, inner ear infections and other afflictions, but a new study just released says secondhand smoke may raise the risk of dementia or similar cognitive problems.

Do we need any more evidence to get the indoor smoking ban, including bars and restaurants, approved in Michigan? Study after study has come out on the harmful and deadly effects of secondhand smoke, but a small minority in the Michigan Legislature continues to drag their feet. Second-hand smoke is the single, greatest environmental hazard most people face.

The research was just published last week in the British Medical Journal, and it showed that people exposed to high levels of secondhand smoke faced a 44 percent increase in their risk of cognitive impairment compared with people exposed to low levels. This latest research reinforces earlier research that suggests that secondhand smoke exposure affects children's cognitive development.

Long-time smoking ban advocate Sen. Ray Basham, D-Taylor, picked up where he left off in December with the introduction of Senate Bill 114 last month. Rep. Paul Scott, R-Grand Blanc, introduced the House version, House Bill 4099.


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