Feb 24, 2009

Capitol Spring Music Program ushers in good weather

LANSING – With temperatures in the single digits it may not seem like spring is around the corner, but in one more sure sign of spring the Capitol Facility Manager's Office just released the schedule of the 2009 Spring Music Program.

This highly popular program brings in school bands and choirs from all over the state to perform at the Capital and Capitol grounds. The program runs from March until May. Everyday at noon, choirs perform at the glass rotunda of the Capitol, and the bands perform on the steps of the Capitol. The bands don't get going until mid-April when the weather improves.

This is a great program because its gives the kids excellent exposure, and people from all over the state come to the capitol. It's also a great way to enjoy a lunch on the Capitol lawn and be entertained.

The program solicits applications from all over the state through their Representative's offices, and Livingston County is well-represented this year with seven performances.

The choir from St. Joseph's Catholic School in Howell will perform on March 31 and April 27 and the St. Joseph Orchestra performs on May 5. The Fowlerville High School Choir will perform on May 11, and the JV Choir will perform on May 19. The Choir from Brighton's Spencer Elementary School performs on May 11, and on May 18 the Choir from Brighton's Hilton Elementary School performs.

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