Jul 2, 2008

Long arm of the law inching closer to Drolet

It finally looks like the long arm of the law may finally reach Leon Drolet - former Republican state Representative, current Macomb County Commissioner and executive director of the so-called Michigan Taxpayers Alliance (MTA) - for his illegal activities in the misguided recall attempts against primarily Democratic lawmakers who voted to increase taxes to avoid a government shutdown and eliminate a $1.8 million budget deficit in October.

Subscription only Gongwers is reporting that the State Police are in the “early stages of investigating the tactics used by petition signature gatherers attempting to recall House Speaker Andy Dillon, D-Redford.” Dillon’s recall attempt was the only one to collect enough signatures, but it was accomplished with fraud and deceit, out of state money, illegal petition gathers, cash for signatures and illegal campaign contributions.

Last month the Bureau of Elections found 7,789 invalid signatures out of the 15,739 signatures presented to them. The Department of State turned all evidence of forgery and fraud over to Attorney General Mike Cox and the Wayne County prosecutor’s office.

According to Gongwer, “a State Police spokesperson said Monday that one interview has been conducted by the Metro South post of the department. But Shannon Akans said the investigation is still in the beginning stage and there is no timeline for when it will be completed. “


Spreading the Love said...

Democrat lawmaker indicted on 4 sexual assaults

Marzilli indicted on four alleged sex assaults

By Laurel J. Sweet | Tuesday, July 1, 2008 | http://www.bostonherald.com | Local Coverage

Photo by Nancy Lane
Embattled Arlington state Sen. Joseph James Marzilli has just been indicted by a Middlesex grand jury on charges he sexually accosted four different women on June 3 in Lowell.

The married Marzilli, 50, who allegedly told his first victim, “The sex is sweet, the sex is sweet, you want it, and you want to go with me,” before she fled in horror, is expected to be arraigned next week, said Middlesex District Attorney Gerard Leone Jr.

Prior to the indictment, authorities had only revealed two alleged victims in the Lowell incidents.

Leone called the charges of a sexually explicit spree by the senator “troubling.”

According to Leone’s office, the incidents happened at 11 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1:15 p.m. and 3 p.m. on June 3. The DA also said one woman claimed Marzilli got out of his car, looked her up and down and said, “Do you have any under garments under that?”

He was arrested in a parking garage after a brief chase by police investigating a complaint that a man - alleged to have been Marzilli - had tried to grab another woman in a sexual manner.

Marzilli, a Democrat, was earlier this month checked into McLean Hospital for psychiatric treatment. He has already indicated he will not seek re-election in November.

- lsweet@bostonherald.com

Spreading the Love said...

Democratic Party official accused in satanic rape, kidnap

Woman, husband said to shackle victims to beds, keep them in dog cages without food

A Democratic Party official and her husband are facing charges in connection with alleged satanic rituals involving the kidnap, rape and starvation of another couple in North Carolina.

Joy Johnson, 30, a vice-chairwoman of the Durham County Democratic Party and vice chairwoman of the Young Democrats, made an appearance in court yesterday after she and her spouse, Joseph Craig, were arrested Friday.

Craig, 25, is charged with second-degree rape, second-degree kidnapping and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon for an incident in January and another in May. Johnson is charged with two counts of aiding and abetting.

Joseph Craig

According to published and broadcast reports, prosecutors said a man and a woman met Craig through a shared interest in Satan worship, although the couple never consented to any physical abuse.

Craig allegedly shackled his victims to beds, kept them in dog cages and starved them inside his home. Police say he beat the man with a cane and a cord, and raped the woman.

"This goes well above what they were interested in doing," Mark McCullough, an assistant district attorney, told WTVD-TV.

McCullough was unsuccessful yesterday in having Judge Nancy Gordon increase Johnson's bail to $500,000 from the $270,000 set by a magistrate.

"Part of the allegations are that satanic worship is part of this case," he told the Raleigh News & Observer

State Sen. Floyd McKissick, D-Durham, said he had been told Johnson had resigned her positions with the party.

"I was absolutely shocked and flabbergasted," McKissick told the paper. "You never would have suspected allegations that she would have had any participation in these rituals."

Along with her interest in the Democratic Party, Johnson is one of the driving forces of a New Age website called "Indigo Dawn," a name which, according to the site, was given to Johnson during a meditation vision.

"She decided to explore the New Age community more, and after taking a course in Reiki healing, experiencing past-life regression along with direct guidance from her spirit guides, she confirmed that her destiny was to help bring about the New Age on Earth," Johnson's online biography states. "Joy shared her vision with her husband, Joe; as a result the Indigo Dawn was founded to raise the vibration of energy on Earth."

Among the services Johnson offers online are "intuitive guidance, past-life regression, spirit guide communication and healing and cleansing."

Communications guru said...

What’s the point of this garbage? Democrats have a long way to go to catch up to Republicans, but, unfortunately, we’re getting there. Republican scandals usually involve young boys or money. Next time, make a relevant comment, and post this garbage on your own blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Commguru,

Thank God that somebody is investigating the illegal activity that took place during the Dillon recall petition drive! Now, maybe Andy Dillon, Mark Brewer and those that hired saboteurs to infiltrate the petition drive and commit fraud will be brought to justice!

Think I am just blowing steam? So far, the only testimony in a court deposition of any illegal activity comes from Macomb County private investigator Julianne Cuneo, who testified under oath that she was hired by Brewer's attorney (Mary Ellen Gurowitcz), infiltrated the campaign, and illegally collected signatures by having another individual sign as the circulator.

More illegal activities that Brewer/Dillon engaged in will come out in court.

I welcome any legitimate investigation into these and any crime that interferes with a citizen's right to petition.

Leon Drolet

Communications guru said...

If this really is Leon Drolet, do you have a Google alert that cues you whenever your name comes up or something? Man, you have a big ego don’t you? “Hired saboteur?” Who would that be? I’m glad there is an investigation too, but so far the only evidence that warrants an investigation is the fraud committed by you and your people.

Do I think you’re blowing steam? Of, course, and you have been doing that since – what – last summer? Thankfully, your 15 minutes are just about up. This has nothing to do with a citizen’s right to petition, and your misguided effort makes a mockery of the recall process.

A concerned Liberal said...


You never answered the one point "So far, the only testimony in a court deposition of any illegal activity comes from Macomb County private investigator Julianne Cuneo, who testified under oath that she was hired by Brewer's attorney (Mary Ellen Gurowitcz), infiltrated the campaign, and illegally collected signatures by having another individual sign as the circulator."

I assume since you are for law and order that Mark Brewer should be arrested, tried and thrown in jail.

Were is your outrage about this illegal activity.

spreading the love said...

The democrat party has soo many criminals in it, we could not build enough prisons to accomodate them all.

The democrat politicians are soo far a head in illegal activities than the republicans, I do not think they could ever catch up.

That is what is has to do about it. You stinkin liar

Communications guru said...

Well Drolet/“A concerned Idiot“ you have to prove your lie. Just because you make it doesn’t make it true.

Communications guru said...

Democrats have a long, long way to go to catch up to the Republicans, and the Democrats are more than a 100 years older than the Grand Oil Party.

A concerned liberal said...

CG you make up lies everyday on this blog.

Man you are a hypocrite

Oh by the way on do not point to blogs as source

a concerned libera said...

CG you can not spell liberals without the following letters


Communications guru said...

You can’t spell conservative with the following letters:


Communications guru said...

Well, then why don’t you point one out and try to prove it’s a lie instead of making baseless attacks.

a concerned liberal said...

People constantly point out your lies and half truths and you say the following


Not worth my time for you to just say no its not

Communications guru said...

You have to do more than “point it out.” You have to prove it‘s a lie. So, I’m supposed to be upset that you will no longer spread misinformation here?