Jul 27, 2008

Blogger concurs with editorial board state House endorsements

The editorial board of the Livingston Daily Press & Argus confirmed the endorsements I made Friday when they came up with their endorsements Sunday for the contested races for the two open state House Districts in Livingston County.

The paper endorsed Handy Township Supervisor Cindy Denby in her bid for the Republican nomination for the 47th District seat. The paper endorsed Livingston County Commissioner Bill Rogers - older brother of U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers - for the Republican nomination for the 66th District seat. It endorsed community activist Donna Anderson for the Democratic nomination for the 66th District seat.

I live in the 47th District, and I am considering voting for Denby. Remember, you can’t split your ticket between parties in the primary or the ballot will be rejected. I don’t believe there is a contested race in my commission district, so I may vote on the GOP side.

Like I said before, I strongly disagreed with the positions Denby took in the latest debate, but I hope she was playing to the base like many politicians do in primary elections. I will be voting for Scott Lucas in the General Election. My experience with Denby from covering Handy Township as a reporter is she is fair, competent and professional.

But I want the best candidates running in the General Election in case Denby wins in the General Election, and past history says the GOP nominee will win the General. A vote is too precious and too many people died to secure the vote for me to waste it on an inferior candidate just because I want to see a Democrat win.

I disagree with the paper’s final word of caution. “Denby is often low-key and quiet for a policymaker. We believe she'll have to show initiative in Lansing to get attention for her agenda and the agenda of Livingston County. She'll need to show more assertiveness to get her issues heard in the hubbub of the House of Representatives.”

My experience is the person who works quietly behind the scenes with both party’s gets things done.

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