Jul 22, 2008

Former media darling McCain acts like jilted boyfriend

Grampy McSame campaign surrogate Phil Graham was half right with his disgusting comments that the U.S. is a nation of whiners, but he must have had his employer in mind when he made the ridiculous comment.

A McCain rant hit my email inbox today, and Grampy McSame is up in arms because he claims the “media is in love with Barack Obama.” The email claims “It's pretty obvious that the media has a bizarre fascination with Barack Obama. Some may even say it's a love affair.”

That got the rightwing echo machine revved up, and rightwing think tanks and organizations are picking up this theme, and the crying and whining can be heard coast-to-coast. The Communications Director for the rightwing propaganda machine the Media Research Center was on the Thom Hartman show today, and I thought he was going to come unhinged trying to get his talking points out. He was engaging in the Republican tactic of screaming over every one else to get his talking points out. It was his claim that this is proof of the myth – effective political strategy actually – of the liberal media. To me, I would prefer the media cover Grampy McSame more because his constant gaffs are rarely covered or are passed off as “senior moments” are going uncovered.

It sounds more like jealously from Grampy. He has courted the media over the years, and he is angry at being jilted. He was the media darling in 2000, and he sounds like a jilted boyfriend.

Hartman, who has to be the smartest man in the world, broke it down very simply. Network news stations, and most media outlets, are for-profit entities owned by a few mega corporations. That’s why the media is conservative. The simple fact is they want to increase their ratings because increased ratings means more profit and more profit means more profit to stockholders. It seems logical that they want to cover what people want to see.

“There going to follow the rock star instead of the boring, old man,” Hartmann said.

The media Research Center is launching a letter-writing campaign aimed at GE stockholders, owners of NBC, to alert them of this alleged love affair with Obama. I don’t think that will work. If you want to spur them to action, show them they are losing money by covering Obama and you will get results.

General Electric: now there’s a liberal corporation.


The truth hurts said...

American flag disappears from Obama campaign jet
Candidate's trademark 'O' replaces stars and stripes

As part of a month-long #aircraft makeover, a painted American flag was removed from the tail of Sen. Barack Obama's official campaign airplane and was replaced with the presidential candidate's trademark "O" symbol.

Boy what a true American he is

Mary said...

Media is not liberal

Listen to Chris Matthews blow past a crictism of the the Obama campaign without even blinking.

"He didn't have reporters with him, he didn't have a press pool, he didn't do a press conference while he was on the ground in either Afghanistan or Iraq."


Another example how the nutty liberals run the media

God save the country.

The truth hurts said...

Thanks Jenny and the Dem's

All the children the liberals have put in harms way thank you CG

Audit: Michigan OKed 'unsuitable' day care providers
Posted by The Associated Press July 22, 2008 11:08AM
LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- A state audit released Tuesday shows Michigan put thousands of children at risk by authorizing sex offenders and other "unsuitable" day care providers between 2003 and 2006.

The audit said the Department of Human Services shouldn't have licensed, registered or enrolled about 1,900 day work providers.

The audit said background checks done by the state weren't effective in identifying perpetrators of child abuse or neglect, sex offenders and others.

State officials agreed with the audit's recommendations. They said in the audit report that in April 2007, they began running additional background checks after being informed a main background check program wasn't flagging enough offenders.

• Read the report

"We now conduct four background checks in addition to a central registry check," said Lisa Brewer Walraven, director of the DHS' Office of Early Education and Care. "The health and safety of children is a high importance to us."

Walraven said the state terminated day care providers after being alerted by the auditor general.

Between October 2003 and March 2006, the state enrolled 116,585 day care providers to care for 273,364 children whose lower-income families get financial assistance for day care. About 4,600 of those children were put at risk, according to the audit.

While auditors mostly flagged smaller home-based operations affecting low-income children, they also criticized DHS for not checking workers in larger day care centers and group homes in the two-year period between when they were licensed and sought a renewal. Those centers and home also care for children whose families don't get state aid.

Auditors said they flagged 1,900 day care providers because they were substantiated child abusers or neglecters, had unsuitable criminal histories, were sex offenders, had been convicted of other serious crimes or were incarcerated in prison or under parole restrictions limiting their contact with children.

The audit criticized the state for using only Social Security numbers to match against offender registries and not other information such as names and dates of birth.

Communications guru said...

If you don’t know what state government does, genius, it will take me more than just a blog post to educate you.

You posted this exact stupid BS about his campaign plane in a different post yesterday, and I will give you the same answer I did yesterday:

Oh my God, his campaign jet bears his campaign logo. What a crime. Take a flying leap you idiot. This matters absolutely zero.

Communications guru said...

I agree with you, “Mary.” The media is not liberal.

Communications guru said...

Why don’t you post entire articles on your own blog. The comments section is for commenting on the post. With that being said, I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact we had more state employees in 1973 than we have now because of forced budget cuts?

Under former Republican Gov. Bill Milliken we had 52,673 state employees. In 2000 under former Republican Gov. John Engler – there were 61,493 state employees. In 2006 there were only 52,255 employees. I guess Republicans love big government.

Mary said...

CG sorry to be rude

But are you stupid? Sorry if that sounded crude

But obviously the media is almost entirely liberal. The media is basically the press arm of the Democrat party just telling us there democrat speaking points like your blog.

the truth hurts said...

Hey stupid answer the question.

If the state government has not control of what happens in a state what are they good for other then giving rubes like you money from hard working people.

Afraid to answer the question?

Typical Liberal

By the way the President should not be embarrassed by the American Flag. That is why I knew you never were in the service. Everyone I know who was in or are in are not embarrassed about the American flag. They are proud of it and show it proudly.

You on the other hand are ashamed of our military just like the liberal leadership.

Brett said...

ahhh, yes. That Conservative media. Three news anchors are following Obama around like dogs following a bitch in heat. Then of course, there is that Conservative Wolf Blitzer along with the cohorts of those conservative commentators Gloria Borger, the Conservative Jack Cafferty.

Naturally, the Conservative Chris Matthews is fooling all of us by first endorsing Hillary, then endorsing Obama.

I love watching that Conservative Tom Brokaw going up against the Conservative George Stephanopolis on Sunday mornings.

I hate watching Fox News Sunday. After all, they put the conservative woman from PBS and that ultra conservative black guy to balance out Bill Crystal and Brit Hume.

And how can we forget that Hannity has that Neo Conservative Colmes sharing his program with him.

I think the guy that does this blog must work on a farm shoveling manure all day. He does it so well.

I'm not sorry for being rude. I prefer to tell it like it is.


Brett said...

I didn't know that "the truth hurts" has a blog too. Please post the site. I'd like to read it....for balance of course.


Communications guru said...

The “liberal media” lie is simply a right wing political strategy, “Mary,” that began with Nixon, and it causes good, professional reporters to lean so far to the right to smash that myth that it skews every thing to the tight. I know, I did it for 10 years. By the way, is General Electric a liberal corporation?

Communications guru said...

Again, genius, I do not have the time to explain the function of state government to an idiot like you. Here’s a link for so you can read up, or have someone read it to you, on state government.

Who is embarrassed by the flag? Well, you’re wrong again, I was in the service for 20 years. How long were you in? Never mind, that was just to get your goat. I know you could never pass the ASVAB test.

That’s how you show your patriotism? Waving a flag made in China? I prefer doing over demonstrations, like you do.

Communications guru said...

No one ever said Matthews, or Brokaw are conservatives. Brokaw is a journalists first, but the mega corporation he works for is certainly not liberal. It’s only function is to make money for shareholders, not report the news fairly. If that means following the popular story around then that’s what they do.

What are Karl Rove, Mike Huckabee, Dick Morris or Bill O’reily? Certainly not journals and certainly not liberals.

What is it, idiot? Do I live in my mom’s basement all day or do I shovel shit all day? What an idiot you are.

Brett said...

Mike Huckabee: Former Governor, former Presidential candidate. Not press.

Karl Rove: Former Bush aid, former campaign manager. Now apparently is a contributor to Fox News.

Dick Morris: Former aid to Bill Clinton, former toe sucker, current author.

Bill O'Reilly: Loudmouth, formerly of First Edition (gossip show), currently loud mouth on Fox, and radio talk show host.

Congrats. You got one of the four mentioned right as being in the media. One attempting in media and two that aren't.

You're examples are poor at best.

Brokaw is no journalist. He's a mouthpiece for the liberals.

Conservatives, or even Republicans may own these media centers, but they don't control them like Ted Turner does CNN. You're not calling Ted Turner Conservative are you? He might act like you and offer to kick your butt at recess if he heard you say that.


Communications guru said...

Mike Huckabee, Karl Rove and Dick Morris are all Faux News contributors, offering their unbiased take on the days’ events. The only one that is a journalist is Tom Brokaw. He reports the news, not offer an opinion.

Ted Turner no longer owns CNN as, I believe, as a money-making operation. I’m not calling Ted Turner a conservative, I’m calling the corporation that owns it conservative, and I’m calling you an idiot. But you know that.

Brett said...

I've always been in favor of anyone over the age of 18 having the ability to vote regardless of whether they have any knowledge or not. However, you are a prime example of why stupid people shouldn't be permitted to vote.

When you turn your head sideways on a windy day, do you hear whistles?


Communications guru said...

Apparently, stupid to you means someone, you disagree with, who writes better than you and you can’t refute what they write. I support every citizen’s right to vote, even people like you. I spent 20 years in the military defending that right.