May 2, 2008

Petition fraud is nothing new to Drolet and company

To quote a sage hall of fame former New York Yankee catcher, the recall farce against Michigan House Speaker Andy Dillon is "It's deja vu all over again.”

Despite mounting evidence of fraud and deceit to collect signatures, out of state money, illegal petition gathers, cash for signatures and illegal campaign contributions by Republican Macomb County Commissioner Leon Drolet and company, they are assuring the mainstream press that the recall will get on the ballot. Michigan Liberal and Eric Baerren have done an excellent job of documenting and presenting some of this fraud.

As evidence of the expected success of the Dillon recall, they point to the success of the racist Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) that went on the November 2006 ballot that did away with affirmative action. Despite proof of the same deceptive tactics used on both petition drives – even by some of the same players involved in this recall, including Drolet – the petitions were certified and it went on the ballot and was approved by voters.

You may recall that the California group headed by Ward Connerly came to Michigan to push the initiative, and the group illegally lied to people and misrepresented themselves to get signatures. In fact, the Michigan Civil Rights Commission adopted a resolution against the racist initiative. Following a six-month investigation that concluded on June 12, 2006, it released the results that found “…that efforts to place the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) on the ballot appeared to be based upon a massive campaign of fraud and deceit.”

“The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative is a shameful attempt to confuse and manipulate unsuspecting Michigan voters, was what one member of the Civil Rights Commission said about the effort.

Sounds very familiar doesn’t it? Kind of like deja vu all over again.

Drolet and company submitted the signatures just before the deadline, but we have not heard much about their failures. It started recalls against Reps. Robert Dean, D-Grand Rapids, Marie Donigan, D-Royal Oak; Sen. Jerry Van Woerkom, R-Norton Shores; Rep. Mary Valentine, D-Muskegon; Rep. Marc Corriveau, D-Northville; Rep. Ed Gaffney, R-Grosse Pointe Farms; Rep. Steve Bieda, D-Warren, and Rep. Joel Sheltrown, D-West Branch, but all have failed. It seems sad that they are crowing about 1 out of 9. That’s a pretty crappy success rate, especially when you consider it’s the Michigan voters who are the losers.

Recalls should be reserved for officeholders who commit a crime, commit fraud or deceit or are dishonest. The kind of things that Drolet has done in this witch-hunt. It is not for a politician for simply doing their job, for casting one vote and keeping the state open. If you disagree, you vote for his opponent in the election, and you can do that in August or November, just three and six months.


Anonymous said...

I thought you were a jounalist. If so then tell the whole story.

By the way where is your proof that there is out of state non MI citizens money that he received?

Take a look at this and tell me this so called journalist is not biased:

Michigan Dems Hire Felon to Intimidate Voters

Chairman Anuzis calls on Dems to immediately fire convicted thug

LANSING, Mich. – In one of the most blatant attempts to intimidate votes in state history, the Michigan Democratic Party has hired an eight-time felon to help in its efforts to thwart a citizen-led recall effort against Speaker Andy Dillon, D-Redford Twp.

“We have always known the Democrats, and their organized Labor operatives, try to intimidate voters with misinformation and scare-tactics, but we never imagined they would hire an eight-time convicted felon, until today,” said Anuzis. “This is gutter politics at its base worst, and Speaker Dillon and the Democrats should be ashamed that they have set a new low in Michigan electoral politics. Speaker Dillon and Michigan Democrat Chairman Mark Brewer must immediately fire this dangerous felon and apologize to the voters of Redford Township whom they were trying to intimidate.”

The Detroit News reported today that the Michigan Democrat Party hired Marcel L. Mitchell to prevent citizens from signing recall petitions being circulated against Dillon. According to the Michigan Department of Corrections, Mitchell pled guilty to and served time for the following felonies (a copy of his MDOC file can be found here):

Felony Firearms Court File 90006296
Felony Firearms Court File 90003797
Armed Robbery Court File 90006296
Armed Robbery Court File 90003797
Felony Firearms Court File 90003797
Felony Firearms Court File 90003797
Concealed Weapon Court File 90003797
Assault with a Dangerous Weapon Court File 90003797

“Mr. Mitchell completely blows apart Speaker Dillon’s assertion that Democrats are doing nothing more than trying to ‘educate’ voters,” Anuzis said. “It is clear to any reasonable person that Mr. Mitchell was not hired for his vast knowledge of how state government works or the intricacies of budget process. He was hired to intimidate voters and keep them from signing recall petitions, pure and simple.”

This is the latest example of how Democrats are bullying voters in Redford Township. Recently, a Detroit-based television news station uncovered that several of Speaker Dillon’s taxpayer funded legislative staffers were sent down to the district for partisan political activities during the workweek.

Speaker Dillon, whose House districts include Redford Township, Dearborn Heights and Parts of Livonia, is the subject of the Michigan Taxpayer’s Alliance recall effort for his role as the architect of the largest tax increase in Michigan’s history. The tax hike that was rammed down taxpayers’ throats, in the midst of a single-state recession, raised taxes for nearly every family and small business by more than $1.4 billion.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Party hires undercover agents and felon
Mark Brewer, chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, told a reporter for the Detroit Free Press that they have hired "undercover investigators" and that these investigators "observed Detroit residents being paid to sign and circulate petitions in violation of state law", and have signed and submitted affidavits testifying to what they have observed. One of the four affidavits presented to Judge Giovan in mid-April was signed by Marcel Mitchell, the felon whose hiring by the Michigan Democratic Party has attracted concern.[13] Democratic Party spokeswoman Liz Kerr told the Detroit News that "there's nothing illegal" about hiring Mitchell.[15]

[edit] Blocking robocalls
Rich Weiler of the Michigan Association of Police Organizations launched a robocall in mid-April asking people not to sign the recall petition.[16] According to online news analyst Chet Zarko,[17] the script for the robocall said:

Hello, this is Rich Weiler, president of the Michigan Association of Police Organizations, the state's largest law enforcement group. An extremist group is circulating petitions to recall State Representative Andy Dillon. Troopers and officers across the state support Andy Dillon and urge you not to sign a recall petition. These paid out-of-towners are using illegal and deceptive tactics to get you to sign. Don't let them get away with it. The Michigan Association of Police Organizations strongly opposes a recall and we urge you not to sign a recall petition.
Mr. Zarko comments, "You'd think police officers of all people would know the law and know that you don't accuse people of illegal tactics without evidence."

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Foul play alleged in Dillon recall
Group says the House Speaker's staffers try to hamper petitioning.
Christine Ferretti / The Detroit News

REDFORD TOWNSHIP -- Organizers of a recall effort to oust House Speaker Andy Dillon claim his staffers are stalking petition carriers, harassing them, drowning them out with noise and generally making efforts to boot him from office miserable.

Recall organizers said they identified two petition "blockers" on Monday as paid staff members of the Redford Township Democrat. The two are among more than 10 who've intimidated petition carriers at sites in his district of Livonia, Dearborn Heights and Redford Township over the past week, said Leon Drolet of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance who is leading the recall effort.

"They (volunteers) try and overcome the gang noise, but it's too much; petitioners would leave. That's exactly what Dillon's thugs wanted to have happen," said Drolet, adding some volunteers claim they are followed home or during routine errands.

click here

Dillon's spokesman Greg Bird confirmed staffers Ian Douglass and Joan Gebhardt have been in the district after work hours or on vacation days, educating residents. He denies they are being paid with tax dollars during these efforts and said claims of harassing behaviors are false.

"These are outrageous claims. The individuals working on anti-recall efforts are exercising their rights to educate voters and nothing more," Bird said.

Drolet said the recall group was able to identify the two workers through license plate information and the networking Web site He said the group plans to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against each person involved and is offering a $250 bounty for anyone who can identify other "blockers."

"For Speaker Dillon to claim they are doing this on their own free time is disingenuous and breaks every rule written and unwritten for Lansing operatives and lawmakers," said Drolet, a Republican who serves on the Macomb County Commission. "Our campaign is building momentum and perhaps they sensed that."

Taxpayers to Recall Andy Dillon launched the campaign in February in opposition to his support of business and tax increases. Dillon is one of several lawmakers targeted for supporting a state income tax hike. Foes of Dillon must submit 8,724 valid signatures by May 1 to force a recall election.Pauline Verougstraete, who was recruited by the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance to coordinate petition efforts for the recall, filed police reports in Redford Township and Dearborn Heights on Feb. 27 and March 10 claiming she's been "stalked" and nearly run off the road by anti-recall blockers.

"This is insanity. It's getting ridiculous," she said.

Anonymous said...

So you so called journalist please at least tell the whole story.

The citizens of Michigan were paying his staff to harrass other citizens of Michigan. Is that fair?

This is exactly how the Democrats work.

Is it right that Dillon may be recalled, maybe yes maybe no but I can tell you his and the State of Michigan Democrat Party's actions and tactics are horrendus and people should either be put in jail or at least fired.

Communications guru said...

First, I am no longer a journalist, and even if I was I did tell the “whole story.” Is there proof “there is out of state non MI citizen’s money”? Yes. I suggest you take a look at the campaign finance report on the secretary of state’s web site. They raised just $5 from people who live in Dillon’s district. $5.

Why is it a crime to hire someone who has paid his debt to society? Anyway, the Democratic Party was unaware of his past criminal record, and when they found out they let him go. I disagree with that, but, unlike the liars and criminals who ran this ridiculous recall, they wanted to be above board. By the way, Republicans worship criminals. Guys like G. Gordon Liddy, Oliver North, Rush Limbaugh who worship and hang on every word.

Trying to give the other side of the story is not intimidation or being a thug. In light of the lies they told people to get their signatures, such as it is to lower the gas tax or to put him on the ballot, it was clear they were needed.

Communications guru said...

It turns out it was a great move by Mark Brewer to hire undercover people. They found the Drolet criminals were going to homeless shelters to forge signatures and people lying to get signatures.

If this is from Zarko it’s already suspect. But if it’s accurate, - which is doubtful - there nothing illegal or incorrect about the robo call.

“These paid out-of-towners are using illegal and deceptive tactics to get you to sign. Don't let them get away with it. The Michigan Association of Police Organizations strongly opposes a recall and we urge you not to sign a recall petition.”

All true.

Communications guru said...

I see nothing wrong with staffers working to stop a ridiculous recall. If they didn't care about politics they would not be staffers, and giving up their off time for something they believe in is very common, at least for Democrats.
For all the ridiculous charges your thugs made against the people fighting the recall, not one has been substantiated or proved. Not one.

Communications guru said...

Again, I am no longer a journalist, but I have told the “whole story.” In fact, I am a Senate staffer. Second, no one is being harassed, and the citizens of Michigan are not paying for any of the anti-recall people.
Is it right that Dillon may be recalled? Hell no. The horrendous tactics have been committed by Drolet’s thugs. In fact, the recall law was enacted for the very acts he committed. Actual crimes, not for doing the job he was elected to do. If you don’t like how Dillon voted, vote for his opponent in August or November. The one who should be both fired then jailed is Drolet and the people who broke the law getting fraudulent signatures.

Anonymous said...

Andy Dillon has a $600,000 was chest less than $20,000 is from his district.

Are you saying that Andy Dillon should give that money back?

If you want to be intellectually honest you would have to say YES.

But a lass you are a liberal and liberal and intelluctually honest can not be spoken in the same sentence.

More liberal thuggury against the common person.

Lib's say they are for the common man when in actuallity they are for their own power and that is it.

Communications guru said...

I’ll try to make this simple as I can for you because I can see by your writing that you’re not very smart. The people of the 17th District voted Andy Dillon into office, and it should be the people in the 17th District who recall him. That’s not the case. This grassroots movement among the voters in the 17th district must be pretty small if all they can muster is 5 bucks.
Since you don’t know much about government, I explain this to you also. The Speaker of the House sets the agenda for the House that affects the entire state, so contributions come from all over the state. Now, if I had my way Dillon would not be the speaker because he is too conservative for me. But voters in the 17th district do not want to recall Dillon, and if that was not the case you would not have had to forge signatures.
By the way, I’m a lad not a lass. No wonder you post anonymously.

Anonymous said...


Since you know very little about honest journalism and government let me explain this to you simply.

He represents his district not the entire state. His district voted him in, not the entire state. Any monies gotten from outside his district then would be catagorized the same as the recall efforts.

If you do not see this then you are not that smart and intelluctually dishonest. But as I said you are a liberal and intelluctually honest is not in their vocabulary.

You are so ignorant you do not even see that your own logic is flawed. You say the following "The Speaker of the House sets the agenda for the House that affects the entire state, so contributions come from all over the state"

That would then mean people from outside his district could contribute. Touche

Your are just too easy to beat in a debate.

Go back to school and learn something or sue your teachers.

Communications guru said...

First, I’m not your friend nor am I a communist. Hell, you don’t even have the balls to take ownership of this crap you post.
Again, I am no longer a journalist, and what would you know about journalism?
Your alleged argument makes no sense. Once again I will explain this to you slowly so even a thick-headed idiot like you can understand. A recall must come from the district that voted that person in. That’s simply the law; the one you guys broke, by the way. The person collecting the signatures must be a registered voter in the 17th district. You broke that one too. The people who sign the petition must be registered voters in the 17th District. You broke that law too. The Speaker, or any state lawmaker, can legally accept money from anyone in the state. What your illegal recall is doing is trying to do what you cannot do in a general election, beat Andy Dillon.
So you break the law with an illegal recall. You know if you can get the 8,000 signatures to get the recall on the ballot, you hope that the few people paying attention will vote no because you know there is no Republican that can beat Andy Dillon in a general election. With the turnout even in a general election less than 50 percent you know only the few people who are angry will turn out to vote. Not many people will come out to the polls in a stealth election to vote for a politician, any politician, to keep his job.
I never said people from outside the district can’t contribute to the recall. Touché. I said it demonstrates what I have been saying all along, and that is that this is an attempt to undue the will of the people. The fact that you could only raise a measly $5 from the district speaks volumes about the support Dillon has in his district and what your thugs are trying to accomplish.
If you think you beat me in a debate then you’re dumber than I thought you were. No wonder you post anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Should the Democrat Party delegates be seated at the convention?

Anonymous said...

Sorry should the Michigan and Florida Democrat Party Delegates be seated at the Democrat convention in Denver?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you are not answering the last question.

Tells me a lot.

Communications guru said...

I find it interesting that you still refuse to identify yourself, even with a screen name, and that all of a sudden you care what my opinion is.

That tells me a lot.

When you identify yourself with at least a screen name or your first name, I’ll answer your question.

Anonymous said...

My name is Bond, James Bond.

Should the Michigan and Florida delegates be seated at the Democrat convention in Denver?

Anonymous said...

Don't have the guts to answer how telling

Communications guru said...

Don’t have the guts to identify yourself. How telling. I’ll answer it anyway. Yes.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean I told you my name.

My name is Bond, James Bond

Should the MI and FL Democrat Delegates be seated at the Denver convention?

Communications guru said...

That’s funny, it still comes up, “Anonymous said...”