May 6, 2008

Michigan Chamber latest group to come out against Dillon recall

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce became the latest group to come out against the misguided and illegal recall against House Speaker Andy Dillon, D-Redford.

The chamber, which never endorses a Democrat, joins the Michigan Township Association in speaking out against the recall, calling it "counterproductive," according to subscription only MIRS.

A hearing over whether Republican Macomb County Commission Leon Drolet and company violated a court order by using out-of-district residents to collect petition signatures was postponed from Monday to May 12 before Wayne County Circuit Court Chief Judge William Giovan. Drolet, who asked for the postponement, wants to keep their illegal actions out of the public for as long as possible.

In more recall news, Drolet, a former state Representative, said he will not run for reelection to the Macomb County Board to devote more time as the executive director of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance. It might be because he hasn’t spent much time in Macomb County recently. He also might be concerned about being recalled for his illegal actions, which most people believe recalls should be reserved for. We also know why he pushed so hard for this recall; so much so that he stopped to illegal activities, job security. Drolet has never held a job in the public sector.
That’s good news for Macomb County, but bad news for the rest of the state.


Brett said...

Discovering the past couple of days your proclivity for embellishing facts, if not creating them altogether, I looked up the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, first using your link to their site, then doing a google search, then searching a couple of newspapers.

I did not find one item where the Michigan Chamber of Commerce has called the recall illegal, nor have I found one item where the MCC even chimed in about the recall, pro or con.

To be thorough, I will look more extensively at other papers in the state than the ones that I have checked thus far, but it's not looking good for your veracity.


Communications guru said...

You need to check out the May 5 edition of MIRS for the article entitled, “State Chamber: No On Dillon Recall.” I called the recall illegal because you used illegal tactics.

If I simply embellished and made up facts it should be pretty easy to discredit what I write, but that has not happened. So when you find the article, does that mean you will apologize for calling me a liar and doubting my veracity? Perhaps you should have been more thorough before you made that charge, but unlike you, I have facts on my side before I make an accusation.

Brett said...

Well, I can't check out May 5 without joining the MIRS service which I don't think I'm going to do because I really don't need to read more of the liberal Tim Skubick, Demas and some of the other liberals that are on there.

You called the recall illegal, but you worded it in such a way that it was implied the State Chamber had said it was illegal.

Since it is not illegal, and you continue to call it illegal, that makes you untruthful. Hence, there is no reason for me to apologize for doubting your veracity.

It is pretty easy to discredit what you write. You may not agree, but that doesn't make it any less discredited.

You can put earrings on a pig, but it's still a pig. You can call something illegal, but recalling elected officials is still legal.


Communications guru said...

MIRS and Tim Skubick are liberals? Wow. I know all too well that the right has ridden the false political strategy of the alleged liberal media for more than 40 years, but this is ridiculous. Tim Skubick has been called a lot of things over the years, but liberal is not one of them. MIRS is one of the most respected sources in the Capitol. But again, your kill the messenger strategy is getting old.

The lead I wrote said, “The Michigan Chamber of Commerce became the latest group to come out against the misguided and illegal recall against House Speaker Andy Dillon, D-Redford.” No where does it say the chamber called it illegal. The next line said the chamber called it "counterproductive.” It is not my fault you have a reading comprehension problem.

If you don’t believe MIRS then call Chamber Vice President Bob Labrant, who was quoted in the brief. His number is 517-371-2100 and his e-mail is

I don’t know what you call lying to get signatures, the forgery of signatures and using illegal petition gathers, but I call it illegal. I never really expected an apology because my experience has shown me that even when confronted with facts people like you still refuse to acknowledge you are wrong. You proved that in a previous post with your refusal to even acknowledge that one of the leasing economists said the country is in a recession.

If its so easy to discredit what I write then why can’t you? I never said it was illegal to recall a public official. It’s unethical to recall a public official - like the chamber, the MTA and others have said - for a vote you do not agree with. What is illegal is the tactics you used, and that makes it illegal.

Brett said...

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce became the latest group to come out against the misguided and illegal recall against House Speaker Andy Dillon, D-Redford.
Above is your quote. Notice these two words. "illegal recall"

Yet you say you didn't say it was illegal.

Three of us have debunked your words. It's sad that you don't see the forest through the trees.


Brett said...

Today, we discovered how much savings the recall of Speaker Dillon will give us. He's on vacation in Mexico. Today the Michigan House voted on a $280 million spending bill and it failed by ONE VOTE.

If he's recalled on August 5, we could save many millions of dollars. Today was just the perfect example!


Communications guru said...

You are either stupid, dishonest or both. I certainly did say the recall was illegal because it is. When you use illegal tactics it’s illegal. It’s unethical because it is a ploy to undue an election because you cannot beat Andy Dillon in a general election and its job security fro Leon Drolet. . I’m a little confused. What did you debunk?

Communications guru said...

What? I am assuming you mean Senate Bill 511 that sets the Capitol Outlay budget. If that’s the case, the actual amount is $260,720,900. But accuracy is not your strong point.

It seems ironic that you are all over Andy Dillion when eight members not at session yesterday and three Republicans did not even have the balls to cast a vote one way or the other.

Even though this family vacation has been planned for some time, I think he should have postponed it. Again, I don’t agree with everything Andy Dillon, or any politician, does.

It seems ironic that no one mentioned a recall of Republican Rep. Dave Agema when he went on a hunting trip to Russia last October when he faced the biggest vote of his life during budget negotiations. So much for the party of family values.

Perhaps you could explain to me how Dillon being recalled will save any money. Also, if SB 511 fails we stand to lose millions of federal matching dollars. Where’s the savings there?

Brett said...


I should have written your reply down yesterday. I knew exactly what you'd say.

Human: "The sky is blue"
You: "You moron, no it's not."
Human: "prove your assertion"
You: "You stupid jerk."

You just make it too easy.

Liberal definition of bipartisanship: "Compromise to my side you idiot".

Communications guru said...

What exactly does that mean, other than you don’t have an intelligent response?

Brett said...

I'm really not surprised that you don't understand. I do have to congratulate you though. Your abusiveness to myself and others that have commented on your stuff have dragged me into giving what I get and I've responded with the jabs that you've begun with.

I'll bet you're a helluva host when.....well never mind. I doubt you have many guests at your home.

Hang in there kid. Someday, you'll get a clue.


Communications guru said...

I guess when you can’t counter facts you resort to this kind of crap.

My “abusiveness” to you? Are you joking? The very first comment on this thread you called me a liar and talked about my “proclivity for embellishing” when you couldn’t find the source I referred to. When I called you on it, you not only refused to apologize- which I really didn’t expect to happen – but you refused to even acknowledge you were wrong.

No one gained any thing from your "insightful” comments, so I could care less if you read the posts or comment here. I’m not aiming at closed minds like yours, anyway. I’m looking for people who can think for themselves.

I could be like the leading rightwing blog and ban people I don’t agree with or make you register to post, but I do neither.

When you ever decide to bring some facts to debate with, I’ll still be here, “kid.”


Independent Man said...

Dude are you still smoking pot or what?

He gave you a ton of facts and all you do is say Na na na na I can not hear you.

Or you just stick your head in the ground.


This coming from a guy who has to name his blog "The Conservative Media" to get people to read is blog.

Everyone who come to your blog starts with you lying to them. Then you continue to lie to them by pushing the Liberal, Daily Kos party line.

Communications guru said...

Like, Dude, he gave me a ton of opinions. I stopped smoking pot when I joined the Navy.

I didn’t name my blog "The Conservative Media" to get people to read it. I named it that because that’s the condition of the media.

If you can find a lie you’re more than happy to point it out, dude.

Independant man said...

CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, Headline News, PBS all extemely liberal media outlets and you say that the media is conservative.

There is the first lie I will point out to you.

Communications guru said...

That “CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, Headline News, PBS all extemely (sic) liberal media outlets” certainly is a lie. The media is conservative.

Scott said...

You are so far out their if you do not believe there is a media bias towards liberals then you are either insane or you have the thickest skull out there.

I am done with you comrade

You really need some help.

Help you can get if you listen to WBCK's talk show Monday thru Friday at 9 am

Communications guru said...

Right, GE and the other large corporations are liberal. The liberal media myth is nothing but a Republic party political strategy. If you want to believe that myth, however, that’s your problem.
I am also neither a communist or your friend. I’m supposed to be upset that your “done with me?”
Bye. When you have some facts instead of misguided opinions I will be here.
At 9 a.m. I listen to the beat radio show in the country, the Stephanie Miller Show. You should try it, maybe you’ll loosen up a little.