Nov 10, 2006

When in doubt wingnuts blame the “liberal media”

Ah, it’s great to see how the Republicans are spinning losing the U.S. House and Senate and the Michigan House of Representatives.

They could have chosen so many excuses, such as exceptionally high Democratic turnout at the polls, the unpopularity of the President, the Iraq fiasco or any number of reasons. One good one I want them to keep believing is that their candidates were not conservative enough, Yea, go with that one.

But when in doubt always roll out the old battle tested standard alibi of blaming the so-called “liberal media.” One rightwing bloggers in Livingston County known as the “suburban voice” laid the blame squarely on the shoulders of guess who. The media? Right.

Apparently, he must not read the editorial pages of the Gannett Corporation. Listen to this rant:

“The liberals in the news media are trying to tell us Republicans that we lost because of the war. They are doing this on purpose to diminish our support for the war thus paving the way for a pullout. Don’t fall for it.

The is the very same liberal media that mocks us, lies about us, distorts us, misrepresents us, and does everything it can to drive us out of power. But we are listening to that very same liberal media and its assessment of the effect of the war on the American voters? Are we crazy?

To answer his last question, duh.


Zack said...

If there ever was a "liberal media" (and I think this was a convenient excuse for out-of-power republicans for many years), those days are long gone. To anyone who says something like the person you quoted, I would just respond by asking them who owns the major media corporations in America nowadays. Let me tell you, it ain't Michael Moore.

Communications guru said...

Thank you for your comments Zach and welcome to the blog. You are correct in your assessment. The “liberal media” myth was started by the paranoid Nixon Administration, and considering a pair of print reporters brought their corruption to light its no wonder Republicans hate the media. Over the years the Republicians have managed to promote that political strategy without any evidence and even evidence to the contrary.