Nov 8, 2006

GOP smear campaign against journalists is alive and well

This piece of trash hit my mail box on Monday the day before Election Day, courtesy of the Michigan Republican Party, and even though I have been the victim of Republican smear campaigns against the media in the past I was still amazed that this still goes on in this simple a form

“The Liberal media is pulling out all the stops to help the Democrats win on Election Day.” How? The real problem is the consolidation of media, and soon one huge mega corporation is going to own every media outlet in this country. We had a perfect example of it in the past election. I worked for Mike McGonegal, a Democratic candidate for the 66th District House seat, and the local newspaper endorsed our opponent without an endorsement interview with the decision coming from Gannett HQ in Virginia.

“They will say anything to discourage you from going to the polls this year.” Does anyone really believe after the Amway Guy pumped some $36 million into TV commercials that these very same corporate-owned TV stations are going to bite the hand that stuffs them and discourage voting. Get real.

This is typical of the Republican smear campaign against professional journalists that has gone on for years and is still going on.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a named source that will corroborate your assertion that McGonegal wasn't granted an interview by the Press Argus because of a decision made by Gannett corporate? If you do I think you ought to notify some journalism reviews.

Communications guru said...

Unfortunately, I do not have a named source that will corroborate my claim that Mike McGonegal wasn't granted an interview by the Press & Argus because of a decision made by Gannett corporation, and it will be nearly impossible to find one willing to go on record as such if they want to keep their job. This is reason Rich Perlberg, Executive Editor of the Livingston County Daily Press, gave us for not doing the endorsement interview they have conducted for years for just about every candidate from school board to U.S. Congress.

“We do endorsement interviews when we need to know more about candidates or if we need to further delve into positions if it becomes difficult to make an endorsement. Sometimes they double as interviews for reporters doing stories. Mr. McGonegal appears to be a fine candidate, but his positions on issues differ significantly with this paper's past editorial positions. We have followed Mr. McGonegal through his campaign, his press releases, his web site, his answers to our web site questionnaire and his appearance at our candidate forum.”

The editorial board had not even met Mike, yet they made an endorsement without even looking him in the eye and taking the trouble to talk to him. The Detroit Free Press, a Gannett product, also endorsed Ward with even less contact with Mike. Ironically, the Lansing State Journal, another Gannett product, endorsed Dick DeVos even after it came out later that five of the six editorial board members voted, after interviewing both candidates, to endorse Gov. Granholm. The publisher overruled the board, and we only heard about if from one of the board members through an independent publication.

So much for the liberal media myth.