Nov 29, 2006

Sources say Green Oak Township attorney to be named head of Livingston County Democrats

Inside information says Green Oak Township resident Matthew Evans will be elected the new chair of the Livingston County Democratic Party on Sunday, according to an unnamed source.
Evans, 49, is an attorney who ran for the Livingston County Board of Commissioners last month. He ran a great race, and he came very close to unseating an entrenched and popular incumbent who has held office for 38 years. He lost by a mere 965 votes with 43 percent of the vote.
I don’t know Mr. Evans as well as some of the other people I mentioned earlier who could be candidates, but from what I have seen and heard we will not skip a beat with our march forward.


Anonymous said...

He came "very close" to beating the incumbent? With 43 percent of the vote?

That's about what DeVos got. Would you say DeVos came "very close" to beating Granholm? I wouldn't.

You must be dizzy from all this spinning, CG.

Communications guru said...

If you see it as spin, I have no problem with that. However, that was not my intention. When you consider the opponent was a very popular and moderate incumbent with almost 40 years on the commission I consider it close. Plus, he didn’t spend more than $34 million of his own money and more even millions of his party’s and that of special interest group’s money to get that 43 percent.
If you consider it spin, then be my guest, who-ever-you-are.