Nov 15, 2006

Ward’s election signals intention to obstruct in the House

The House Republicans in Lansing sent a clear signal yesterday that they have no intention of engaging in any so-called bipartisanship or cooperating with the Democratic majority by retaining Chris Ward as House Minority Floor Leader. This election came despite Ward baling out on Monday with a letter telling his Republican colleagues he had no intention of running for a “leadership” position. Ward’s heavy-handed tactics and arrogance while completely shutting out the Democrats from the process while Majority Floor Leader resonated with his Republicans House colleagues, and since they know there’s little chance of him working with the Democratic majority, let him work against them.

The conventional wisdom, at least before yesterday, was to give the role to an up-and-coming first-termer so that when and if the Republicans return to the majority that person could step in as Speaker or Floor Leader. Since Ward cannot run for the House again, he can be an obstructionists without fear of accountably from the voters, like that has ever happened in Livingston County, anyway. Ward becomes the Lamest Duck of them all.
If there’s’ any doubt about his future role and intentions as Minority Floor Leader read this from today’s Daily Press & Argus.

He said his job in the minority would be to use whatever procedures he has at his disposal to stop proposals that violate Republican principles.
"My role is to either slow down or stop those bills from passing," he said. "The most obvious area would be any kind of increase in taxes or fees, or any kind of new undue regulation on business."


Republican Michigander said...

If you want more tax and fee increases, you should start a "Tax-me-more" fund. We can start the collection by going to Jon Stryker's billions.I'll pass however. Government wastes too much money.

And I applaud Chris Ward for representing the majority of Livingston County by pushing to stop these tax increases.

Communications guru said...

Why is it, dan, that you have no problem with a Michigan billionaire trying to buy the Michigan governor’s seat to the tune of more than $32 million, but you have a problem with Jon Stryker donating money to the Democrats? Stryker did not donate a fraction of what the Amway guy spent in his quest to buy the seat, but somehow that’s OK. How do you justify that?

What I want is a balanced budget without any more loss of essential services. I pay more taxes than you, and I am the least person who can afford to pay more, but I don’t mind paying for the quality of life I enjoy in my state.

Maybe we can get some of that $32 million to start the fund you suggested? Also, Chris Ward represents Chris Ward. But thanks for playing.

liberals Hate America said...

Guru, this is acceptable from your liberal stand point. She was a shoe in and spent 30 million on what. Most likley another Whitewater scam.

Hillary Clinton spent almost 30 million dollars of her US Senate election campaign funds, more than any other candidate in the runup to Tuesday's election, despite not facing a credible challenge.

Federal Election Commission said Clinton had spent 29.45 million dollars on her almost guaranteed second term as New York Senator ahead of a widely anticipated pitch for the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2008.

Communications guru said...

Why would it not be acceptable? Is it illegal? Unprecedented? Unethical? The answer to all three is no.

The key is this, “ahead of a widely anticipated pitch for the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2008.” She is definitely more qualified than the stiffs I hear your side pitching, hate America, but I would not want to see her as president because of the outcry from the hate mongers like you. The bloodthirsty hate-filled quest to get her husband tore this country apart. I don’t want four years of that. This country was better off under President Clinton, but it didn’t stop an eight-year taxpayer funded witch-hunt.

Here’s a better question for you, hate America. What does this have to do with Chris Ward getting elected to the minority floor leader and vowing to be an obstructionist? If you want to bring up stuff I really don’t care about why don’t you start your own blog. You can call it “Why I Hate America.”