Nov 10, 2006

Ward may lose even more influence in Lansing that first expected

Although Chris Ward may have won his race in Livingston County, he may lose the race in Lansing. After the Democratic takeover of the House, you have to wonder what Mr. Ward was doing during the election season because it sure wasn’t campaigning or paying attention to the voters in the 66th District. He apparently did little for the rest of the GOP candidates either. According to subscription only MIRS, “House Speaker Craig DeRoche (R-Novi) and House Majority Floor Leader Chris Ward made their case today to the House Republican caucus on why they should return as the caucus' leadership pair in the 2007-08 session.”
In the first session day after the election on Thursday the majority party – at least for a few more months – stayed in caucus the entire session day, and DeRoche “explained to members that the GOP was hit by a Democratic tsunami fueled by national politics, but that he and Ward were in the best position to pick up the pieces as minority leader and minority floor leader, according to sources familiar with the situation.””The plea came five days before the House Republican caucus votes on a new leadership team for the next legislative session and comes amid rumblings that the caucus may want to look in a new direction to prepare for the 2008 elections. “”The names of Rep. Kevin Elsenheimer, (R-Bellaire), Rep. John Proos (R-St. Joseph), Rep. Dave Hildenbrand R-Lowell), Rep. Kevin Green (R-Wyoming) and Rep. Phil Pavlov (R-St. Clair) are among those being mentioned as soon-to-be second-term lawmakers who would bring a fresh face to the GOP's drive to escape minority. “”Whether any of these candidates or Rep. Judy Emmons (R-Sheridan) will pull the trigger and make a concerted effort to run for House Minority Leader is yet to be seen, but likely. Sources indicate the most likely candidate would be Elsenheimer, a respected figure among caucus members who led the GOP's campaign operations in Northern Michigan. “

Stay tuned.

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