Mar 4, 2011

Wisconsin Governor plans to start killing hostages

Wisconsin Gov. Scooter Walker is going to start killing the hostages at 4 p.m. today, Friday, in his quest to kill the public sector unions in Wisconsin.

Walker created a financial emergency by giving away huge tax breaks to corporations that supported him in order to get concessions from the public sector unions that did not endorse him in the election, but he is going even farther and wants to steal their civil right of collective bargaining and kill the unions.

Walker has refused to negotiate and Senate Democrats left the Capitol to stop the Senate from getting a quorum and passing his union-busting, so-called “budget repair bill.” Now Walker is threatening to begin issuing layoff notices to 1,5000 workers within 24 hours unless his measure was passed, and Senate Republicans authorizing police to round up their missing colleagues.

According to the Associated Press, Walker said he will issue layoff notices to 1,500 state workers on Friday if at least one of the 14 Senate Democrats didn’t return from Illinois to give the Republican majority the quorum it needs to vote.

Walker has tried to trick Senate Democrats into returning by lying and saying he was going to negotiate in good faith, but that trick was exposed in a prank call where he thought he was talking to rightwing billionaire David Koch, who is funding the union-busting efforts across the country, as well as the teabggers.

Leaving the Capitol to deny a quorum is as old as the country, and the father of the Grand Oil Party, Abraham Lincoln, once tried the same tactic.

Senate Republicans may have trouble in their illegal move to go after Senate Democrats with arrest warrants. According to the AP, “The Wisconsin Professional Police Association, a union representing 11,000 law enforcement officials from across the state, released a statement from its director Jim Palmer slamming the Senate Republicans’ resolution to go after the Democrats.”

“The thought of using law enforcement officers to exercise force in order to achieve a political objective is insanely wrong and Wisconsin sorely needs reasonable solutions and not potentially dangerous political theatrics,” Palmer said.

Walker has taken the extraordinary step of locking taxpayers out of their Capitol. It’s no wonder the majority of Americans support the workers in Wisconsin in poll after poll.


kevins said...

"Killing the hostages!"

Well, at least he's not putting them in his cross-hairs.

Tell you what, get those chicken shit senators back from Illinois, and maybe some of those hostages can be "saved."

Just because the "union dies", as you admitted, that doesn't mean the hostages have to go with them.

kevins said...

Abraham Lincoln also threw elected legislators in jail without a charge, ignoring the constitutional right of habeas corpus. You OK with that, too? After all, it's as "old as the country" and Abe did it.

In the entire history of Michigan, how many times have Michigan lawmakers fled the state? I can recall only two times it happened in this country...Wisconsin now and Texas a few years ago. Both times, the cowards were Democrats. Do you have to be a chicken shit to be a Democratic state legislator?

kevins said...

You really do hate Democracy, don't you?

Let's see, a handful of people vote in a stealth election and you think that's fine. But Wisconsin voters spoke loud and clear about their new governor, and you think it's fine for the Democratic lawmakers to show their yellow bellies by running off to Illinois. Tell me one of those lawmakers who, while campaigning, said, "Elect me and I'll turn tail and hide if the going gets tough...I'll let you still pay my wages, though."

Did Walker say he was going to take away collective bargaining in his campaign? I haven't a clue. But Obama never said he was going to force all Americans to buy insurance when he ran for fact, he said he didn't think that was a good idea.

But I'll give him credit. When he served in Illinois, he never hid out in Wisconsin.

Communications guru said...

Yes, it is as "old as the country.” Are you making the claim that Walker is trying to avert Wisconsin from secedeing from the Union? Give me a break.

I don’t know if quorum-busting has ever been used in Michigan, but when you say only Democrats have used it you are, again, lying. Of course, you will probably weasel out of it and say it was only state legislators. The Wisconsin Senate Democrats are heroes. When someone is trying steal a civil right, you need to stand up and sacrifice like they are.

The minority U.S. Senate Republicans did in 1988 over, of all things, campaign finance reform. At least it was something important to them.

Communications guru said...

No, I’m a Democrat, so I love democracy. I’m not trying to throw out an election just because I don’t like the results like you.

You are again, lying about a stealth election. Walker never campaigned on the fact that he was going to steal the civil right of collective bargaining; another lie from you. No, they asked them to stand up for them, and considering that people do not support what the Republicans are doing, that’s what they are doing. (See the CBS and WSJ polls)

Obama said he was going to reform health care insurance, and that's what he did. Plus, insurance reform was debated for more than a year and Republican amendments were accepted and passed. Walker can’t say that. Not only that, but the mandate is not that radical because Romney did the same thing in Massachusetts.

Are you even capable of telling the truth?

Communications guru said...

To some, losing a job is pretty dramatic.

“Chicken shit senators back from Illinois; you mean like Abraham Lincoln?

Wow, you are going to harp on a typo? On what thread? As for the death of unions, it’s a good thing that a majority of Americans do not support what Republicans are trying to pull.

brad said...

Unions were originally created for workers to share in the profits of businesses that they help create. Feeling that it was an unfair situation that blue collar workers are the value creators of a business and the "fat cat" managers take all the profits, unions were formed to use collective bargaining to share more of the profits with the owners and managers of a company. These original union founders thought that it was not right for government employees to use collective bargaining as a tool because there are no profits to be made in government. They are basically holding the taxpayer hostage to get higher wages. The end result is everyone loses except for the government employee. Restricting collective bargaining in government is fundamentally good for taxpayers, as long as there is a mechanism to ensure employees are fairly paid relative to the private sector (which Carter did with this bill).

So while democrats do support private sector unions, they have traditionally rejected the thought of government collective bargaining because it's basically robbing the taxpayer.

brad said...

State officials said Thursday that damage to the marble inside and out the State Capitol would cost an estimated $7.5 million.

Jimmy Carter made this fairy tale up as well.

Communications guru said...

No, unions were also formed to give workers a voice and protection. Things evolve over time.

Of course “State officials said Thursday that damage to the marble inside and out the State Capitol would cost an estimated $7.5 million,” but that is just a lie that has been debunked.

brad said...

off with their headS!