Mar 3, 2011

Conspiracy to start a riot may land Wisconsin Governor in hot water

The prank call last week to extremist Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin not only exposed that that he was just trying to bust the public sector unions by trying to take away their collective bargaining rights by creating a financial emergency, but he may now be in some legal trouble.

Walker thought he was talking to sugar daddy David Koch, one of the Koch brothers who has bankrolled teabaggers and is financing the current union-busting movement, but he was actually talking to a liberal blogger posing as Koch. During the 20-lovefest Koch/blogger suggested “planting some troublemakers” into the huge crowd of pro-worker protestors that have flooded into Madison, and Walker said he thought about it but decided against it because it “ would scare the public into thinking maybe the governor has gotta settle to avoid all these problems.”

In other words, Walker planned to hire interstate criminals to use felony violence against his constituents and state employees.

The Madison Police said that he found those comments “very unsettling and troubling,” and he wants an explanation from the Governor. The Governor is the man responsible for public safety in the state, and he is trying to start a riot.

“I would like to hear more of an explanation from Governor Walker as to what exactly was being considered, and to what degree it was discussed by his cabinet members,” Police Chief Noble Wray said in the Milwaukee Journal.” I find it very unsettling and troubling that anyone would consider creating safety risks for our citizens and law enforcement officers.”

Even though Wisconsin has gotten most of the attention for its union-busting attempts, Ohio is also moving forward to take away civil rights. Rightwing extremist Republican Ohio Governor and former Faux News host John Kasich has been pushing to bust unions since he was elected.

On Wednesday the GOP-controlled Ohio Senate voted 17-16 to strip public workers of the civil right of collective bargaining, and it would also ban strikes and put the power of breaking labor impasses in the hands of local elected officials instead of impartial third party judges. Six Republicans had the good sense to vote against it, but it still squeaked by with just one vote.

The Republican controlled House is expected to approve it, but Democratic lawmakers said they would take it to a ballot referendum this fall.


Not Anonymous said...

Well that was quite a stretch. The socialist Democrat blogger suggested "troublemakers" and the Governor said hemmed and hawed and said they "thought" about it to create a ruckus, and you change it from Troublemakers to "interstate" (not mentioned) "criminals" (not mentioned) to use "felony violence" against his constitutents and state employees. Aren't state employees his constitutents as well?

He said nothing of criminals, nor felony violence and he also didn't talk about bringing them in from out of state. He said that many of the union protestors were from out of state, which has since been found to be true.

It's too bad you feel you have to take the truth, which is troublesome enough, and lie about it for your own purposes.

Communications guru said...

First, there is no such thing as "socialist Democrat in this country, and that is just false, Republican smear.

A stretch? Perhaps you shod tell that to the Madison Police Chief.

Koch/blogger suggested “planting some troublemakers.” I don’t know if Scooter “hemmed and hawed, “ but the fact he said we, that’s we, thought about doing what Koch suggested. He only backed off because it might backfire on him; not because it’s wrong or because people could get hurt. Because it could make people sympatric to the workers.

He was thinking about doing the same thing Mubarak did in Egypt by planting his security forces in the crowd to make the world think the protestors were violent.
There are workers from out of state, and they came on their own, unlike the teabaggers the Koch boys shipped in from out of state. As the national polls show, people do not support workers losing their civil right of collective bargaining, so it’s not surprising people from out of state came to Madison, just like the Freedom Riders from the north made their way to the south in the 1960s.
Sorry, there is no lie.

Once again, anonymous coward, I am still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”

kevins said...

He "shod" tell the Madison police chief something.

Of course there are socialist Democrats in this country. And there are union thugs. That doesn't mean there are a lot of either, but they exist. Your denial shows how useless you are.

Talk about a stretch, comparing union teachers who lied about being sick to cheat (steal) in order to get paid days off so they could protect their paychecks and perks...and you dare compare them to Freedom Riders, many who volunteered their lives and their safety...often without any help others. You are pathetic.

Communications guru said...

A stretch? Perhaps you should tell that to the Madison Police Chief. Better?

Sorry, there are no Socialist Democrats in this country, nor are there “union thugs.” There is, apparently, a Democratic Socialists Party in the U.S., but no Socialist Democrats.
Again, there are personal days instead of sick days, at least in the bad old private sector. If they don’t they will not get paid for them. What they are doing is protecting civil rights that people died in the fight to win, and hell yes I compare them to the Freedom Riders, especially when they are up against scumbags like Walker and the Koch boys who only refrained from placing violent strikebreakers in the peaceful crowd because Walker was afraid it might force him to actually negotiate in good faith.

Thank you for the compliment. It means so much coming from the likes of someone like you

kevins said...

"If they don't they will not get paid for them." What in the world does that mean? Your sentence structure is atrocious.

Of course there are union thugs. And socialist democrats and democratic socialists. Your lies don't change the facts.

How can you say that they took personal days when several teachers on TV said they were taking sick days. One said she felt bad about lying but felt she had to. Are you saying that the teacher was lying about lying?

Communications guru said...

Thank you. It means if they are not valid they will not get paid.

Again, there are no Socialist Democrats in this country, nor are there “union thugs.” There is, apparently, a Democratic Socialists Party in the U.S., but no Socialist Democrats. The GOP tactic of repeating a lie often enough that people start to believe it is not going to work.

More word games. What I’m saying is the two are interchangeable, and you claiming you saw it on TV is like faux “news” saying “some say.” Protecting a civil right that is being stolen that people died to secure is far more important than how they took a day off.

kevins said...

No. It's you who trivialize the civil rights movement by comparing real heroes to people who just took a paid day off...on the taxpayer's protest.

It's fun to watch you twist yourself into a pretzel when your own words betray your flawed opinions. The woman said she lied to skip work...and nothing you say changes that.

Communications guru said...

Hardly; collective bargaining is a civil right, and people died to secure that right.

It's fun to watch you twist yourself into a pretzel when your own words betray your flawed opinions.

What, exactly, does your tale have to with Scooter Walker conspiring to incite a riot?

kevins said...

Whenever you lose...a lot switch topics and distort.

So here's a topic for you. While teachers and other public employees were stealing from the public by lying and taking unauthorized, paid days off, they glued and pasted their signs and posters on marble walls. It will cost taxpayers $7.5 million to fix the damage.

Nice job.

Communications guru said...

Bullshit. First, I didn’t lose, and second how did I change the topic? You changed the topic because you can’t dispute anything in the post.

To your second paragraph, more BS lies. That’s a lot of bottles of 409. The fact is most employees are allowed personal days, at least for as long as we still have unions.

Funny, Rod Blagojevich was charged, but not convicted, with simply talking about selling a Senate seat. I wonder when Scooter and his cabinet will be charged with conspiracy.

kevins said...

More BS lies? The source was a government employee in charge of Capitol maintenance. Is your anti-bias that full of hatred that you don't believe a guy who is in charge? The problem was that it is marble...the glue, etc., can't be removed; the damage is done and permanent. The marble is expensive. So is the repair. Now maybe you thnk the government tells lies, but that makes you more than a little paranoid.

You changed the topic again with your stupid "personal" days argument. The teachers specifically said they took sick days, not personal days. Of course, employees are allowed either. But you aren't supposed to take a sick days unless you are actually sick. Personal days are to be scheduled...I suspect most are approved, but a manager of 50 people wouldn't approve 50 personal days for the same day. Even you can figure that out, can't you.

It was a teacher who said she felt bad about lying in order to take an unauthorized sick day. That's what she said. Now you are calling her a liar as well...hmmm, there's a pattern here...are you a closet hater of government employees?

I know you said once that you never asked permission to take personal days. So how has that work ethic worked out for you?

Communications guru said...

Correct again. You know how government employees lie. That is sarcasm, by the way. I don’t “believe a guy who is in charge” when it’s a liar and criminal like Scott Walker.

I didn’t “change the topic” I didn’t buy your spin. Plus, you changed the topic because you, again, can’t dispute anything in the post.

That work ethic has worked fine for me, thank you.

kevins said...

Really? So you've got a full time job? With benefits? How's the private sector treating you; you know, the place where you have to earn your pay?

Scott Walker wasn't the source..and you know it because I already told you. The protest ruined the marble and costs the taxpayers $7.5 million. It surely wasn't intentional, but it happened. You can't deal with the truth.

Protesters...that, is teachers...said they lied by calling in sick. School was cancelled for several days in Madison and Milwaukee.

Those are facts. They stole from the taxpayers and they stole from the students. They thought it was worth it and justified, which is a debate worth having. But you won't even accept obivous in your face facts. You are hopeless.

By the way, it's nice that you acknowledge that the "union dies."

Communications guru said...

Yes, and your point? In fact, like most Americans struggling to stay in the middle class, I have more than one job plus a pension.

Scooter Walker is not in charge of state government in Wisconsin? Yes, you told me, and I, like many in Wisconsin, are disputing that number. Even when I worked in the private sector, you did not have to be sick to take a paid day off. You can, by the way, thank labor unions for that.

Thank you for the compliment, and for pointing out the typo.

kevins said...

You continue to twist words. I have never said you have to be sick to take a paid day off. I did say you have to be sick to take a sick day. Teachers said they lied by taking a sick day.

Personal days need advance approval, although sometimes they are taken for emergencies.

If you took days off without clearing it with your boss, that might be why you don't have a full-time private sector job.

As you say, the "union dies." Unreasonable attitudes about job responsibility may be one of the reasons.

Communications guru said...

Right back at ya. You continue to twist words. Again, you do not have to be sick to take a paid day off. No, personal days do not need “advance approval.”

I have a full-tine job, but why does it matter in what sector? But hey, you are obviously losing on the facts, so you are going to the personal attacks. I’m very used to it from the likes of dishonest right-wingers like you. Once again, thanks for pointing out the typo.

Communications guru said...

Right back at ya. You continue to twist words. Again, you do not have to be sick to take a paid day off. No, personal days do not need “advance approval.”

I have a full-tine job, but why does it matter what sector? Once again, thanks for pointing out the typo.

Communications guru said...

This goes to debunk your $7 million lie; from Jason Tish, the executive director of the Madison Trust for Historic Preservation.