Mar 28, 2011

RNC may sell democracy

It appears the Republican National Committee (RNC) is taking a cue from the Livingston County Republican party and charging a fee for democracy.

CNN is reporting that the RNC is considering selling the broadcast rights for debates between its presidential sacrificial lambs to news outlets. That’s not at all surprising from the party of big money. It was something the local party did but on a much smaller scale in the 2008 primary when it charged admission to a debate for the two open Michigan House seats as a fundraiser.

The RNC is more than $22 million in debt from the 2010 midterm elections, despite millions of dollars coming in from corporations, both foreign and domestic.

Not only that, but the Republican Governors Association spent more than any of the major non-party spenders in federal campaigns through its network of state political action committees in the last election cycle. The RGA spent $113.7 million - just in calendar year 2010. It spent $131.8 million over the two year election cycle. In fact, it spent more than rightwing cash cows the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, American Action Network, American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS spent combined in 2010.

It remains to be seen if the RNC's sale of democracy is even legal under the law, and whether any network, other than the official propaganda arm of the GOP - Faux “news,” will make a bid. However, considering almost all of the current GOP candidates are already on the Faux payroll, it may be a waste of money.


kevins said...

Odd...seems to me that the state Democratic Party charged admission to debates among sec/state and AG candidates.

The county republican debate you mention was a fundraiser for young republicans. And you have the shame to slam them. Apparently you expect higher standards from teenage Republicans than you do from adult Democrats. And you know, you may have a point there.

Communications guru said...

Odd…I don’t remember that, but please provide a link. I don’t think it’s right, even though the only people who can nominate the party’s choice for AG and SOS has to be a member of the party.

I’m aware that the debate was a fundraiser for the TARs. Are you making the claim that they are not part of the county party? I don’t believe admissions should be charged for political debates. They deserved to be slammed.

Not Anonymous said...

There are GOP candidates? I hadn't heard that anyone had announced they were running yet. I know that Herman Cain has formed an exploratory committee, but he hasn't announced yet, and he's not an employee of any news organization.

Newt Gingrich may have formed his exploratory committee, but I haven't heard for certain if he has, and again, he's not announced he's running and again, he's not an employee of any news organization.

You must just dream these things up as you go. Facts, are definitely not part of you repertoire.

brad said...

How about a link proving the RNC takes money from foreign companies? I would really love to see this fact and nothing that is alleged either. Dont say, go to this and find it, i want the actual link please. Does it exist?

Communications guru said...

Seriously? That’s’ all you got? You know as well as I do that they have all been mentioned or have said themselves they are considering a run. I would say stop playing stupid, but I’m not so sure. All you have is word games? Figures.

Once again, anonymous coward, I am still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”

Communications guru said...

As for you, “brad,” I know you are not playing dumb. The U.S. Chamber accepts money from foreign companies.

kevins said...

Well, I don't know anyone who had as much foreign money spilling out of his pockets as did Al Gore and Slick Willie Clinton.

As you know, because I think you wrote about it, Democrats charged a fee to see AG and SecState candidates. That doesn't seem to bother you. That was at a convetion (in Detroit?) where Dems hoped to get a headstart on the race by picking preferred candidates for those races. By anointing AG and Sec/State favorites before the state convention, Dems were going to stand a better chance of winning those races.

How'd that work out?

(Still, you can't avoid the truth that you get angry at teenagers were holding a fundraiser but you hold adult Democrats blameless for doing the same thing. And, again, you may have a point. I think many of us expect more from teenagers than from Democrats.)

Communications guru said...

Another false talking point. If you are talking about the Little Rock restaurateur, all that money to the DNC was returned, and it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the foreign chamber money. When is the RNC going to return the money?

You are lying. The nominating convention, like all conventions, are for members. No admission was charged for any debate. I fail to see how pointing out the hypocrisy of the Livingston County Republican Party makes me angry.

Democrats have never charged admission to a debate, and certainly not for the AG and SOS candidates in Michigan. That is just a lie, but that’s what I expect from you.

Are you saying the RNC are a bunch of teenagers? When they spend money of lesbian bondage clubs, it just seems that way.

kevins said...

Well, I caught you again. It's really too easy.

On April 7 you wrote about something your party invented called the Michigan Democratic Party Endorsement Convention. Your candidates were going to get a preferred rating which was going to help them get a head start and win in November (and, of course, both of them got trounced.)

Before selecting your Secretary of State and AG candidates, there was a forum that charged $20.

On April 7, you wrote "I don't agree with charging $20 to get into the forum. I have a problem with charging for political debates, whether you call them a forum or a debate."

And today you say, "Democrats have never charged admission to a debate, and certainly not for the AG and SOC candidates in Michigan."

You are a liar and you were wrong...nailed by your own words. Were you lying last April or were you lying today? Can't wait to see how you lie to get out of this one.

(And what a low class effort by you to try to compare Livingston County Young Republicans with those RNC scumbags. Young kids get involved in politics and because they chose a party other than yours, you chastise them for a fundraiser and link them to perverted sex shows. You are a waste of oxygen.)

Communications guru said...

Bullshit. Like I said before, to participate in a convention you must be a member. There was no charge to listen to any debate.
The only liar is you. No Democrat that I l know of has ever charged admission to a debate, nor have they charged for the rights to air a debate.

There is no difference between the Livingston County Young Republicans and “those RNC scumbags.” The TARS have an advisor. It used to be the teabagger who was trying to ban books.

kevins said...

This is amazing. You are positively insane.

You specifically said Democrats charged $20 to hear a forum/debate of candidates for Sec/State and AG. Now you are saying no Democrat has "ever" charged admission for a debate.

You are a liar and you are delusional.

You are also sick in that you say that young Livingston County teenagers are "scumbags."

What is it with you? Maybe there is something to the rumors...

Communications guru said...

This is amazing. You are positively insane. You did not have to pay $20 to listen to a debate. You paid $20 to be a member. I know you are not very bright, but you can’t be that stupid. The press didn’t pay anything, nor did the visitors. But to vote you have to be a member of the Michigan Democratic Party.

Are you really that stupid?

You are a liar and you are delusional.

No, you said the Livingston County teenagers are "scumbags."

Ah, the personal attacks. Well, I guess when you can’t win on the facts.

brad said...

Commie Guru, another talking point. You can not prove it, just another slanderous attempt. Again thanks for playing and showing us you havent a thing to back up the claims of foreign donations.

kevins said...

Your lies continue even when your words prove your dishonesty.

I never said Livingston County kids were scumbags. You did. You are a liar. I said some RNC folks were scumbags. They are perverts, just like you. I never said anything about the kids. That was you. You are a liar, a coward and a life-long failure.

You specifically said it cost $20 to see the debate/forum last April, and now you deny it ever happened.

You won't admit obvious errors, you lie and you make untrue claims against me. You are disgusting.

Just admit you were wrong...or are you too little for that?

Communications guru said...

You said Republicans were scumbags; TARS are Republicans. A pussy hiding under an anonymous name is calling me a pervert and a coward? That’s rich. Look in the mirror if you want to see a pervert and a coward. A life-long failure? Based on what; I don’t agree with you? Thanks for the compliment; coming from someone like you it means a lot.

Like I said, Democrats have never charged admission for a candidate debate. I would say stop playing dumb, but it appears you are not playing.

I admit errors and correct the when I make them, but, I have not made any here. I have never lied, and I certainly never made an untrue claim about you. Again, thinks for the compliment.

No one had to pay anything to hear the Democratic SOS and AG candidates speak. To vote, and it is the same for the Republicans, you must be a party member. That is beyond a stretch to claim that’s charging admission; it’s an outright lie.

Just admit you were wrong, or are you too dishonest for that?

kevins said...

You were the one who said you weren't happy about having to pay $20 to attend the forum. Those were your words, not mine.

I wonder what your logic is when you call someone a pussy? Why do you think that is such a derogatory term? Is it because you have such a low opinion of women? Or is it because women intimidate you?

It's amazing. Johnny C (if he exists) has a fixation on hard-ons and you think pussy is a dirty slur.

But I'll call your bluff and we'll find out who the coward is. Meet me at cleary's. Any night. Your choice. If you will call me a pussy face to face, then we will continue the conversation in the parking lot. If you won't, then I guess we'll find out who the real coward is.

Communications guru said...

You are a liar because I never said that, nor did I ever pay $20 to see a debate. Those were your words, not mine.

My logic is calling you a pussy because you are a coward. Again, are you playing dumb, or are you really that stupid?

And how will I know you, coward, if you even exist? I’m using my real name, and my personal information is easy to find. I’ll gladly call you that to your face, or I would not have written it. See, I don’t hide behind an anonymous name like you do and make false, personal attacks.

brad said...

Thanks for nothing because that is what you have. No proof, baseless lies. It is no wonder you are having problems with your integrity because you can not back anything up.

Also $20 to be a member and you have to be a member to watch some debate is charging $20. Kevins would be right, you are a dithering Dee Dee Dee.

Communications guru said...

You really are stupid. I have never lied. But we know you and pussy boy are lying. No, you don’t have to be member to watch the debate; you have to be a member to vote. By the way, there was no debate. Apparently, you have never been to a political convention. You did not have to be a member to listen to the speeches; just to vote.

kevins said...

By calling someone a "pussy," you say a lot more about yourself. You say that you think there is nothing more disparaging than referring to someone by a slang term used for women. Therefore, you think it is a slam to call someone a woman. It's like saying a guy plays sports like a girl...there was a time when there was nothing more injurious to a guy than to be referred to as a girl. Most progressive men have long since moved beyond those days. Not you.

As for a coward? I can't think of anyone more chicken-shit than someone who is afraid to admit the truth of his errors.

I refer back to your April 7 comment on this very site: "I don't agree with charging $20 to get into the forum." And now you are saying no one had to spend money to attend the forum (and you also said there is no difference between a "debate" and a "forum," so don't try that lie.

You were either wrong April 7 or you are lying now...I'm betting on the latter.

Also, you've ignored the fact that this April "convention" was an attempt by Democrats to get a head start on the AG and SOS races. The candidates were named almost a half-year before the GOP selected their candidates. And yet they still got hammered at the polls. The geniuses of the Democratic Party at work.

You also won't explain why you (pussy) and Johnny C (hard-on) have such odd fascinations. You are obviously intimidated by women and Johnny C. has a thing for male erections. One wonders how well you know each seem well matched.

kevins said...

As for your cowardly ways, just pick a night at Cleary's. Bring all your friends (or maybe that shouldn't be plural...maybe hard-on fanatic Johnny C is your only friend).

I'll come up to you and say, "You must be commie guru: I'm kevins. I understand you have something you want to say to me." then the ball's in your court.

Communications guru said...

No, it just points out the fact that you make false, personal attacks but do not have the courage to stand by it using your real name; instead you hide like the coward you are behind a fake name.

I don't agree with charging $20 to get into the forum, and I would never pay to get into a political debate. You, pussy boy, are the liar. The MDP convention was not a forum, and you did not have to pay to get in. You have to be a member to vote. How is that any different from any organization; from the Rotary to the Moose? If the word pussy offends you, go away. It’s slang for a coward, not a women.
I never “ignored the fact that this April convention" was an attempt by Democrats to get a head start on the AG and SOS races.”
Like I said, you are the one hiding, not me. That says all people need to know about you.

Communications guru said...

Not happening, pussy boy. You are the one hiding.

Actually, I already have called you a pussy to your face. See, I’m not hiding, you are. My real name and photo are on the blog.

The ball's in your court.

kevins said...

So you are afraid to meet me face to face? No surprise. You slink away like the coward you are.

You are the one who said the Dems were charging $20 in April. That was a direct quote from you. So you are now calling yourself a liar.

Won't be long before you start calling yourself a pussy.

kevins said... in the world did a term like pussy become slang for coward? Is it because small kittens are cowards? Unlikely. It's because it is a derogatory term for women. And you have no trouble using it, which shows your true color. You are like Bill Maher; you like to pretend you are liberal, but when you get pressed, you resort to sexist terminology.

I don't need to rely on sexist slang to describe you. The word "coward" works just fine.

And when you write "it's slang for coward, not a women," is that your normal illiteracy, or do you just get nervous when you start thinking about females?

Communications guru said...

No, I’m not you are afraid to meet you face to face, Puss boy. I use my real name and photo. You, on the other hand, are hiding behind a false name.

No, I never said “the Dems were charging $20 in April” because it’s not true. Are you really that dense, Puss boy?

Communications guru said...

My God can you really be that stupid, Puss boy? If it’s a derogatory word for a woman, then why are you so offended by being called a pussy? Are you a woman? It’s slang for a coward, and that’s exactly what you are, a pussy who launches disgusting, false personal attacks and then hides behind a fake name like a scared little pussy.

Just to be clear; you are a cowardly pussy.

kevins said...

You are such a coward. You are the one who thinks it is derogatory to refer to someone as a woman.

I've already called you out as a woman-fearing coward. You were given a chance to call me a name face to face, but you slithered away to continue your name calling from the safety of your key board.

How long does it take you to type one-handed, I wonder?

I quoted you directly from your April 7 posting and you continue to ignore that, because you have no answer. This is just another in the long list of lies and errors you have made, and then you refuse to acknowledge them, even when it is your own words that trip you up.

I can see why you are too chicken shit for a face to face meeting. Go ahead, keep calling me names. It must give you a hard-on, which makes Johnny C happy.

Communications guru said...

The person hiding behind a fake name is the coward, PB.

I already called you that to your face. If I was scared like you, I would choose an anonymous, fake screen name, like say, kevins, and call you the pussy that you are. You are the one still hiding behind a fake name.

Like I said, Democrats have never charged admission to a debate. That’s undisputed, especially from you. I have never lied.

How is it a fair face to face meeting when you know who I am, but you continue to hide behind a fake name, PB? I can see why you are too chicken shit for a face to face meeting, but you slithered away to continue your name calling from the safety of your key board with a fake, anonymous screen name.

kevins said...

You are so scared that you are crapping your pants.

1. You are the one that said Dems charged $20 for a candidate forum. April 7. Look it up. I already did it for you.

2. I am still waiting for you to prove your outrageous lie that you had a face to face conversation with me.

3. Is your relationship with Johnny C consensual?

Communications guru said...

I’m not the one hiding, you are, PB.

1. I never said that because it’s simply not true.

2. I called you a pussy, and I’m not hiding. I attached my real name and photo to it. If you want to do something about it, you know where to find me. I’m not hiding behind a false name like you are. I’m in the phone book, PB.

3. Of course, we are friends, PB.

kevins said...

1. On April 7 you wrote, "I don't agree with charging $20 to get into the forum." Your quote. And now you lie about it.

2. You said you called me a name face to face. You didn't. Another lie.

3. I have no problem with your friendship with Johnny C; I just wondered how much of that friendship was based on his self-professed admiration of your hard on.

4. You are a woman-hater. Even the National Organization for Women says so. Erin Matson, NOW Action VP, said that "pussy" is "sexit, misogynist slur" used by those who are guilty of "the widespread misogyny that continues to permeate society." She's got your number, coward guru.

Communications guru said...

1.April 7 of what year? You are right, I don't agree with charging $20 to get into a political debate, and I never have and never will

2. I sure did. I’ll do it again: you are a pussy. My real name and photo are on my blog. You continue to hide behind a fake name, PB.

3. Like I said, we’re friends. We have never met. If you are trying to imply I’m gay, OK, if it makes you feel better, PB, then I’m gay.

4. I disagree. It me it means you are a coward that throws out false, personal attacks and hides behind a fake name. That is you pussy boy. If you want to do something about it, I’m in the book. But you won’t; you are simply too much of a scared little wimp that can only make threats behind the anonymity of a fake name.

Bye pussy boy.

kevins said...

1. April 7, 2010. But you can't be that dumb. The only time that the Democratic Party held an endorsement convention was last wrote about it so you know what I'm talking about. You play dumb rather than to admit your lies and mistakes.

2. You continue to lie about a face to face meeting. I offered to have one; you were too chicken to accept. Your own answer shows the lie in your statement.

3. I have no problems that you are gay. I just hope you use protection. Although it sounds as though you are suggesting that you limit yourself to phone sex. Have I got that right? (Actually I kind of believe you on this one. It makes sense that the people that you are "friends" with are people who have never met you.)

4. You disagree with NOW? Fine. It's a free country. I just think NOW has a lot more credibility than you.

You really lose it and it shows when your writing gets worse than normal. What does "It me it means" mean?

I find it amusing that I've upset you so much. Go ahead, throw a few names out there. I'll be at Cleary's tonight. Stop by, brave boy, for that face-to-face meeting.

Communications guru said...

I didn’t write about having to pay to hear the speakers because it’s simply not true.

I called you a pussy to your face. My name and photo are on the blog, you are the pussy hiding, still, behind a fake name. That’s exactly why I chose to put my real name on my blog; I will not write something that I will not say to someone’s face. You can’t say the same thing. You are the one too chicken to confront me. You know where to find me, wimp.

More false anonymous, personal attacks, but what can I expect from a coward who hides behind a fake name.

Yes. I’m a Democrat; I don’t agree with everyone in my party or its supporters 100 percent of the time.

You know where to find me. You continue to hide behind a fake name, you coward.

You are so brave. That’s sarcasm, wimp.