Mar 9, 2011

GOP sneak attack proves union-busting had nothing to do with the budget

"In 30 minutes, 18 state senators undid 50 years of civil rights in Wisconsin," said Democratic Sen. Mark Miller in a statement after Wisconsin Senate Republicans pushed a provision stripping public employees of their collective bargaining rights through the state Senate on Wednesday evening after finding a way to bypass the chamber's missing Democrats and the Open Meetings Act.

This simply proves what Democrats and the majority of Americans have been saying; this was just a trumped up way to bust the unions and had nothing to do with balancing the state budget.

According to MSNBC, because the union provision was part of a budget bill, Republicans in the Senate needed at least 20 senators present for a quorum, but by separating out the anti-union measure, Republicans did not need 20 senators to allow a vote on that piece.

The only good news is that a recall effort is underway for eight of the Republican Senators.

People are outraged and on noon on Thursday middle class and freedom supporters will rally at state capitols or your city halls all over the country. Shortly after the Republicans procedural scam, Wisconsin people gathered at the Capitol to protest this injustice. Tomorrow in Indiana, organizers are expecting the largest rally in Indiana history at the Statehouse to protest a rash of anti-worker bills under consideration. More rallies are being planned every day.


Not Anonymous said...

Many times you said recalls were wrong when talking about Andy Dillon being recalled, but now you're in favor of recalls. I think I read someone predict at some point that you'd be in favor of a recall if it involved Republicans and I think your answer was that the people will get their chance to do a recall in the next election.

Who needs a weather vane with you around. When the winds change, we'll know it because you've changed direction yet again.

Communications guru said...

I sure did, but Andy Dillon and House Democrats did not have to pass that tax increase without the Republicans, or sneak in and of the Capitol under armed guard to make the vote, or lock anyone out of the Capitol to do it. They sat down with the opposing party and negotiated. You can’t say that in Wisconsin Not only that, but poll after poll said they were not in favor of busting the union, and there were thousands of taxpayers protesting against the union busting. None of that occurred in Michigan in 2007.

If you can’t see the difference then you’re dumber or more dishonest than even I thought.

Once again, anonymous coward, I am still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”

Lorraine said...

I have some concern over whether the recall process is the best tactic. Like it or not, Benevolent Overlord Snyder won by a very large margin. I don't know the details of last year's election results for Wisconsin. Perhaps the climate for recall would be better there. OTOH the current persistent and uninterrupted Republican majority in the Michigan Senate started in 1983 with a recall. To assume that what works for them can't work for us is defeatist. There's way too much defeatism in today's Democratic politicians.

Communications guru said...

I agree, it’s not the best tactic for Michigan, but it is for Wisconsin, at least for the eight GOP Senators. That is correct; the Senate majority began in 1983 after Democrats vote to increase the income tax.

I knocked on hundreds of doors last year for the election, and I could see there was not much excitement among Democrats. I just wish the election were being held today. Hopefully, we can maintain this excitement so we can take back the Michigan and U.S. House.

The said...

Liberals are for Democracy until the loose.