Jun 4, 2009

An oldie but a goodie: Obama is a Muslim

I love the Republicans strategy for talking back the White House, and I hope it continues.

We know they want President Obama and the nation to fail, so when the president foolishly reaches across to the GOP they bite the hand of partisanship and vote no on every important measure he is attempting to implement in an effort to try and fix the near Bush depression. They vote no in the vain hope it fails.

But they have gone back to the election campaign strategy of fear and prejudice of trying to paint the President as a dreaded, Muslim. They are completely twisting his quote from a recent interview with Laurence Haïm, the U.S. correspondent for French television station Canal Plus.

The President is on a trip to the Middle East trying to repair some of the damage and anti-U.S. feeling a U.S. invasion of a Muslim country for no reason caused.

Faux News has been pushing the lie that "Obama Says U.S. Is a 'Muslim Country,’” and now rightwing blogs have picked up on the lie.

The President said, “…if you actually took the number of Muslims Americans, we'd be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. And so there's got to be a better dialogue and a better understanding between the two peoples.”

That statement is true.

Then, rightwing Faux and rightwing bloggers took the President’s remarks from Obama's April 6 press conference in Turkey, during which he made factual comments about religion in America, and paraphrased to claim he said the U.S. is not a Christian nation. That is true, but that’s not really what he said.

“I think that where -- where there's the most promise of building stronger U.S.-Turkish relations is in the recognition that Turkey and the United States can build a model partnership in which a predominantly Christian nation and a predominantly Muslim nation, a Western nation and a nation that straddles two continents -- that we can create a modern international community that is respectful.”

“As I mentioned, we have a very large Christian population, we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation; we consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values.”

That is true. In the Bill of Rights, Amendment I says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

That means we are not a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation.


Not Anonymous said...

And yet another lie on this site:
"We know they want President Obama and the nation to fail..."

You cannot find one person in the Republican Party that said they want the nation to fail. You can find alot of people that said they want Obama to fail. Same thing James Carville said on September 11, 2001.

Obama has a socialist agenda. He's already quadrupled the deficit in less than four months. He's already doubled the debt. He's already put us into debt and he has the tax cheat, Timothy Geithner being laughed at, out loud, in China.

Yes, we want Obama to fail because we do not want the USA to fail. He's already created one hell of a mess for the next president to clean up.

We want Obama to fail at dismantling the United States of America. But nobody has said they want the country to fail.

kevins said...

If guru's statements about Fox News coverage are true (a big "if", considering guru's track record), then I would have to agree that the reporting is grossly unfair and inaccurate.

President Obama's statements about religion, Muslims, etc. accurately reflect the beliefs and makeup of this great nation. Twisting such clear and uplifting remarks would be evil.

On the other hand, I agree with the previous post. I don't know of a single Republican who said he/she wants the nation to fail. Many don't want Obama's programs to succeed, which is a worthy topic of debate. Many Democrats didn't want Bush programs to succeed...although most of them voted for the war that they now say is a mistake (oh, yeah, I forgot, that twicky wabbit W. fooled all those Democwats. What a wascal, he is.).

To equate Obama with America flirts with the politics of personality and in many other nations would be a concern. Not here; this country is too well grounded for that. We can understant the strength and attraction of Obama without getting swept away with it.

Communications guru said...

Wrong again, brett. The head of the GOP himself brush limpdick said he wants the President to fail, and I have no idea how the President can fail and not the nation.

Why no outcry when Bush ran up a record deficit in an unnecessary war and plunged the country into a near depression?

Oh my God, this is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard from you brett, and I have heard a lot. “He's already created one hell of a mess for the next president to clean up.”

That garbage doesn't even deserve a response. Where were you the last eight years, brett?

Not Anonymous said...

The head of the Republican party is Michael Steele. So that would be yet another lie of yours. I don't know anyone named brush limpdick.

As I said, plenty have said they want Obama to fail. Nobody has said they want the country to fail.

Bush's record deficits are nothing anymore. That record has been shattered.

Where was I the last eight years? I was relishing in the best economy in 25 years from 2002 until 2007. I was suffering along with the rest of the nation from the end of 2007 until....this recession ends.

I was enjoying the tax cuts that created record tax revenues coming in and languishing as the Republican Congress spent it and more. I've been suffering along with the rest of the country since the Democrats took over in 2007 just as the economy started it's downturn, and now we have taxes increasing and tax revenues decreasing.

Unfortunately, I was doing all of this in Michigan where we've been in a one state recession for the past five years. Thank God, there is only 18 months left of this worthless governor.

Communications guru said...

Please, brett stop paying dumb, or, perhaps you are not playing. Steele is head of the GOP in name only. Nice try blaming Bush’s recession on the Democrats, but the American people saw through that, and the election of 2006 and 2008 proved that. That one state recession BS is just another false GOP talking point.

Not Anonymous said...

Gee, you're a racist. I never would have guessed. Michael Steele is the head of the GOP. Not just in name, but in deed.

The American people didn't see through anything. They voted what's happening. The Republicans spent like Democrats when they had control of Congress. The people threw them out, rightfully so.

The election in 2008 was a change. Not the change that Obama talked about, but change away from Republicans. Take a look back at history. Rarely does the party retain control of the White House when the incumbent leaves.

Bush to Obama. Clinton to Bush, Bush 41 was an exception being elected after Reagans terms ended. Carter to Reagan. Nixon Ford to Carter. Kennedy Johnson to Nixon. Eisenhower to Kennedy. Truman was an exception following Roosevelt. and on it goes.

Obama is on his way to being a one term president.

Communications guru said...

I’m a racist because I know every single Republican, including the chair-in-name-only, defers to Limpdick? Stop playing dumb, brett.

You can spin he election all you like, but the results speak for themselves.

Sure he will be a one-term President, brett; in your dreams.

kevins said...

What a newsflash. Guru now claims he supported every single policy of George W. Bush. To do otherwise would be to hope that America would fail...that's his argument and by God he's going to stick to it.

Look, he loses arguments all the time, and his response is to call people cowards or limpdicks. I'm waiting for him to say: Oh yeah?

It's funny. Democrats cried foul when Republicans said a person could't oppose the war and support the troops at the same time. Now they cry that if you oppose the policies of the president, you are not supporting America. Apparently, in guru's world, you have to follow in lockstep behind Obama, or else you are a traitor. That's why I think there are some serious fascist tendancies in guru.

Here's a chance for guru to make up for his lies and mistakes:

1.Name a Republican who said he/she wanted the country to fail. They have opposed the president, which apparently is treason in your mind. But I haven't heard one say he/she wanted the country to fail.

2. Provide a single quote in which you expressed sorrow for Dr. Tiller's murder or sympathy for his family. (Note: that doesn't mean praise for his willingness to perform abortion on babies that were capable of living outside the womb.) You've been invited to make such a statement of compassion, and you've steadfastly refused to do so. How cruel and cold-hearted of you.

Communications guru said...

I supported very little of what Bush proposed because he was wrong, but I didn’t want him to fail. Iraq is an example. As each day wore on it became clear he was making up for reasons to justify something he wanted to do even before he was elected, but I knew if he failed what the cost in blood would be.

I do on occasion lose an argument, but never with the likes of a lightweight like you, brett. I also never stoop to name-calling when I do. I always call Rush Limbaugh brush limpdick because it’s a fact. How can you deny that? When he gets caught coming back from the Dominican Republic with Viagra what do you call him? When people have the audacity to anonymously lie and call someone a child molester with zero proof they are a coward.

1. Brush Limpdick.

2. http://liberalmedianot.blogspot.com/2009/06/rightwing-extremists-display-hypocrisy.html

Not Anonymous said...

And yet another lie. Rush Limbaugh never said that he wanted the country to fail. He said, resaid and said again that he wants Obama to fail. Not once did he say he wanted the country to fail.

When a man is caught with Viagra, I assume that he's got erectile dysfunction and that he uses it to get himself up for a good old time.

Communications guru said...

I agree with your second paragraph, but not the first, brett.

He said he wants the President to fail. I don’t know how you can separate the two, especially after he is stuck with the mess Bush left. Only when people started calling limpdick out on that stupid statement did he start spinning it that he really meant he wants the President’s polices to fail. Still, if the polices he is implementing to fix the mess Bush fail, so does the country.

That’s why I call him Limpdick.

Not Anonymous said...

Rush did not back down or change anything after he said he hopes Obama fails. You can check his transcripts for this.

I'm sure you don't understand how a country can succeed when a President fails.

Obama wants to raise taxes (microsoft is now saying they will move offshore if he does). If he fails, the country will not fail.

Obama wants to socialize medicine. If he fails, the country does not fail.

Obama wants to eliminate nukes and put us on windmills and corn while saying that it's okay for Iran to have nukes. If Obama fails, the country does not fail. In fact, if Obama succeeds in eliminating nukes from this country will Iran gathers them, this country may fail while Iran runs us over.

I don't really care why you call him by something other than his name. Hell, you can't get my name correct, so I shouldn't expect you to get others names correct. But your name calling (which you claim you don't do) is childish.

I wonder why you get upset about Limbaugh and viagra, but you support Ted Kennedy who killed a girl or his son, who drove drunk into a barrier and lied to police. Neither of them spent time in jail.

Then, there's always the waitress sandwich that Kennedy and Dodd had. I'm sure they make you proud. Or Barney Frank having a prositution ring run out of his house. Or Rostenkowski and his check kiting. Or Burris who it's now shown was tied to Blagovich. Or William Jefferson, who has been indicted. Or now Durbin who is involved in the Blagovoich scandal. Or Richardson and his scandal. Or Jesse Jackson Jr and his paying his wife. Or Murtha accusing the military of cold blooded murder. Or Timothy Geithner cheating on his taxes. Or Daschle or any of the other five that had tax problems but now are in Obama's cabinet. Or the two indictments of ACORN or the information that is now coming out about ACORN and their shenanigans in Louisiana that is spreading throughout the country with that group. Or Nancy Pelosi calling the CIA liars, but backing away from proving her words, after the CIA proved she lied.

And those are just the ones that I pulled off the top of my head.

There is now a report that Michelle Obama covered up Baracks gay lover. But that is a tabloid story. Of course, the John Edwards affair was a tabloid story too.

It's going to be a fun four years.

kevins said...

We need to quit being so hard on guru. It's difficult for him to be wrong so often, but three times on this thread alone he admitted he was wrong. That's quite a step for him. Way to go, guru.

Communications guru said...

You are really rolling out the lies, brett. I think you hit every lie, rumor and smear in the last 40 years. About 90 percent of the shit you rolled out, brett, is a bold faced lie, but you really outdid yourself with “Barack’s gay lover.” Is that somehow supposed to be worse than a heterosexual lover?

Like the headline of this post, you got some oldies but goldies.

I do agree with you its going to be a fun fours years, and it will be amazing to see how many lies you can pull out of the sewer in eight years.

Communications guru said...

That’s impossible brett, because I have not been wrong once on this thread, let alone three times.

Not Anonymous said...


Three times he's admitted to be wrong, but he's really wrong on everything he says. You're Brett, I'm Brett, everyone's Brett.

He's wrong on Rush, he's wrong on the issues, I really don't think he could get the day right if he was asked.

Notice he said that every lie was hit. But each of those things that I listed in that "or" paragraph are documented. The guy/girl/it can't even admit when his crowd is caught red handed.

It's the Republicans fault Jefferson was caught and indicted. It's the Republicans fault that Rostenkowski was caught and convicted. It's the Republicans fault that Murtha is an embarassing ass. It's the Republicans fault that Barney Frank is gay. It's the Republicans fault for putting that barrier up just as little teddy was weaving down the road. It's the Republicans fault that big Teddy left Mary Jo at the bottom of the lake.

It must be fun for him to always make excuses for the perverts in his party.

Communications guru said...

It’s a little disturbing that you’re talking to yourself, brett, but considering how unhinged you have become the last couple of days it’s not surprising.

I admit when I’m wrong and correct it, but that’s has not happened on this thread. You are right about one thing, you are brett. It’s like calling someone pal, buddy or Joe. Brett is simply a person who uses deceit to post as different people, smears someone anonymously, can only debate using name-calling and lies and makes stuff up to prove a point. That describes you to a T.

Most of that stuff in your list was made up, with the possible exception of a tragic auto accident 40 years ago. It’s funny you use the words documented; that’s something you never, ever do. I can also list the corruption of Republicans, and I can guarantee you the list is longer and much more recent. Can you say Jack abramoff and Duke Cunningham?

It’s the Republican’s fault that “Barney Frank is gay?” No, it’s God’s fault, and there is nothing wrong with that.

If you want to talk about perverts, can you say Larry Craig or Mark Foley?

bluzie said...

What plans of our President do you want to fail?
Do you not want GM or Chrylser to be successful?
Do you want the banks to fail?
Maybe you do not want reform on health care?
What is it?
No one is specific as to how they think should happen now.
And wasn't his speech today awesome?

Not Anonymous said...

Not one thing in that list was made up. A simple google search will bring up all that you want to know on each of those people. All you need to do is have the courage to look. You don't, and even if you did, you'd never admit it about your people.

The difference between us is that I don't make excuses for the morons from my party that do stupid and illegal things and I don't deny that they have done things once they are convicted.

I believe that the Republicans have the better ideas, and know better what's right, wrong, ethical and unethical. So when a Republican breaks the law and breaches the public trust, I expect them to get one day longer in jail than the Democrats because I expect more and demand more from the Republicans.

I expect the Democrats to do these things. They don't know better, and they don't care if they don't know better.

So if the maximum penalty for misusing public funds is five years, I expect the Republican to get the full five years because he knows better and got greedy.

If the Democrat does the exact same crime, I'm not surprised, and they should get three years, just because they do what comes naturally and that is to steal from the American people.

Perfect example. You call Ted Kennedy's drowning that girl a "tragic accident". I call it murder. He claimed to have dived down to try to save her. He claimed to have tried to get someone help him dive down to save her. But then he left. Nobody saw him until the next morning. He was convicted for his crime of leaving the scene of an accident. But he didn't spend a day in jail. He didn't get charged for murder, manslaughter or anythign else in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. It's established that he left her there to drown. You call it a tragic accident. Perfect Democrat response.

Had that been a Republican, he might be getting out of jail this year.

Not Anonymous said...

Bluizy's questions:

What plans of our President do you want to fail?
Do you not want GM or Chrylser to be successful?
My response: Obama running the car companies is not going to make them succeed. They should have filed bankruptcy last fall and Obama should have nothing to do with it. Government has never managed a successful business.
Do you want the banks to fail?

My response: 36 banks have failed since Obama took office.
Maybe you do not want reform on health care?

My response: Government health care? No. They've failed already at providign health care. Ever hear of Medicare? It's broke. Socialized health care is failing around the world yet Obama wants it here. Rationing of health care is coming. For that rationing, we get to pay more taxes.
What is it?
No one is specific as to how they think should happen now.
And wasn't his speech today awesome?
I don't consider catering to a bunch of people that want to kill you and me an awesome speech. Obama is an ass. He's nationalized banks, investment companies, and auto companies. In doing this, he's quadrupled the deficit, doubled the debt and he's not done yet.

Democrats came into office in 2006 claiming that they'd be pushing "paygo". Didn't happen and now it can't. There isn't that much money out there. They can't print it as fast as Obama spends it.

kevins said...

Teddy Kennedy's story on the "tragic accident" never made sense. It is difficult to get the truth because of the major effort successfully pulled off by Teddy to hide the truth.

What is clear to anyone with an ounce of objectivity is that once the car was in the water and Teddy was safe and the woman was dead, Teddy and his cohorts did everything possible to protect him from being connected to the case.

They walked past a home with its lights on and failed to contact authorities. Instead they walked back to the location of the party (four married men and four single women); yet even then, they failed to tell a single person that the senator had just escaped death and their colleague was lying dead in the submerged car.

Then, to believe Teddy's story, this totally exhausted man was allowed to swim fully clothed across a strong current channel to the main land...where he promptly went to his hotel (not a single person saw a drenched man walking/staggering down the street and entering the lobby and going to his room), got himself a good night's sleep and the next morning was chatting with hotel guests having breakfast as though nothing has happened.

Because...that was the plan...Teddy was to get back to the hotel and claim he knew nothing about the accident because he wasn't there. When first contacted about the sunken car by authorities, he feigned ignorance until it was clear that he was connected to the car. Then he came up with his story.

His goal was...with typical Kennedy arrogance...to cover up the story and make someone else take responsibility. Even the Keystone Kops in the area couldn't allow that to happen.

Because facts are scarce...because of Kennedy and his associates...all sorts of theories abound. Most have to do with drinking, sexual trysts and even pregnacies. These stories grow, but it's Kennedy's fault for trying to evade responsibility.

I suspect Teddy expected to have some sex with Mary Jo...or perhaps they already had some. Given Teddy's power and pesonality, I suspect Mary Jo was fine with the idea. But I suspect that Teddy was pretty drunk at the time and that led to the "tragic" car accident. That would be the big reason why Teddy and his gang had to get him out of there. Reporting the accident immediately would have revealed his high blood alcohol content. Even the star-struck Barney Fifes at the local police department would have had to press charges of a drunk driver causing a traffic death.

I think Teddy Kennedy has been one of the most significant senators of our time. Despite the demonizing by Republican fundraisers, I believe he has worked hard at bi-partisan cooperation within the Senate.

But his actions killed a woman and his power let him get away with it. It's a fact and it's a telling story that Democrats won't own up to it.

Johnny C said...

Prepare this is going to be a long rebuttal to the right wing trolls:

Kevins and Not anonymous the "points" you guys are making are two things one 100% horseshit and two 100% horseshit from the RNC. I find it funny that the same bastards that accused critics of George W. Bush of wanting this country to fail are not shy of coming out to say they want the president of United States to fail.

Let's be real there are three main reasons the right wants Obama to fail 1. he has a "D" after his name, 2.skin color and 3. they want the country to fail because it's good for them politically. and the tea protesters was evidence of that from the racist signs, Fox News and right wing think tanks fund most these tea party and the lack of outrage of government spending during Bush's term.

The problems the US is facing has to go back to the Republicans support for deregulation that lead to the banking industry collapsing. Kevins and Not your party is responsible for this mess and you losers want to whine about what Barack Obama is doing or not doing.

Not anonymous you like the Republicans ideas? Really tell me what are they? Other then giving tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires which destroyed the economy in the 1980s and the last eight years. What's the Republican plan for health care? I'm guessing their plan has something to do with the private health industry making out like bandits with any reform bill.

Talking to people, funny the people who likes having tough talking presidents are ones that have no skin in the game. So who cares if the president is daring terrorists to attack the troops?

As for Republicans/right wingers talking about Teddy Kennedy shouldn't talk about crimes and owning up to them cough Joe Scarborough.