Jun 9, 2009

Michiganders rejecting false tea party rhetoric and the GOP

For all of the Republican’s false tea parties, socialist bull and anti-government rhetoric, it is having zero effect, and Michigan residents are displaying an increase in public trust of government at all levels over the past year.

The annual State of the State Survey, conducted by the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University, showed high approval ratings for President Barack Obama. The survey has been conduced fur times a years since 1994, and the last survey was conduced from January to March 25 and surveyed 1,000 Michigan adults.

In fact, 70.7 percent rated President Obama as “Excellent” or” Good.” This is the highest since 2002. That is in sharp contrast to last year’s survey when only 13.7 percent rated former President Bush as “Excellent” or “Good in the fall of 2008,” an all-time low.

Clearly, Obama’s popularity and leadership have inspired confidence in government, but it has also helped Gov. Jennifer’s Granholm’s rating. The survey also showed a slight boost in her public approval rating, despite the Republicans trying to blame her for the Bush recession and every ill the country has suffered because of Bush’s disastrous policies.

Her ratings are obviously low, and Obama’s leadership showed that for the first time in the history of the survey, more people trusted the federal government than they did state government. Generally, people most trust the government that is closest to them because government is their friends, neighbors and relatives.

But the most positive sign for Michigan is that more than 40 percent of those polled identified themselves as Democrats while fewer than 20 percent identified themselves as Republicans.

The gloomy economy in Michigan was a major issue in the survey, and almost 70 percent said they were worse off now than they were a year ago. However, almost half believe they will be better of in a year from now.

The Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR) is a nonpartisan public policy network at MSU dedicated to connecting legislators, scholars and practitioners through survey, evaluation and applied research, policy forums and political leadership briefings.


Stop drinking the kool aid said...

What!!!??? I live in Michigan. I dont hear any of this except from the entitlement crowd. Stop polling in trailer parks and welfare centers. The unemployment rate in this state is the highest in the coutry. Obushma is nationalizing the freaking auto industry!!!! (anybody want their VW Bug? Hiel Obama!). He is nationalizing banks as well. This should scare the pants off of all AMERICANS. People will not accept Facism until they are starving in the streets. Been in the streets lately? We are getting close. The people on welfare have a better life now than almost all working class subjects in any Socialist country on the planet today.and we as Americans have enjoyed the best standard of living in the world. But the Dems think we should be more like they are???? How do you make that leap? He is turning Detriot into Moscow! I am scared to death for my country and my children. I dont want them to grow up in the peoples republic of Obama. I realize this is a blue dog Dem state. Hard to be anything else when you have such a large portion of the population living off of their neighbors. Some for three generations. Why work? Dad didn't have to. Those of us that still do get up every morning and go to work don't trust or like what is going on in the Federal Government AT ALL! Whats more we are hated by the very people we feed. As far as Granholm is concerned, she has been a joke. Under her administration the state governement has literally shut down. TWICE! Try driving to work knowing that the governmet is idle and see how you feel. If you really want to know how Michigan feels try polling workers at Chrysler or GM or any bussiness. I mean the ones that are still there. See how they feel. By the way I don't work for GM or Chrysler.
Why do I still work

WCTaxpayers said...

There is no teacher like experience. Just wait until the end of this year and the beginning of next when inflation hits. All these people who think they have something will soon realize they can not afford to keep it.

It is a shame that people and student can not see that the system that has kept people employed and able to enjoy the benifits in this country is no longer. What incentive is there to invest here when the government can steal your investments and give them to someone else. They can easily take there business to another country.

Communications guru said...

I got news for you, the Bush policies made it easier and lucrative to offshore. I know you guys are cheering hard for the country to fail, but not only is it not going to happen, people are seeing through your BS.

bluzie said...

Obama has 71% approval rating in Michigan. People in Michigan know what is best for Michigan and it isn't the I haters in the Republican Party.
They like a man with a plan and Obama has the plan!
Michigan is ready for change and it's been a long time coming, but the time is now.
All those who wish Obama to fail, well I feel sorry for you.
Michigan will rebound in spite of all your naysaying and bad wishes.

Johnny C said...

Guru I believe anyone who lives outside the bubble of Fox News and right wing talk radio know these tea protesters were full of shit. Half the people there were racist, the other half were Republicans that all of the sudden forgot the spending that went on during the last eight years.

I still find it remarkable that the same people that accused us of wanting to Bush to fail without any proof are out and about with their chest stinking out saying they want the president to fail.

What's funny these yahoos who listen to these right wing hacks are rooting for the president to fail.. Don't these ass clowns realize if Obama fails we're all screwed, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Bill O'Reilly and Hugh Hewett got the cash to ride out a full blown depression their listeners and viewers don't.

As much I dislike the last president and the goose stepping S.O.Bs that was the Republican majority I didn't wish or hope for failure. If Obama fails worrying about political landscape is going to be the last thing on people's minds.

Finally for the right wing poster(s) the majority of problems we're dealing is traced back to George W. Bush and the Republican majority in congress support for deregulation that lead to the banking industry to fall that bled onto other industries to collapse.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

I would like to applaud Stop drinking the kool aid. I haven't read that much crazy in less than 2000 bytes in a day or 2.

I have a personal request...please please PLEASE do NOT take your medication. My fear is it will make you less incoherent, thus less funny.

Communications guru said...

Now you know why the crazy brett keeps changing screen names. I wouldn’t want any body to saddle with the crap he writes either.

Stop drinking the kool aid said...

First of all I dont know who Brett is. Second I do not want the country to fail. I want the greatest country in the world to survive. This is the first time I have been to this site. Third everytime someone says anything bad about Obama you think that they were in love with Bush. Let me clear that one up for you. Bush SUCKED!! But this last statement is not meant to infuriate all of you but here goes.... Why is it that whenever someone disagrees with a liberal they always reduce themselves to name calling? ie.. Haters, Full of shit, Yahoos, Hacks, ass clowns, Goose stepping, S.O.Bs, crazy and Racists. That last one is the most used by liberals. Thank God the president is black or you wouldnt have that final and biggest trump card to throw at people when you have nothing no real arguements left. The only difference between us is that you think that Obamas' policies will prevent the US from failing. I and WC Taxpayer beleive in history. These policies almost killed the country in FDRs' administration and Carters administration and has never worked in any country on the planet throughout history although it has been tried and tried again. Only resulting in less and less freedom and more and more government involvement in the peoples lives. The problem is, once that starts, and you give the government that kind of power in your lives, it makes it easier and easier for them to control you even more. Ask Stalin. Incrementalism will finally enslave the people. Do you think these socialist countrys' people asked to be repressed so badly? Why do you think they all want to leave their country to come here? History and Civics are not taught in our schools anymore. So the only people who know these things are a few young people that bother to look into it and the people who have been around a while. Colleges in this country literaly drip with Liberalism these days. But back in the 60's (before my time) The leaders and fighters of socialistic policies where the colleges. If you dont think the governement of the US would ever try to repress its people. Google the Kent state killings. Detroit was a major area of unrest also with riots that lasted weeks. In closing I support anyones right to there opinion and to voice it whenever they want according to the first amendment of the constitution. Our government has been wiping it's collective butts with the constitution for a long long time now. Why?? Because it limits thier powers and keeps the people free. There are literally thousand of laws on the books now that violate the constitution and the bill of rights. The students in this country are giving away the rights that earlier students fought and some died for in our streets. Also I am not a Republican, I am not a Democrat, I am not a Libertarian. I am a Conservative. So let the name calling begin!!
Why do I still work?

kevins said...

Brett is a young boy that apparently has caught guru's eye. He is very obsessed with him.

Republican Michigander said...

Any poll 15 months before the election is worthless.

After what Obama's foreign car loving taskforce is doing to the auto industry, it'll probably be 20% when election day rolls around.

As far as Bush's supposed support of "deregulation", I need a good laugh. Bush is the best democrat the republicans ever had with his expansion of government power and regulation. No child left behind? Prescription drugs? Patriot Act? All of that passed with democrat support as well.

Communications guru said...

“Any poll 15 months before the election is worthless?” I don’t know if that’s true or not, but this survey was conducted just two months ago.

I got news for you, it’s not “Obama's foreign car loving taskforce” - whatever that means - that did anything to the auto industry.

You guys tried like hell to distance yourself from Bush, but voters are not stupid.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

I'm liking this Stop drinking the kool aid guy...he brings a special kind of crazy to the party.

Johnny C said...

When Bush was riding high in the polls post GOP 9.11 exploitation the Republicans and right wingers were comparing him to Reagan.

And speaking of Reagan Republican Michigander a lot of George W. Bush's economic policies were recycle Reaganomics. From high budget debt, a shirking middle class and anti labor practices.

As for the other part whining about the name calling and bringing up of Bush. One I don't like nor respect those who defend the actions of the last eight years but yet they can turn around and rip a guy that been in office for five months. As for racist I would invite you to my blog and watch the tea party videos I found over on Think Progress.

I seriously doubt you and WCtaxpayers or whatever that person name was understand history. You guys on the right can repeat the right wing disjointed version of history all you like but the fact remains you had eight years where the country almost fall into another great depression because of policies you guys supported.

Back to Republican Michigander this mess was GOP created and the GOP should own it.