Apr 17, 2009

Senate Republicans again put partisan politics above meaningful legislation

The only thing that really concerns Michigan Senate Republicans is maintaining their slim majority in order to block meaningful legislation, and the move by Mike Bishop to form a so-called “Auto Industry Action Team” confirms that.

He assigned five Senators to the “workgroup,” and all are Republicans. If you need any further proof that this is just one more Bishop publicity stunt just look at who he assigned to the group.

Besides himself, he assigned Senators Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, extremist right-winger Alan Cropsey, R-DeWitt, Jason Allen, R-Traverse City and Bill Hardiman, R-Kentwood.

None of these people have an ounce of experience in the auto industry, and Senate Republicans have continuously voted against workers and the middle class in favor of CEOs. They have also voted against the Hire Michigan First package of bills, and Richardville has proven to be a shill for the banking industry that helped plunge the country into the worst national recession since the Great Depression. Bishop’s number one concern is his campaign for Michigan Attorney General.

Two Democrats who have actually worked in the auto industry, Sen. Glenn Anderson and Ray Basham, were not asked simply because they are Democrats.

In the crisis the state and nation are facing, Bishop should put the good of the state above partisan politics.

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