Apr 21, 2009

Michigan GOP pulls out the old ‘Liberal media’ myth to raise money

There is nothing like a classic, and Sharon Wise, the Co-Chair of the Michigan Republican Party, rolled out an oldie but a goldie in a mass fundraising email.

Wise used the old standby myth that hatched from the paranoid mind of Richard Nixon of the so-called “liberal media” political strategy that has worked so well for the GOP for more than 30 years. Wise claimed the so-called:
“liberal media is at it again-this time attacking the Michigan Republican Party through a variety of news stories for supporting the thousands of you, hard-working, taxpaying residents who showed up at Tea Parties across Michigan last week.”

We already know the misnamed tea parties were pro-Republican, anti-Obama partisan political rallies organized by Washington, D.C. lobbying firms, and the many of the small minority who showed up were extremist fringe groups. But the bankrupt GOP is continuing to use the Astroturf rallies as fundraisers.

The GOP collected a lot of email addresses on April 15, which was a major reason for the rallies, and Wise is asking people for an online contribution. Did anyone doubt this was coming?

“The Cherry Democrats and the liberal media are mocking you-and Republicans-who want to see accountable and responsible spending from state government.”

The Cherry Democrats?

The news “stories” in question is a single column by Booth Newspapers Lansing correspondent Peter Luke where he simply points out the anti-tax stance taken on April 15 is contrary to the stance taken by business-backed funding increases for transportation of traditional GOP friends like the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

Luke also pointed out, correctly, that “Republicans intend to run next year against income and business tax increases approved in 2007, even though no Democrat was defeated in 2008 for voting for them.” In fact, the Democrats increased their majority by nine seats in the state House.

I guess it’s true that the facts have a liberal bias.

He also pointed out “the tax protesters conveniently neglected to mention that Michigan's 4.35 percent income-tax rate is lower than it was under most of Republican Gov. John Engler's 12 years in office.”

The simple fact is that the media is, for the most part, impartial, with the exception of GOP cheerleading outfits like Faux “News,” and if anything the media is conservative. Media consolidation by a few mega corporations where profit is the only consideration has proven that.


Not Anonymous said...

Oh no. The audacity of those Republicans to dare and try to raise money in any legal way they can.

Communications guru said...

In your warped mind, brett, lying and deceit is OK.

Not Anonymous said...

Please produce your Psychologist degree. Or at least your mind reading license.

Communications guru said...

Why? Are you denying the Republicans are using lies and deceit to raise money?

Not Anonymous said...

You said, "In your warped mind, brett, lying and deceit is OK."

Since you claim to know what's in my mind, please produce your psychologists degree and/or your mind reading license.

I notice that you are trying to avoid it, but until you prove that you have a degree with a license and a license to practice mindreading, you're only exhibiting that liberal socialist democrats are intolerant of others positions and that you're trying to tell others what goes on in their minds when in fact, you have no clue what another is thinking.

So, are you going to produce these documents or are you going to continue to pretend to know what others think and avoid the request for proof of your ability to know what others are thinking?

It's simple really. Produce the degree and licenses. That will settle the matter entirely.

Communications guru said...

I notice you are trying to avoid it, but once again, brett, in your warped mind why is lying and deceit OK with you? Once again, brett, there is no such thing as a “socialist” Democrat in this country, and that is a tired and old false fascist Republican talking point. However, I am a liberal Democrat, and a proud liberal Democrat.

I’m not reading anyone's mind because I can’t. I am simply basing it on your comments.

Not Anonymous said...

That's what I thought. You open your mouth but can't back up what you say. Once again, you show your lies, show your immaturity, show your ignorance and show your stupidity. No wonder you're the running joke on the other blogs that I see you pop up in.

Communications guru said...

Only in your warped mind have you ever caught me in a lie, brett. If I am all of the things you say I am then why can’t you ever prove your arguments? I guess if I got my butt kicked like you do all the time here I would be as frustrated as you are.

I think it’s really telling that you never address the issue when you crawl out from under your rock to throw baseless insults around.

Johnny C said...

I still don't get why the right continue this lie that media has a liberal slant? Talk radio is full of right wing loons, cable news even with Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz on cable that still doesn't counter the amount of time Fox News spends to spew out the Republican propaganda.

Going to the tea protesters, come on now the only people that think these protest events were organized by ordinary people are the nuts that went. The tea party was back by the corporate elite on the right and promoted by a news channel who called protesters of the president six years ago anti American.

But it was funny seeing poor Republicans defending rich people tax cuts.