Apr 9, 2009

Republicans are sore losers

Republicans are sore losers. If you need any proof of that, you just need to look at the examples of former Sen. Norm Coleman and the so-called and misnamed “Tea Party” protest set for next week.

Despite losing the election, every court case and in every recount Sen. Al Franken gets more votes, Coleman refuses to concede after five months. For five months Minnesota has only had one Senator. Remember when Al Gore won the popular vote in the 2000 General Election? He was called a sorer loser from election night until the day the Supreme Court ruled. Just a six-week period, not five months. Why isn’t the pres calling Coleman a sore loser?

According to Media Matters, a Nexis search found nearly 900 "sore loser" press mentions in Gore articles between November and December 2000. So much for the “liberal media” myth.

But the worst example of Republicans as sore losers is the so-called “Tea Party” protest set for this weekend to April 15. My friend Johnny C over at Motor City Liberal calls the event what it really is: an ugly, partisan protest against the President. Previous tea party protests have attracted protesters who called for impeaching Obama while slurring the President’s name as “Obama Bin Lyinm,” according to Think Progress.

He comments on an article on Think Progress that debunks the myth that the partisan protests are simply “displays of regular Americans in protest of government spending and extreme taxation” instead of what they really are, partisan, political anti-Obama rallies organized by extreme rightwing groups like “Freedom Works” and “Americans for Prosperity.”

It is also being organized by some of the most extreme rightwing groups that include militias, secessionists and neo-Nazi white supremacist groups.

The white supremacist group Stormfront is pushing the “tea party” hard. The Michigan Militia is also holding a “tea party.” I thought that fanatical, anti-government group was dead after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. The Republic of Texas movement that wants to secede from the union is appearing in North Texas, along with mainstream Republican leaders. I thought that secessionist thing was settled way back in 1865.

The Republicans will be in good company on April 15.


Not Anonymous said...

So socialist Democrats don't think people should gather to protest excessive and punishing taxes. They would prefer that people just accept their taxes increasing in the forms of actual taxes, as well as fees and other tricks by the Socialist Democrat in the White House that will increase prices on goods and services throughout the country.

Socialist Democrats don't want the American people denouncing the excessive spending that this administration has done costing our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Socialist Democrats would prefer that people just shut up, bend over and take it again and again from this administration because they happen to be in power at this time.

The Socialist Democrats must be right. They never protested the Iraq war. They never called President Bush dumb, stupid, monkey boy, or any of the other things that we've been hearing for the past eight years. They didn't have their protests in Crawford Texas where President Bush's home is. They didn't camp out and protest along side the road.

The Socialist Democrats didn't send a former Senator from Georgia who was in a wheelchair to President Bush's house in Texas with his letter.

In the meantime, I will be at the Tea Party in Lansing on April 15 and my protest will be against the increase in capital gains taxes coming in October. It will be against the Cap And Trade which will increase our electric and gas bills. It will be against the increase in Estate Taxes coming. It will be against the income tax increase, the dividend tax increase, the second capital gains tax increase, the outrageous spending that hasn't created or saved one job. It will be to protest the nationalization of Government Motors (formerly General Motors).

It's called Freedom of speech. Freedom of assembly that I will be exercising.

Communications guru said...

Once again, brett, there is no such thing in this country as a “socialist Democrat," and that is a fascist Republican talking point. I have never said people should not gather to protest, but be honest for once and call it what it is. It’s certainly not about “excessive and punishing taxes” because that’s not the case.

I’m sure you will be in Lansing on April 15, and you will be in good company with Republicans, white supremacists, militia members and secessionists. It will not be a “tea party;” it will be a partisan, ugly anti-Obama and pro-Republican rally. No body can ratchet up the hate against a Democratic president like the Republicans, and it is reaching a dangerous point. You guys can keep doing this crap, no problem. The gathering in November is what really counts.

“The nationalization of General Motors?” What a bunch of crap in a rant full of crap.

Not Anonymous said...

Gee, thank you so much for saying we can do this. I'm soooo grateful that the Socialist Democrats are going to ALLOW us to do this.

Gee, White Supremecists, militia members and secessionists. You forgot the skinheads.

I am glad to hear that the gathering that really counts takes place in November. Is that what you told the war protestors in Lansing when you attended the Tea Party there last month?

I never said that Obama was ugly. Being a man, I don't judge men on their looks.

The signs for Impeaching Obama are just what some would prefer. It's not going to happen. The Democrats couldn't do it when Clinton was on trial for impeachment. They had 12 holdouts that prevented him being removed from office, so there is no way that todays Socialist Democrats will even bring impeachment charges against Obama if there were charges to bring.

It's been named a tea party, so it is a tea party. Even if people don't drink tea, it will still be a tea party because the people are attending under that name. If it's reported in the news, it will be called a tea party.

I find it extremely interesting that you're scared of the tea parties. I understand why. After all, it's bringing attention to the excessive and punitive taxes that President Soeto is imposing on the people of this country.

I also understand your trying to portray it as a racist event. After all, you don't believe that people can disagree with a black man. So it must be racist. Which sounds pretty racist on your part.

But I know you'll whine and say you can't be a racist. You're funny.

Communications guru said...

Once again, brett, there is no such thing in this country as a “socialist Democrat," and that is a fascist Republican talking point.

All I said was stop lying and be honest about what this farce is really about and who is organizing it. That’s obviously something you are not capable of doing. I have no idea if skinheads will be there or not. I only listed groups I know who will be there that I have proof will be there. Beside, aren’t skinheads a white supremacist group and that is what Stormfront is?

Nobody elects a war, and the war protestors have been there during the Bush presidency as well as the Obama presidency, even though it was Bush who started the unnecessary war. Who ever said you said President Obama was ugly. The protest will be an ugly, hate-filled anti-Obama protest and Republican political rally. Certainly not a “tea party.”

I know the “signs for Impeaching Obama are just what some would prefer,” and I also know It's not going to happen, especially when you consider his approval ratings, the mandate he got in the election and he has done nothing wrong. But we will see those signs, even though you are claiming it’s a populist, grassroots anti-tax protest, but in reality it is a partisan, Republican rally organized by rightwing groups attended and promoted by some of the most extremist fringe righting groups in the country along with Republican elected officials.

It’s called a tea party, but it is misnamed. The real tea party was to protest taxation without representation, and that is not the case here. I’m not scared of anything. This farce means nothing, and it will change nothing. How could minority fringe groups have any power? But I’m calling it what it really is, and when the right lies I will point it out.

“President Soeto?” What is that supposed to mean? No one is imposing any “excessive and punitive taxes.”

I’m trying to portray it as a racist event? Well, if you don’t consider Stormfront a racist group then you have a problem. I have no idea how your twisted logic reached the conclusion that I’m a racist, brett.

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

It's sad, really.

These "tea parties" are an insult to the Boston Tea Party. What they are is an excuse for butt-hurt wingnuts to gather and make asses of themselves.

A little info on the tea parties...they aren't grassroots protests, they are a well coordinated effort from Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works, run by Dick Armey and Tim Phillips(Ralph Reed's former partner) respectively.

They've created several websites which look amateurish. The amateur look is by design, so as to better sell their scam that it's a grassroots effort.

Sadly, wingnuts will fall for anything, as long as it says the equivalent of "Obama Sux".

Communications guru said...

You are 100 percent. But that’s not surprising considering I am you and you are me.

Johnny C said...

I have no problem if these losers want to protest President Obama but at least be honest about it. They're protesting Obama because he has a (D) after his name or in the case of some of these anti "tax" protesters their protesting the president because he's black. But the idea they're upset about taxes and government spending is not only a joke but it's offensive.

I would wager everything I own Not Anonymous that a vast majority of these people that going to protest tomorrow don't make 250,000 or 92,000 a year and since the only people that will see their taxes being raised are those that make up the top two percent of American wage earners can you explain why you clowns screaming about?

So why Goober and them protesting tomorrow? What is sad about these tea protesters the message they're sending is To hell with me it's Paris Hilton that needs the tax relief.