Apr 16, 2009

The Milli Vannelli of protests brings out the whiners and obnoxiously selfish

Like millions of patriotic Americans, I spent yesterday working and getting my taxes in the mail.

Despite withholdings from my paychecks and the deductions for my mortgage interests and other deductions, I ended up writing a check for $341 to Uncle Sam because I had a chunk of income with no withholding taken out earned from freelancing. Once I left work yesterday, I rode home on the MichiVan Commuter Vanpool that receives a small federal subsidy, using the interstate highway paid for and maintained by state and federal tax dollars. Once I got home, I had just enough time to grab some clothes and go to my second job teaching swim lessons at the high school pool, paid for by state and my property taxes.

The point of the recap of my day? Simple. I agree, in part, with Republican-nominated U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes when he said:
“I like to pay taxes,“ he said. “They are the price we pay for civilized society.“

I agree with having to pay the price to live in a civilized society and the greatest country in the worlds, in my opinion, but I really don’t like to pay taxes all that much. I don’t like to pay taxes, but I know all of the good it does and that it’s my patriotic duty. I guess if I made enough money that I didn’t have to worry about a paying all my bills every month and keeping the mortgage up I would agree 100 percent with Justice Holmes.

I didn't get the opportunity to get out of my office yesterday to hear Sam the digital converter box promoter speak at the fake Astroturf “tea party” in Lansing because a co-worker was on vacation, and I had to man the office and could not leave for lunch hour. I tried to watch it on the Press & Argus web site. But it was lurching and unwatchable, but it turns out I didn’t miss anything; the same old rhetoric and lies that did not work in November. But the Washington, D.C. lobbying group that organized the farce did not get their money’s worth out of old Sam. He could not have spoken for more than 10 minutes.

I had to watch the recaps on the cable News channels when I finally got home, which was strange since I have been haring the lie since the February “tea parties” that the media was ignoring them. The one thing that struck me was that these people were protesting in parks and on the Capitol lawn; all things paid for with tax dollars. I also heard a much better description of the GOP rally from a Democrat. He called it the “Milli Vannelli” of protests.

Girl, you know it’s true.

I also agree somewhat with veteran journalist Jack Lessenberry - where I lifted the Holmes’s quote – when he says, “I like paying taxes.” “This is a pretty wonderful country, and I like to contribute my bit to it. That doesn’t mean I approve of everything the government does. I think every cent spent on the Iraq war is wasted, and I wish the feds would spend it on rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure instead.”

I agree with the later; the former; not so much. However, I understand the good it does and it’s the dues for being in the great club I am a member of. If I don’t agree with how it’s being spent, I let my elected representatives know, and I have not missed a single vote in the last 15 years; including city council, school board and primary elections.

To quote Mr. Lessenberry one more time with a sentiment I saw plenty of yesterday, “I don’t mind paying taxes, and regard those who whine about them as obnoxiously selfish.”

I wish I had said that.


Thrasher said...

Communications Guru, What is bullshit is your evasive post and avoidance about using your real name..I am sorry but your explanation and reasoning is weak and shallow like the bulk of your posts in here..

I have answered all of the questions addressed to me about Jack's racist commentaries when the subject matter is about Black woman the problem of course for you and the other intellectual cowards who like you post under an alias is that you do not like my truth and answers..That is the real issue here..

I have posted on this site and Detroit Metro Times the same theme about Jack's racist rants against Monica Conyers and CCK and other Black woman on the Detroit City Council your denial and acknowledgement of this truth again reveals your lack of integrity and intellecual courage..

Jack has posted the following hate filled comments about Monica & CCK mind you none of this quotes have anything to do with substantive issues but just raw vile hate and contempt for Black woman..I really doubt if Jack would respect any reporter for writing about his wife in this way!!..

"poisonous-looking Monica Conyers talking into the ear of a catatonic and apparently brain-dead Martha Reeves"

"Ignorant, nasty, ill-informed and hungry for power and ego gratification"

"she is doing more harm to the image of blacks in power than Birth of a Nation did a century ago"

"about the nature of evil and, not coincidentally, of Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick."

"For even though the felon has been extracted from the mayor's office and shipped out of town, his mama, aka CCK and popularly known as the congresswoman for sale"

Yet intellectual cowards like you and others on this site and DMT may excuses and become apologists for this worthless type of journalism, you cowards have the audacity to call his hate speech writing satire, measured, even truthful???

No I will not retreat, surrender, concede or offer any compromise or apologies for my posture and opinion of Jack and others when I observe this type of cheap, depraved hate speech operating under the costume of journalism..

Not ever....

Posted by: Thrasher | April 16, 2009 at 10:19 AM

Communications guru said...

Once again, guy – or gal - that’s a bullshit copout. Millions of people blog and take part in online forums with screen names, - including you - and that does not take away from the weight of their argument.

You have answered nothing. I don’t see a thing racist about the alleged quotes from Mr. Lessenberry you produced.

This has nothing to do with the Astroturf GOP protest.

But welcome to the blog. Glad to see your reading. Keep doing so, and you will learn something.

Thrasher said...

I am only here to educate you and get you to exhibit some integrity and intellectual courage by posting under your real name..I have more respect for people who do that hiding behind a costume and a mask is telling...

Oh yeah..My post "You clowns keep avoiding my truths and the reality that Jack's protrayal of Monica Conyers and CCK and other Black woman on the DCC is racist..There is nothing that both of you have posted which has altered my premise... Nothing!!!

Fact is both of you have avoided my detailed posts regarding Jack's racism from my posting of his quotes to his basic premise that the very idea that these Black woman did not do what Jack desired somehow makes them wrong and according your twisted aceeptance of Jack's hate speech they are ignorant,nasty, ill informed etc..( Jack's quotes about these woman are truly nasty and ugly he has never invoked these words on Granholm or Pelosi)..

CCK has not committed any crimes, nor accepted any bribes or whatever other fiction Jack has invented to assualt her with..Jack is a 2nd rate hack whose raw speculation about CCK again from my perspective is racist and depraved and certainly not responsible journalism..

BTW The idea that 2 white posters who lack the intellectual courage and integrity to post under real names have offered up shallow opinions about these woman,and myself is obvious..The fact you clowns are now apologists for Jack is also not a surprise..

One other note Anonymous is not only an intellectual coward his word means nothing becuase he posted he would never interact with my posts!!.. His claim that he fears me is revealing and sad on some many fronts..

In truth I should be fear white posters like him ...I do not hide behind an alias, most white males in are nation lead the FBI Index in a number of crime areas, from serial killers, to domestic terrorists to domestic abuse, threats and murders of our presidents, sex crimes, treason, occupational workplace shootings, school shootings etc..

Whites males in our nation have always been the most lethal agrregate ever in our country even before the FBI started to collect national crime stats..

So please do not hurt me or stalk me just becuae I am a real american ...One who does not hide behind an alias, One that dares to have an opinon, One that has a brand name in a number of venues..I may have to report you both to Homeland Security...lol,lol,lol

Posted by: Thrasher | April 16, 2009 at 03:58 PM

Communications guru said...

Like I said before, millions of Americans use screen names, as are you, on blogs and online forums. My profile has far more personal information than yours does. Some of the same stuff posted here is posted under my real name at Opinion Artillery. In no way am I hiding my identity.

The “portrayal” of Monica Conyers and the Detroit City Council is accurate. I have never seen elected officials act like that.

Once again, I have not seen any racism in Mr. Lessenberry’s post. Accepting campaign contributions is not illegal, but you’re not supposed to get something for it. There is no doubt Kilpatrick is carrying water for Matty Maroon. Watch the Detroit newspapers in the next couple of days, and you will see more examples.

I don’t see what the color of my skin, or whatever yours is, has to do with anything. You have failed to show any racism in the original post or any from Mr. Lessenberry in posts I have read. Accurately describing the childish and irresponsible behavior of elected officials is not racism.

The rest of your rant is just ridiculous. So ridiculous it doesn’t deserve a response.

Thrasher said...

So in your warped mind if someone dares to have an opinion that is not like yours they are an idiot?

BTW your arguments were worthless before I forced you to post under your real name and they remain shallow and worthless...

Now run along and work on your logic . BTW I knew I would get you to reveal your name I am very good in getting people to do what I want them to do...I have skills...lol,lol,lol

Posted by: Thrasher | April 17, 2009 at 09:37 AM

Communications guru said...

Don’t give yourself so much credit; my name is not and has never been a secret. My seven-year-old granddaughter could have figured it out in five minutes. I’m using my real picture, for Christ sake.

If my arguments were worthless, why couldn’t you counter them or even address them? Now, how about answering the question.

How in your warped mind and logic is defending yourself against a vile and false charge prove the vile and false charge?

You have something, but skills isn't it

ka_Dargo_Hussein said...

I guess Thrasher never heard of Silence Dogood.