Mar 9, 2009

Hatty most qualified to serve as Circuit Court Judge

More people are lining up to fill the 44th Circuit Court seat vacated by the planned retirement of Livingston County Circuit Court Judge Stanley J. Latreille on April 3 after 26-years on the bench.

Livingston County District Court Judge Theresa Brennan was by far the most qualified candidate, but she indicated last week she is not interested in the seat. According to the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus, applications for Latreille's seat are due March 17. Members of the State Bar's Judicial Qualifications Committee will interview and rank each candidate from "not qualified" to "highly qualified." Gov. Jennifer Granholm will then review that list and appoint someone to fill the position.

Brighton attorney Rick Trost, and former Democratic state representative candidate and attorney Matt McGivney, Brighton attorney Michael Hatty, Charles Widmaier and Green Oak Township attorney and former chair of the Livingston County Democratic Party Matt Evans have expressed an interest in the seat.

According to the Press & Argus, Kathy Oemke, an attorney referee with the county Friend of the Court office and a former juvenile court attorney referee, is considering a run for the seat, along with Ann Arbor attorney Marla Linderman, a former attorney with Pinckney attorney James Fett's office.

I personally know Hatty, McGivney and Evans, and they are all more than qualified. However, I am impressed with Hatty’s resume.

I got to know him in 2000 when I was covering Deerfield Township and he was the township attorney. The township was in danger of becoming the lighting rod for controversy like Hanburg, and the State Police actually raided township hall and seized records. He did a masterful job in steering officials through that storm.

He has been a private attorney since 1980, practicing every kind of law. Hatty served as the General Counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee has clerked for Attorney General Frank J. Kelley and he has a long list of civic and professional activities and affiliations.

Please take a few minutes to let the governor know that you support Mike Hatty by writing her a letter on his behalf. Send your letter to:
The Honorable Jennifer M. Granholm
Governor of the State of Michigan
Attention: Appointments Division
PO Box 30013
Lansing, MI 48909

I would also ask that you send a cc to Mr. Steven C. Liedel, Legal Counsel to the Governor and a cc to Mr. James Stokes, Director of Appointments Division at the same PO Box address so that their offices are appraised of your support as well.

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