Mar 26, 2009

“Beadwindow” Hoekstra still plans to run for Governor after security mishap

Pete “Beadwindow” Hoekstra will be the guest speaker the Livingston County Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner on April 15, and apparently his bid to be Michigan’s next Governor is still alive.

Apparently, local media is reporting the U.S. Congressman plans to tour the state on Monday and announce whether he is running for governor. I’m amazed he is still running for governor after his massive security breach last month.

You will recall the ranking Republican member on the U.S. House Intelligence Committee gave away the location of friendly personnel on an unsecured communications device in Iraq. Hoekstra revealed a secret congressional trip to Iraq on Twitter.

The fact that this guy is still running after that massive brain fart is amazing, let alone he is still on the committee and he still has a security clearance.


Not Anonymous said...

If Geithner can head the IRS after not paying his taxes and claiming he didn't understand the tax code; if William Jefferson can be re-elected after the FBI raid and the $100,000 stash found in his freezer, before finally losing an election; if Holder can be named and confirmed as Atty Gen, after the Mark Rich debacle; if Leaky Leahy can maintain not only his seat in the Senate but also his chairmanship; if Harry Reid can maintain his seat despite his sweetheart home deals in Arizona and Nevada; if Christopher Dodd can keep his seat after his sweetheart countrywide deal, his wife having been involved with AIG, and his flip flops from 'I don't know how that got in the bill, to the next day admitting it was he that put it in the bill under pressure from administration; if Obama can be selected as President with no executive experience ever; if Granholm can be re-elected after plunging the State of Michigan into a 5 year one state recession, then Hoekstra shouldn't have anything preventing him from running for Governor.

By the way, it's "personnel" not "personal", you dolt.

Communications guru said...

Thanks for the spelling lesson. I guess when you can’t win a debate on the facts you have to stoop to insignificant stuff like this and name-calling.

There are very few facts to back up the ridclious claims you made. I never said there was anything preventing Beadwindow from running for Governor; just from being elected. I also noticed you refused to address Beadwindow’s security breach.

kevins said...

"Massive security breach?"

Please! Your blatant exageration continues to minimize the value of your posts.

Communications guru said...

Yes, massive security breach, brett.