Jun 26, 2008

Senate calls special session

LANSING – The Michigan Senate will meet in a rare Friday session at 10 a.m. before it breaks for the summer.

Speculation is that the budget conference committees will be able to present conference reports after a budget agreement was reached Wednesday by administration and legislative officials. There is also speculation the Senate will take up the energy bills, House Bills 5524-5525 and 5548-5549. The complex package of bills were passed by the House with bipartisan support on April 17, and the Senate Committee on Energy Policy and Public Utilities passed all but HB 5525 by a vote of 5-3 on June 12.

The full legilsture will not return from summer beak until Sept. 9. The Senate, however, has set tentative session dates for July 15-17, July 22-24 and Aug. 13, 27 and Sept. 2. No word on the House, where all the seats are up for election. The Senate seats will not have to stand for election until 2010.

Update: The House will also be in session at noon on Friday 6/27.

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