Jun 19, 2008

Progressive Book Club finally goes online

It’s here, finally. After months and months and even years of checking the web site to see if it was functioning, the Progressive Book Club is finally up and running and taking orders.

The introductory offer includes three books for just $1 each, and you can choose from some great titles, like the “The Real McCain,” “A Time to Fight,” by Sen. Jim Webb and Al Gore’s “Assault on Reason.” It also offers a place to debate books, discussions, forums and a blog. Perhaps even more importantly, the purchase of a great book will benefit your favorite progressive organization.

The PBC will donate $2 from the purchase of every book over $10 to your favorite organization, from the Animal Defense Fund to the Wellstone Action Fund.
Conservatives have had a place to buy the latest hate-filled trash from the likes of Ann Coulter at the American Compass Book Club and Conservative Book Club for years, and now liberals, progressive and reasonable Americans now have their own book club now.

Check it out.

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