Jun 3, 2008

GOP chair makes disgusting and baseless claim

Dave Dishaw, chair of the Kent County Republican Party, is claiming a weekend break in at their headquarters is the work of Democrats without an ounce of proof. What is even more predictable than a baseless allegation without proof, is he is using the incident as a fundraiser.

According to the Grand Rapids Press, Grand Rapids Police said the break in occurred on Thursday, and “thieves entered a side door and took about $200 from a cash box, a laptop computer and a large box of stamps. They also smashed computers, crumpled banners and took miscellaneous items.” Police also call the GOP claim it was the work of Democrats stretching the truth; something very common to Republicans.

“I don't know what they're basing that on. ... That may be a stretch," Lt. Ralph Mason was quoted in the GR Press saying. "It was a burglary. They got a laptop, they got cash money. ... They obviously concentrated on things they can pawn or sell."

Dishaw posted a letter on the web site saying, “We knew the Democrats would do anything to win, but we didn't expect this! For the first time in history, the Kent County Republican Headquarters was broken into, vandalized and burglarized.”
And what will make it all better for Dishaw, “Your contribution of $100, $50 or just $25 will help support our candidates and spread our conservative values across Kent County! “

That about says it all.

This reminds me of the alleged anti-war vandalism at U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers office in Lansing. Back in March of 2007 the door locks glued shut, the building was spray-painted, a "Support Our Troops" sign attached to the front of the building was splattered with blood-red paint and a hand-painted sign was also plastered to an entryway window that said “Rogers There is Blood on Your Hands.” Rogers’ people made a lot of political hay with it, like in this case, but it took a long time for a picture of the alleged vandal to be published, in stark contrast to the amount of publicity and the noise Republicans made. There are still no arrests in that case, as far as I know.

If I was cynical, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to believe the Republicans staged this. When was the last time political operatives broke into a party’s headquarters? That would be Watergate, and the GOP made a hero out of the leader of the plumbers, actually burglar. That says a lot.


Brett said...

When was the last time political operatives broke into a party’s headquarters? That would be Watergate, and the GOP

Interesting comment that you made above. Unfortunately, another untruth from you.

WKMG reported that the local Headquarters for the REpublicans was one of 20 breakins at Republican Headquarters across the country.

That was during the 2000 election campaign season.


Then there was the incident in 2004. Michael Pratt, 36, son of former acting Mayor Marvin Pratt and Sowande Omukunde,26, son of US Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D) Wisconsin, along with two others were convicted of slashing tires of 25 vans rented by Republicans to take voters to polls for the 2004 election. www.jsonline.com

What does this blogger remember? Watergate. An event that took place 35 years ago.

Sounds like selective memory to me.

Unlike you, I sign my name and used no vulgarity.


Communications guru said...

It’s not selective memory, it’s the only case I recall. It still is. You might be correct in that there are some other obscure instances, but you’re going to have to give me a reputable link before I believe it. I don’t consider a rightwing sewer like free republic a reputable source.
If that’s true, I’ll delete that sentence. I don’t use vulgarity either, and I sign my name too. But unlike like you, I never censor.

Brett said...

20 breakins to Republican Headquarters across the nation are obscure?

You may not like FreeRepublic, but you can't deny the truth of it. I gave you the FreeRepublic site, but also mentioned that it was WKMG that reported it and had you had the common sense to view the Free Republic site, you'd have seen there were links to the stories at other websites including WKMG.

It is typical of a liberal though to say "...you're going to have to give me..."

Here's an idea. Do your own research and get facts before spewing forth with the crap.

Oh, and "only case I recall" is a selective memory. I can site you many Republican Headquarters that were vandalized, signs painted over, windows broken, offices ransacked, and even a shooting of a Republican Headquarters where it was lucky that nobody was killed or maimed.

Tolerance is not something that liberals are big on. You prove it with your memory and with your fear of Free Republic.

It seems to me that if you're going to start calling sites a "sewer" or an unreliable source, that you'd want to be able to disprove the information on the site I provided. But, instead, you choose to start calling it names like sewer.

However, your response is not unexpected. You might want to consider an old saying and trying to live by it.

"Better to be silent and thought the fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."


Communications guru said...

I’m still waiting for you to cite the many instances of Democrats breaking into republican headquarters. Funny, you don’t have any. You spend all these words berating me when you could just have easily given me at least one reliable link, which would have caused me to remove the offending sentence in the post.

I did my research, and I stand by what I wrote. It seems kind of weird that you want me to do your research to prove you are right and I am wrong. That makes zero sense. Do your own research. Also, remember this: I said a break in, not a shooting or vandalism of an occupied HQ.

“free republic” is not only a sewer, but it's unreliable. It seems ironic that your side made a political strategy of attacking the legitimate and professional press with the false charge of the so-called “liberal media,” but when I make a true statement about a bunch of rightwing loons I’m wrong. If there are so many instances of break- ins then it should be very easy to cite a real link.

As usual, you latch on to one sentence and ride it to death, and then you still can’t disprove what I write. By the way, any proof the Democrats are involved in the incident in Grand Rapids? That was what the post was about.

Brett said...

I gave you sources. You choose not to beleive them. I don't mind pushing someone in the right direction and even give some cites, but I'm not doing all of your work for you. Your unions give you excuses for not doing anything.

You didn't even give one source for your assertion that the last break in was Watergate.

Your offer to remove a sentence is not real. I've learned that when someone mentions "facts" to you, you only think of "fax".

You didn't even give any sources for your assertion that free republic is unreliable. You're full of words, but low on truth. My point has been made, and sources provided. You're looking the fool...again and I'm really not much interested in helping you recover from that.

So I await your next folly.

Later, kid.


Communications guru said...

Do your research before you make untrue accusations, but I guess that’s what you people do best. What you gave me was one, one, unreliable, disgusting rightwing source. Again, if there are so many incidents then you should be able to cite at least one mainstream source. Obviously, you must be making stuff up again.

I have never been in a union, but I’m smart enough to know that unions helped create the middle class, increased wages for all and were responsible for enacting the safety rules that allow workers to come home every night with their lives and limbs. However, you do understand I am not paid for this, like the leading rightwing blogger is.

Sorry, I don’t get the facts and fax reference. Apparently, I’m not as witty as you are. Like I said before, if you provide me a reliable source and prove your point that there were Democrats who broke into a republic party headquarters, I will remove the offending sentence. Or, if the police arrest the person responsible for the break in we are talking about and he or she turns out to work for the Democratic Party I will make a prominent correction. I have never lied, and I am not going to start now because of someone like you. Again, I’m not going to do your research for you. If you want to prove me wrong then you will have to do it.

I believe Watergate was the last political break-in. You are the one who apparently does not believe that to be true, so it would seem to me you have to prove I’m wrong, not me.

What point did you make? That you continue to make false accusations with no proof? I agree with that. You keep saying sources plural, but you provided just one, unreliable one.

Brett said...



shooting in Arizona

New York



So you only recall Watergate. Selective memory.

Now let's see YOUR sources (I'm sure it will be long after hell freezes over).

Now we'll see what you're excuses are.


Brett said...

Don't worry. I don't expect you to take your comments off of here. Waiting for a proven liar, not to mention a liberal, to do as he/she says is not a good time management practice.


Communications guru said...

The part that I’m a liberal is true, but I am not, nor have I ever been, a liar. What gives you right to make a false and inflammatory remark that I’m a “proven liar?” You certainly have not proven that and never will. Like I said, I will take the one sentence out of my post about Watergate being the last political break-in when you proved me wrong. I may very well be wrong, but it’s not because I lied it’s because I don’t remember hearing of any other such occurrence. I don’t know how you can reach the ridiculous conclusion that it’s “selective memory” or lying? You have not proven me wrong. I never said anything about comments. I never censor any comments, not even disgusting lies from the likes of you.

I looked at the links you provided, and none meet the criteria of being Democrats braking into a republic party HQ. The Romney break-in would have met that criteria, but they were not connected to the Democrats or any party.

Now, what sources do you want me to provide that I haven’t already provided? I provided the link to the GR Press article and the disgusting and pandering letter from the GOP chair. What, you don’t believe Watergate happened? What sources do you want?

Brett said...

LOLOL You never fail to disappoint. I could save you some typing by typing your response for you. You're very predictable.

Hey, don't get me wrong. I like it. You're a great comedy act.


Communications guru said...

Great response. You always stoop to that kind of BS when you have no response. I guess when you don’t have a leg to stand on that’s what you’re reduced to. No wonder I kick your butt so badly you have to stoop to name calling. If I had to defend your position would probably have to duck the questions too.

The truth hurts said...

Typical liberal

Cover their eyes and ears and say I do not believe you.

Unreliable source yet he gives no sources.

I guess he just feels it.

By the way I noticed you took your name off the blog

Communications guru said...

Other than your blind hatred of the liberals that helped make this country great, how can you possibly reach the conclusion I’m covering my “eyes and ears?”
He’s angry because he can’t prove his point, and he wants me to do it for him. He says political break-ins of republic party HQs by Democrats is widespread, and Watergate was not the last time a political break-in occurred. Where are the widespread sources? It seems he has to prove I’m wrong, and he hasn’t. Even the rightwing sewer he referred me to doesn't even have any examples. Are you denying “free republic” is a rightwing site?

I took my real name off the blog because I’m no longer contractually required to do so after my contract with Michigan Messenger expired. The name I use on this blog since I stared it almost two years ago and the name I use to comment on other blogs is the same. Am I doing anything different than other bloggers?

Why does that even matter to you?

Brett said...

LOL. I give you six sites and you don't even check them. If you had, you'd have found links to other sites with the same and more information.

I'm angry?? That's a hoot. I'd have to care about you in some fashion to be angry with you

I just have fun. I can not say anything other than to sign my name and you're like a dog chasing his tail.

It's fun to watch.


The truth hurts said...

CG you say "He’s angry because he can’t prove his point, and he wants me to do it for him"

Can't you write your own copy that is what Brett said to you.

What does not having your name mean to me?

I remember you ripping on anyone who used Anonymous as instead of giving a name. Now you won't give your namem very interesting.

Chicken as you call others

Communications guru said...

I checked every single link you provided, and not one applied. Not one of them was about a Democrat breaking into a republic party HQ. Hell, there wasn’t even one about a republic breaking into a Democaoi4te HQ. Like I said before, the one at romney’s HQ could have applied, but they are not connected to any party.

Yes, angry. Angry that you can’t prove your point. As for the "dog chasing its tail" crack, I’m not going to allow your lies to go unchecked.

Maybe you should spend a little more time trying to do something about that garbage you write on that thing you call a blog instead of chasing your tail here. Maybe you’ll get somebody to post a comment; hell, maybe you’ll get someone to actually read it.

Communications guru said...

No, that’s not what he’s saying. He, or you could be him, wants me to verify Watergate was the last break-in of a party’s HQ. I’m pretty sure it is. If he, or you, doesn’t believe that then he, or you, should disprove it.

Yes, I did rip on people who attack anonymously, and I will continue to do so. If you’re not willing to take ownership of what you write, why write it? I do. I use the same screen name everywhere. Because I’m registered at Google, I can’t post anywhere using another name. Why should I give my real name? Almost all, if not all, bloggers use a screen name. My real name is no mystery, and it’s not hard to find out. Many of the posts here are cross-posted on Michigan Messenger.

Martin said...

Good Job! :)