Jun 30, 2008

Bishop punishes Michigan voters for his ignorance

LANSING -- Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester, punished the Democrats and a member of his own caucus who briefly took control of the Senate to move three important bills out of committee on June 19 by further disenfranchising voters.

Subscription only MIRS reported last week that Bishop took away the vice chairmanship of the Senate Health policy Committee from Sen. Bruce Patterson, R-Canton, who joined the Democrats in discharging an annexation bill – House Bill 5779 - he wanted and the so-called Kreiner fix bill Democrats wanted. He was also booted off the Senate Government Operations Committee. Of course, that committee is chaired by Bishop and rarely, if ever meets. It’s where Bishop sends bills he wants to block from ever being voted on.

Senate Minority Leader Mark Schauer, D-Battle Creek, was kicked off the useless Government Ops Committee and the important Senate Campaign and Election Oversight Committee, for a second time. The person who came up with the rules to take advantage of the Republican ignorance and move the bills, Sen. Gretchen Whitmer, D-East Lansing, was kicked off the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will go from seven to six members.

House Bill 4301 is designed to address the recent interpretation by the Michigan Supreme Court in the case Kreiner v. Fischer. This bill was passed by the Michigan House of Representatives on March 14, 2007 and was referred to the Senate Committee on Judiciary where it remains, and it would go a long way to helping people injured in automobile accidents recover damages.

The bipartisan HB 5779, the annexation reform bill, was introduced by Rep. Mark Corriveau, D-Northville, and it has overwhelming support. Last week 1,300 letters against the proposed annexation of part of Northville Township to Livonia were hand delivered to Michigan Senators.

All three bills were sent back to committee to die.


Sara said...

They got what they deserved.
Do it correctly or do not do it.

Funny how you do not explain in any depth what the 3 bills are, you say 3 but they all seem to do with the same thing.

It is also funny how you do not mention that Senator Bishop was the one who did not let the smoking ban bill die in committee, a bill that he was not for.

Try to be at least a little fair to both sides.

Also, you are not informing the few people who read this that the Democrats NEVER let bills they are against out of committee.

Brett said...


Excellent!! You nailed this guy completely. His stuff is full of half truths at best, usually however he has it entirely wrong.

I'd love to see the quotes he attributes to Limbaugh in a previous post. He'd probably freak out if someone told him that Katrina was not a category 5 when it hit land and that the strong part of the storm never got near New Orleans.

As for these politicians getting what they deserved for their actions, I agree wholeheartedly.


Communications guru said...

They got what they deserved? I disagree, and so do the many Michigan residents who support the bills. They did it correctly. They used the rules to get by the obstruction of Bishop.

You’re seriously gigging me for not going in depth abut the bills? The post was not about the bills, it was about the ignorance then the vindictiveness of Bishop and the Republicans, and the first one was breaking as I wrote it.

What’s funny about me not mentioning that “Senator Bishop was the one who did not let the smoking ban bill die in committee? I have written numerous posts on the smoking ban, but this post is not about that. The fact is Bishop sat ton the bill for six months, but only the intense pressure from people all over the state and members of his own caucus forced him to allow a vote on it. He did not want a vote because he knew it has so much support. I would like to think my blogging on the issue helped put a little bit of pressure on him to act.

Of course Democrats do not take up every bill out of committee, but not like the Senate. Even when the Republicans controlled both the House and Senate prior to 2006 the Senate is where bills went to die.

Communications guru said...

As for these politicians getting what they deserved for their actions, I agree wholeheartedly.

I was wondering when you would crawl back out from under your rock. It can’t be because you have been concentrating on that thing you call a blog: you have, what, one post for the entire month of June? I was “nailed” on nothing, and both posts on the situation are factual and true., like the almost 600 other posts on the blog.

I’m not sure exactly what you are taking about in regard to limpdick. I provided a link to his recoded comments. Also, you can click on his name at the bottom and read everything I wrote about him. Are you saying Katrina wasn’t a category 5 hurricane, and are you disputing the number of people killed?

The politicians you are referring were doing exactly what they were sent to Lansing to do, represent the people of their district. The people of Northville want the annexation bill passed, and people injured want access to the courts like every other American.

Anonymous said...

On his blog, Lansing political reporter Tim Skubick said the "punishments" were so light, they were essentially meaningless. Bishop could have done a lot more, apparently.

Communications guru said...

I suppose Skubick is right, but it also seems to me the people who elected these guys are getting punished too. It’s not like they did anything unethical or illegal; they attempted to move bills their constituents wanted moved because Bishop would not move them. Bishop is also to blame because he should have been aware that with a thin majority having two of his caucus members out of town on a session day could be trouble. After all, he’s the one telling people the legislature only works 90 days a year, but he can’t get two of his subordinates to be at work for all of those 90 days? He also was aware, hell, all of Lansing was aware, that Patterson was unhappy with the caucus over this bill and was even considering leaving the Republican Party over it, and Patterson was being pressured considerably by the people of his district to move the annexation bill.

Mary said...

You are not telling the whole truth CG.

Please speak to the fact that the Democrats NEVER let bills they are against out of committee. They refuse to let the people vote on them.

Why are yo not railing against the Democrat party?

Communications guru said...

I am “telling the whole truth,” and If I’m not then I challenge you to show me where I’m not. Like I said before, Of course Democrats do not take up every bill and move it out of committee, but not like the Senate. Even when the Republicans controlled both the House and Senate prior to 2006 the Senate is where bills went to die.

Why am I not “railing against the Democrats? Two reasons, I can’t think of anything I need to rail against them for, and I’m a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Once again, a little research shows that you don't do any research. Your facts are not facts but rather, they are repeating the emotional mantra of the liberal left. Below I have pasted a story from the NCDC showing that Katrina was actually a Cat 3 when it hit.

As for the number of dead, I re-read what I wrote above and can't find a single word where I said the number of dead were wrong.

Once again, you've been caught in another lie. Those pesky facts catch you each time.


NCDC / Climate Monitoring / Climate of 2005 / Hurricane Katrina / Help

Climate of 2005
Summary of Hurricane Katrina

National Climatic Data Center,
Last updated - December 29th, 2005

Hurricane Katrina
Overview / Storm Meteorology and Background / Rain, wind and pressure / Impacts of the Storm / NOAA technical report


Hurricane Katrina was one of the strongest storms to impact the coast of the United States during the last 100 years. With sustained winds during landfall of 125 mph (110 kts) (a strong category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale) and minimum central pressure the third lowest on record at landfall (920 mb), Katrina caused widespread devastation along the central Gulf Coast states of the US. Cities such as New Orleans, LA, Mobile, AL, and Gulfport, MS bore the brunt of Katrina's force and will need weeks and months of recovery efforts to restore normality.

Other storms have had stronger sustained winds when they made landfall including the following:

The Labor Day Hurricane, Florida Keys, September 2, 1935, Category 5, 892 mb, Approaching 200 mph
Hurricane Camille, Mississippi, August 17, 1969, Category 5, 909 mb, Approaching 190 mph
Hurricane Andrew, Southeast Florida, August 24, 1992, Category 5, 922 mb, 165 mph
Hurricane Charley, Punta Gorda, Florida, August 13, 2004, Category 4, 941 mb, 150 mph

The most deadly hurricane to strike the U.S. made landfall in Galveston, Texas on September 8, 1900. This was also the greatest natural disaster to ever strike the U.S., claiming more than 8000 lives when the storm surge caught the residents of this island city by surprise.

Communications guru said...

First, Katrina was a category 4 storm when it hit. Here’s a link, http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/09/0906_050906_katrina_facts.html

Second, does that make you a liar because you got it wrong? Those pesky facts. Does that mean I caught you in another lie? I don’t think it does, not this time. Third, what difference does it make if it was a category 3, 4 or 5 storm? It was still a racist attack, and the diferences between the Midwest flooding and Katrina are huge. You are correct, you did not dispute the number of people killed, but what you did, at least the way I read your comment, was try and imply Katrina was not a major storm by saying it was not a category 5 storm. Considering it was one of the five deadliest hurricanes and the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history it was huge.

Mary said...

CG are you an American first or a Democrat.

You should be worried about the country and not about the Democrat party. That is why you should rally against the Democrats when they never let bills out of committee they do not agree with but you get mad at the Republicans when they do the same thing.

Communications guru said...

I am an American first, of course, but the Democrats are the best hope for this country, especially after eight years of the disaster of Bush. I can not think of any bills the Democrats bottled up in committee. Again, I am sure there are some, but again, none that have this much widespread support and not on the same scale of the Michigan Senate Republicans.

Brett said...

Point 1: I visited the link you provided on Limbaugh. Here's Limbaugh's quote that was posted on that site:

Limbaugh: "I want to know. I look at Iowa, I look at Illinois—I want to see the murders. I want to see the looting. I want to see all the stuff that happened in New Orleans. I see devastation in Iowa and Illinois that dwarfs what happened in New Orleans. I see people working together. I see people trying to save their property…I don’t see a bunch of people running around waving guns at helicopters, I don’t see a bunch of people running shooting cops. I don’t see a bunch of people raping people on the street. I don’t see a bunch of people doing everything they can…whining and moaning—where’s FEMA, where’s BUSH. I see the heartland of America. When I look at Iowa and when I look at Illinois, I see the backbone of America."

Please point out the racist comments he made? There is nothing racist in there.

There were murders, looting, and shooting at helicopters and police. Not one comment about anyone's color of skin.

The lack of racist comments in Limbaugh's quote with the accusation of racism by you only tells me that you are the racist.

Point 2. You stated in your posting on your blog that Katrina was a Cat 5. When I corrected you with facts from NCDC saying it was a CAT 3, you backed down and offered a website saying it was a CAT 4. Doing this, you are admitting that you didn't have the facts in your blog post. By the way, I didn't bother to check your newly found source saying it was a Cat 4. No sense to it. You've already proven your original post wasn't the truth.

Point 3: Here is what I said about Katrina:

I'd love to see the quotes he attributes to Limbaugh in a previous post. He'd probably freak out if someone told him that Katrina was not a category 5 when it hit land and that the strong part of the storm never got near New Orleans.

From that you conclude that I didn't think that Katrina was a major storm? I think this explains the liberals in this country to a tee. You take words and read between the lines things that are not there. You have convinced me of just one thing. You have way too much time on your hands and too easy access to a computer. If you're going to have that much time, you might want to see if some local community college offers classes in "reasoning", "comprehending" and "understanding".

Since I found your blog site about four months ago, under the url of "The Conservative Media" which is a joke, I have caught you in no less than 5 lies and those are just the ones I remember off the top of my head. I've seen others catch you in other lies and I have yet to see you admit to any "errors" let alone lies even when faced with the facts.

It takes a big man to admit to mistakes and correct them. You're full of excuses, whines and intolerance. It takes character to admit mistakes, avoid lies and correct the mistakes. I consider you a character, but you certainly have no character.


Communications guru said...

Point 1. Of course you don’t see the racism. What difference does it make what the reaction was between New Orleans and the Midwest? Why does anyone care? What does it matter? I know, and because I point it out, I’m a racist? Strange logic you have there.

Point 2. I thought it was a Cat 5. That was a mistake, it was a Cat 4. If I lied, then so did you. Yes, I am admitting I was wrong; I am far from perfect, but you were wrong too. The facts in my blog post are 100 percent correct. The original post is the truth. Show me where in the original post I even talked about Hurricane Katrina; it was about Mike Bishop disenfranchising voters.

Point 3. Yes, that’s what I concluded. How is it that I need to go to school because you can’t write a decent sentence? If you need any proof, take a look at that thing you call a blog. I have always admitted my mistakes and corrected them. If that was not the case, I would just delete comments, censor comments and ban people from commenting like you and other rightwing bloggers do. I do none of those things because my writing can stand up to scrutiny. There are a lot of people in this world that I care what they think of me, but what a rightwing tool like you thinks of me does not bother me in the least because you do not know me, and you’re just frustrated because you don’t agree with what I write but you can’t disprove it.

The name of the blog is the Conservative Media because that’s what the mainstream media has become. You have never caught me in any lies. Perhaps one mistake, but you made the same one, unless you want to count that as a lie.

Brett said...

Once again, it was not a racist comment. The difference between the midwest and New Orleans was that New Orleans was run by liberals. People didn't do for themselves because the government promised to do it for them. The people in New Orleans didn't know enough to come in out of the rain because they were under the care and protection of the liberal government that they put in place. That liberal government didn't declare an emergency until 24 hours before the hurricane hit. Bush declared it an emergency three days prior and begged the governor and mayor to evacuate.

The mayor wouldn't release the buses to save the lives of those liberals that were living off the government and expecting their protection.

The difference between New Orleans and the midwest is that the people of the midwest didn't wait for the government to tell them that their streets were flooded. The people of New Orleans sat in their homes and then sat on their rooftops waiting for someone to come and rescue them.

Your racism comes in to play because you immediately scream racism. Your liberal policies of the past 40 years were supposed to make this a colorless society. People first, color doesn't matter. Yet, it is the liberals that are constantly screaming racism and even in the Presidential Primaries. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama along with his church exposed that the racism is on the left and not where they have been whining about it being for the past 40 years.

Racism is your property. You'll have to live with it.

As for the hurricane and what category it was, it was good of you to admit your mistake. You can either accept or reject the source I gave you stating it was a CAT 3. I have no interest in checking your site because I did my research and you didn't and you wanted to accuse me of saying somethign that I never said nor implied. You lost the expectation for me to check your facts following your 'mistakes'. You proved only that you're willing to repeat the media and not do your own research.

I'm not going to waste my time with a response to the third point. You didn't say anythign worthwhile to comment on other than telling me that I'm frustrated. I'd normally be interested in knowing where you attended to school to get your psychology degree that would qualify you to describe why I do things or think things, but I'm convinced that your education is sorely lacking. If you did attend school for psychology, ask them for a refund. You got gypped.

Mainstream medis conservative??? LOLOLOL

Let me know when you return to earth. I'll get you a tin foil hat for your next trip.


Communications guru said...

It was clearly a racist comment by a long time racist. The difference between New Orleans ad the Midwest was because FEMA learned from the horrible mess it made in New Orleans, and FEMA ensured it did not happen in the Midwest. The Midwest is accustomed to flooding, and they had a while lot more lead time than they did in the Gulf Coast.

The Mayor “didn’t release the buses” lie is an urban myth that is simply not true. As for people on roofs, there wasn’t enough time to evacuate the city, and many people in cities do not own cars, especially working poor people.

You can accuse me of being racist all you want. It’s not true, and you have nothing to back up your lie.

Yes, I did admit my mistake like I always do. When are you going to admit yours? My education may be “sorely lacking,” but at least I can write a basic sentence.

Well, we know the mainstream media is not liberal. So what are they? We know most large corporations are liberal. You can keep your tin foil hat.

The truth said...

The few who read you blog can tell that YOU Communication Guru are a RACIST