Feb 21, 2011

Teabaggers looking to cause and record confrontations

You knew this was coming: Michigan residents are rallying at the Capitol in Lansing tomorrow on Feb. 22 to protect precious collective bargaining rights that people literally gave up life and limb to win, but it appears teabaggers are organizing a counter rally at the same time to try and provoke a confrontation.

Something called the “Southwest Michigan Patriots” is organizing a “Tea Party Rally” on the west side of the Capitol along Walnut St. The leading Republican teabagger blog is also telling their people they are busing in to “Get pictures, and take video” in an obvious attempt to provoke a confrontation they can record and put up on Youtube.

Republicans in Michigan are trying to bust public sector unions in the form of balancing the budget. Two weeks ago they voted anti-democratic and union busting House Bills 4214-4218 out of committee that will repeal Public Act 72, the current law governing emergency financial managers (EFM). The bills give them more power that includes disenfranchising the voters and terminating contracts negotiated with labor unions in good faith.

The public sector unions are gathering at 9 a.m. Feb. 22 at Central United Methodist Church, 215 N. Capitol, at the Corner of Ottawa and Capitol to march on the Capitol.

What is happening in Michigan is part of a larger union-busting strategy planned by Republicans not only in Michigan, but in Ohio and Wisconsin, and Worker Solitary rallies are planned all over the country to fight the obvious union busting strategy. Teabaggers are also trying to provoke confrontations in Wisconsin as well as in Michigan.

Teabagger groups have attracted the most extreme rightwing and anti-government groups out there that include militias, secessionists and neo-Nazi white supremacist groups, and they are financed by cash laden Washington, D.C. lobbying firms. It will be tough to ignore them because they will do everything to provoke a confrontation, and we must do everything to ignore those attempts to give them ammunition.


kevins said...

So when your guys protest (and get paid for skipping out on taxpayer-funded jobs), they are heroes. But when someone you disagree with wants to protest, then they are trying to provoke. Amazing.

You have a habit of making up these lies. When protesters planned to attend a parade with Old Man Dingell, you said they were conspiring to break the law. Of course, they were doing no such thing. They were practicing democracy, which drives you bonkers.

(By the way, that's another lie you told and a mistake you failed to correct.)

You would restrict rights only to those who think as you want them to. Everyone else would be subject to thought police tactics. You truly do lean toward authoritarism and facism.

Johnny C said...

Would you please shut the fuck up, I never see people defend policies that go against them like you folks do.
Think about what the tea party protested for during the health care debate they supported the health insurance industry ability to drop people if they need medical help.

Snyder's budget is being balance on the backs of the middle class, working poor, seniors, schools, cities and state polices but you sick right wing fucks will get off your fat white asses and defend them because some blogger on the right told you so.

Kevins go back to work on your fictional blog.

kevins said...

Wow...Johnny C....that's a pretty rational, well-reasoned argument for a guy like you.

I said you were a racist...glad to see you agree.

I just wanted to know why it was OK for one group to protest and not the other. You responsed with the fascist tone I've come to expect.

What's a matter, Johnny? Did that hard-on you were bragging about awhile back not go away? After 4 hours, you know, you are supposed to see a doctor.

Such a temper you have. Have you considered an anger management class?

Communications guru said...

Are you seriously making the claim that only non-public employees get paid days off? That’s not the case, at least for now unless the Republicans are successful in breaking the union. I’ll bet you made the same argument when thousands of people who gathered in Cairo, Alexandria and throughout other cities in Egypt, the Selma to Montgomery marches or the Solidarity strikes in Poland. Amazing.

I don’t recall saying the teabaggers can’t protest. I simply warned people about their tactics. They have a history of violence, and people should be warned. So, the teabaggers who will be in Lansing tomorrow aren’t “skipping out on taxpayer-funded jobs?” Oh, that’s right; most are retired collecting Social Security who scream about the government needing to keep their hands off of their SS.

How could I have a “habit of making up lies” when you have never proved I lied? That is correct; the teabaggers were attacking the Grand Marshal of a family parade. If they wanted in the parade, they should pay the entry fee.

Brett, you don’t even know what the word facism or fascism means.

Not Anonymous said...

Little Johnny is living proof that the liberals can't stand opposing opinions.

Commie guru has not ever proven one act of violence by the Tea Party, yet continues to fabricate the notions of violence perpetrated by the Tea Party.

The fact is, it was liberals that egged a bus. It was liberals from the SEIU that attacked Tea Party citizens for daring to ask questions and/or challenge the speakers for the truth at town hall meetings. It was a liberal that picked a fight causing the loss of a finger at a Tea Party event. And despite the repeated claims that racists terms were used against Congressmen the day of the Obamacare vote, nobody ever proved it even with all of the video that was shown.

Oh, and the best one was the Tucson shooting being blamed on the right wing and Tea Party. Now we know that the guy wasn't on the right. He hated Bush, and actually had been stalking the Congresswoman for a couple of years.

But still Commie Guru spreads his BS. It's fun to watch.

Communications guru said...

More revisionist history from anonymous coward.

Sorry, just off the top of my head we have the brother of Democratic Congressman Tom Perriello’s who had his gas line cut after teabaggers posted his address online, we have numerous acts of vandalism like at Gabrielle Gifford’s office in Arizona and threats against Bart Stupak. Most of it is just cowardly crap like you do because most are afraid to look the person in the eye and spout their hate.

Wow, we allegedly egged a bus. At least we didn’t murder a doctor in church, try to kill people at a non-profit or stomp on a woman’s head. As for the SEIU incident, I know it occurred, but it takes two to fight?

It was teabaggers that tried to disrupt townhall meetings, and I noticed very few Republicans held townhall meetings. Racist terms were used against Congressmen the day of the Obamacare vote.
The Tucson shooter was anti-government, and who was preaching anti-government rhetoric?

Once again, anonymous coward, I am still waiting for you to back up your outrageous lie that we were “nearly shoulder to shoulder once.”

brad said...

WHOA THERE COMMIE GURU, Stupak was receiving threats from the lefties if he didnt vote for Obamacare. He was on the fence about public funding of abortions and lo and behold Obama lied to him about that.

Anyone see any of the signs in Wisconsin from the lefties there? Words have consequences "Guru", and how the unions are acting, more people are opposing them than ever before. People in it get raises that dont deserve them, a lot of unions get benefits that they contribute nothing to and the list goes on. People that pay their wages be it via taxes or higher prices on goods and services are getting sick of getting raked over the coals.

Elections have consequences, and this is the consequence of what the unions have done to the country. They are in it for themselves and themselves only.

RTW is sweeping the nations. People can be in the Union or not and dont have to fear retribution from violent union thugs anymore. If the union is so great in a Right To Work state then the union shouldnt or wouldnt have any concerns or need to worry as people will still join, pay the dues and companies will hire them. So dont fret, WTF winning the future, ha.

brad said...

UNO MAS: and a source for it. Indiana is considering RTW. In the link there are wages and employment numbers and other state benefits. More people make more money in RWT states and the state has better economic success than non RTW states like Michigan for example. So it looks like unions really arent helping the middle class, rather its destroying the middle class. http://www.indianachamber.com/media/pdf/studies/IndianaRightToWork-1-27-11.pdf

Here is the closing statement: America operates with Depression era labor laws that are increasingly out of touch with the
realities of a global labor market. The Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 provided states an opportunity to sharply reduce some of the adverse effects of these laws by passing right to work legislation that
gives workers the right to decide whether they wish to join a union and/or pay its dues. If the
state of Indiana were to avail itself of the opportunity to adopt such a law, it could benefit greatly in terms of future economic growth, as RTW laws attract productive resources (both capital and labor) to a state, while the absence of such laws repels them. Using econometric procedures, we
estimate that in the year 2008, the typical Indiana family of four would have had over $11,000
more income had RTW laws been adopted 31 years earlier. State total output would have,
conservatively, been $22 billion higher— an increase of over eight percent.

As we indicated earlier, predicting the future is necessarily somewhat speculative. However,
suppose Indiana’s per capita personal income, adjusting for inflation, grew the same in the next decade (2011 to 2021) without a right to work law as it did in the decade 1997 to 2007 (before
the current financial crisis and recession). Alternatively, assume a right to work law was adopted
in 2011 and that it added 0.26 percentage points to the growth of personal income, which is what
we estimated, based on regression analysis, it would have done for Indiana in the 1977 to 2008
period. We estimate the passage of a right to work law would raise personal income per capita by
$968, or $3,872 for a family of four, by 2021. Over $6 billion would be added in relatively short
order to the income of the state. And this ignores even more growth arising from likely inmigration
of people following a near certain in-migration of capital. In short, the adoption of a
right to work law can have powerful, near-immediate effects on the Hoosier state.
In a time of budget stringency, governments cannot afford to use financial resources to impact
growth, but they can change the legal environment in which labor, the most important factor of
production, operates.

Johnny C said...

What I can't stand are people who make up the middle class and working poor defending the interest of the already wealthy and elite over the interest of average people.

I never said you half wits can't protest, if you want to put on display your ignorance go right ahead. Let normal people see how dumb you people are. It's going to be the health care protest all over again. You defend the health care industry ability to dump people that get sick while making obscene amount of profit.

Now you're going to defend a budget that slashes schools, cities, seniors,police officers, middle class and working poor while not asking the wealthy to be part of this shared sacrifice.

As for Obamacare(noting you guys are in the low minority of people that wants repel) debate last year dip shit I have the video on my blog of black rep getting spit on and John Lewis has more creditability than you and the entire tea party combine so I believe him.

Like Guru said the Arizona shooter comes from the anti-government movement that amazingly only springs up when a Democrat is president.

Johnny C said...

Brad because it's on a right wing blog doesn't make it true..

Guru I gotta give your right wing troll credit he has to make multiple screennames to spew the same misinform point.

kevins said...

"the same misinform point?"

Johnny C...is English your second language?

More lies...the Tucson shooting was not a rightwing or conservative or Republican or Tea Party event. Even President Obama says that...or do you now consider him to be a rightwing tool?

No anti-government violence except when Dems are President? Even for you that's an incredibly stupid statement. Does that mean the Southern Poverty Law Center makes up stuff? Because I've got all sorts of stuff from them in which they warn of anti-government violence...during Reagan and both Bush administrations. I guess the SPLC is also a bunch of rightwing tools.

Or, just maybe, Johnny C and Commie Guru are dumber than posts...Hmmm, I think I know the answer to that.

Not that facts matter, guru, but I'm tired of you making up arguments I never made. I never said non-public employees don't get paid days off...only a stupid liar like you would make such a silly claim.

What I said was that many public employees were calling in sick...lying...to protest. (I will commend many in Wisconsin for hanging around over the weekend, though.)

You are only supposed to take sick days when you are sick. Paid days off are supposed to be scheduled in advance, unless there is an emergency (death, child care issue, etc.)

The reason is that these people are supposedly doing worthwhile jobs and those services are supposedly valuable. They can't be done if no one shows up, as was the case when Milwaukee and Madison teachers stole school days from their students (and got full pay and benefits while doing it.)

You keep making up lies about me and I'll keep asking why Johnny C wonders if you raped and murdered young girls back in 1990.

kevins said...

Hey, Johnny C...

I know you are obsessed about people's hard-ons. Maybe commie guru could offer a solution.

Communications guru said...

WHOA THERE, whoever you are. Sorry, the two cowards arrested for sending a letter threatening to paint a bridge with the blood of Stupak and his family for voting for health insurance reform were Republicans.

There was a no lie about federal funding for abortion. In fact, it’s been illegal since the Hyde Amendment in 1976.

Nope, but are they coupled with gun rhetoric and anti-government attacks? No. How are the unions acting? What they are doing is standing up for their rights won with the blood of those people who came before them.

No, union busting is sweeping the nation, but good people are fighting not to turn the clock back to the Gilded Age.

Johnny C said...

Eating all of those stale big macs the world greatest burger flipper brings home is messing with that already screwed up brain of yours.

And what are you talking about? You're the one spent your last seven post whining about Bernie Sanders voting with the Democrats. You're the one who's harping about fascism and socialism(even tho these two have no relationship to each other) and you're also ranting about chain of events that never happen.

Just go back to work on your blank blog or at least find another alias you can troll with.

brad said...

WHOA there Commie Guru; Bart Stupak received threats of all sorts from libs because he and his group had the potential to stop Obamacare. Im sure he received threats from all over. FYI something called Planned Parenthood is govt funded and does perform abortions. Govt pays for them, and an Exec Order doesnt carry the full weight of law like an actual law and a future president can overturn Obama's exec order on public funding of abortions. Based on all that, its easy to see that Stup(id)ak did receive threats from all over.

Your ignorance on the left being all love and peace is BS, you and Johnny Vegas prove that daily because of your lack of civility along with the protestors.

So again, if you are for the middle class why do you want the unions to get everything which would screw the middle class of Wisconsin? Who is going to pay for all of this? Saddle the debts on the middle class and all of Wisconsinites! There are more cuts than just union benefits, union bens are just getting the most press.

And Johnny C, 50 something percent oppose Obamacare and 53% of Wisconsin residents are pro Walker's agenda.

Communications guru said...

Wrong. The only threats came from teabaggers. Here is a link:

Really: “something called Planned Parenthood?” Planned Parenthood, which has been around since 1916, does not perform abortions with federal money. Like I said, it has been illegal to do so since 1976. The defunding of PP by Republicans will increase abortions, but they will just have to back to the back ally operations like they did before 1973 to get a Constitutionally guaranteed procedure..

Because the unions crated the middle class, and as their numbers decline, so does the middle class. Kill the unions, and you kill the middle class, and that is the mission of Republicans in Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan.

brad said...

Dont forget Indiana and the 22 other states that are RTW or are contemplating it, even true blue Dem states.

So Guru, how do you propose Walker fix Wisconsins budget that is at $3.6 billion deficit run previously by Dems on all levels? Please bestow us this wisdom. Raise taxes on everyone because a few wont pay a little bit when their takehome plus benefits is over $100k?

Also guru, Bart Stupak received threats from libs and im sure conservatives. your link only shows one story. By you saying that its only Tea PArtiers or repubs or conservatives is so closed minded and narrow thinking that it proves you dont have a firm enough grasp on reality. You are really telling us all, that libs dont make threats and dont carry them out? Really!?!?!

Communications guru said...

He can stop giving tax breaks to the richest 2 percent to create an emergency when there isn’t one. Then he can bargain in good faith with the unions, just like GM, Ford and Chrysler did.

As for these alleged threats to Bart Stupak’s life from liberals, sorry, but you’re going to have to back up your lie; I’m not taking your word for it. I proved my claim; now you can prove yours.

brad said...

No need to, I dont believe anything the liberal mlive.com posts (wink). Libs threatened the 10th best president of all time, President George W. Bush (according to a gallup poll) and libs threatened Stupak to vote for Obamacare, it happened it was reported and it is entirely possible because its an issue that uber libs want, single payer which is how/what/why etc Obamacare is set up to turn into.

Obama is reaching and losing the support of the voters. Approval is falling under 45% now, and him weighing in by backing unpopular unions right now (whom the Dems need for donations) and shoving Obamacare down the peoples throats and submitting a budget that can not be paid for is going to crush him and your party even further.

Enough really is enough. There is a reason the DEMS were absolutely annhiliated (sp?) last November across the country on every level. You are supporting the very ideas that are killing the US and A; just ask any Euro country or Canada.

Communications guru said...

Again, prove it.

brad said...

no need to, im pulling a you here. earlier was the first time you actually sent a link to back up something you said, youre catching on.

im sure there was no pressure on bartman to vote with the dems, none whatsoever.

kevins said...

Johnny C....you are lying again. I never whined about Bernie and the Democrats. I just stated a fact, which was necessary to point out another one of guru's lies. Instead of debating that, you lie about what I said.

As long as you keep lying about me, I'm going to remind folks about how you fantasize about guru's hard-on. Stick to facts and honest debate, and I'll let you and guru's hard-on rest in peace.

kevins said...

so..guru the liar...what's that about the Tea Party planning to provoke the other protesters? Another lie by the guru.

Communications guru said...

I didn’t think you could back it up, like always.

That is correct, brett, a citizens rally. You just need to look at the Facebook page; these were separate rallies. Even if that were not the case, I know Republicans may not think the working class are citizens, but it was a citizen’s rally.

Sorry, brett, I didn’t lie. The problem was only a few teabaggers showed up against hundreds of working men and women. Teabaggers do not like to confront people unless they do it anonymously, like you, or of the numbers are on their side.

Johnny C said...


Dude you got issues one you're inbred right winger who feast upon 6 hour old Big Macs brought home by the world greatest burger flipper, two you're a right wing troll that needs to create multiple screen names to push half truths and talking points and three you're projecting.

Go back Guru's post "Bills will make state-appointed emergency financial managers virtual dictators"You spent half the time trying to link Bernie Sanders to the Democratic Party because Bernie Sanders consider himself a socialist.

Stick to facts? Again because you read it on a right wing blog doesn't make it true.

kevins said...

Well, we all know that the pro-union demonstrators were going to provoke a physical attack on tea party members, but the presence of the media made them change their plans.

That's the way to see it, if you use commie guru's reasoning.

kevins said...

Johnny c...

Cool your jets and get back to trying to find a hard-on to curb your vulgar appetite.

You don't need to come to commie guru's defense. He already conceded I was right...I commend him for finally taking the high road.

Communications guru said...

That’s another lie from you, because you have never been right, and since I don’t lie, I would never say you were right.

Only in your small world is the fact that teabaggers chickened out from provoking a confrontation because they were outnumbered mean the pro-union members were going to provoke an attack. Provoking attacks are teabagger tactics, but only if they have the numbers on their side, or anonymously, like you.

kevins said...

wow...I'm getting worried about you.

You take the high road and admit you were wrong and then you get upset when I praise you for that.

Yes, as you say, the union types were likely going to bash some Tea Party heads, but thought better of it because of the media coverage. We agree on this.

Johnny C said...

Guru doesn't need me to defend him, I just like fighting a right wing troll with a multiple personality disorder.

Again you're the one who spent most of your time trying to connect Bernie Sanders with the Democrats. Again you're the one who just repeating things either half written or taken out of context articles or just repeating crap you got off a right wing blog.

Just go back eat those 5 hour stale Big Macs the world greatest burger flipper brings home while listening to right wing talk radio.

kevins said...

Johnny C...

If you are half a man (I know, that's a stretch) then you will apologize to guru for what you said about his hard-on.

I don't need to "connect" Bernie Sanders to the Democrats. You already did that.

The only blog I've quoted was the Huffington Post.

I would say that Johnny C is dumber than a post...but I'll withhold judgement. It's possible that he is no dumber than a post.

Communications guru said...

As I said, the teabaggers were looking for a fight so they could film it and take the heat off of them, but once they saw they were up against men and as many as they were they turned tail. Like you, they only like face to face confrontations if they outnumber people or anonymously. They only try to provoke trouble when they outnumber them; like stomping on a defenseless woman. We agree on this.

“Union types” AKA tax-paying citizens and working men and women, show up when civil rights are being threatened, regardless of how many people are there. They stood up to the paid thugs, crooked police and the National Guard years ago, and they will again, if necessary.

I don’t know “how many busloads did the AFL-CIO brought to the rally,” but what I do know is they paid for them out their hard-earned wages and up front, not a couple of moneyed Washington, D.C. lobbying firms or the billionaire Koch brothers under the disguise of “grassroots.”

I'm glad you agree it was a good thing that the media was there to prevent the teabagger types from union types from accosting the tax-paying citizens and working men and women

Johnny C said...


Again how did I connect the Democratic Party with Bernie Sanders? I also check back you never linked that article. I so suspect either selective editing on your part or like most things that float around the right wing blog-sphere a right wing blogger took a piece that fit their argument and go see even the liberal Huffington Post said it.

Kevins go back eat those 6 hour stale Big Macs super burger flipper brings home and think of new screen names to troll with.

kevins said...

I'm distressed at the censorship on this blog.

If you are going to block posts, then you should start with the non-sensical postings of Johnny C. Really, can anyone understand what he is trying to say.

It's almost as if he is typing with one hand and doing something distracting with the other.

Johnny C said...


Where is the link to the story? Again Kevins you must mistaken me for you between eating stale Big Macs dear ole son makes day in and day out, listening to right wing radio and trolling sites you're a busy douche.

Again since you're giving out English advice how about you teach your friends in the Tea Party how to spell?
But then again you have trouble with that one too huh Kevins?

Communications guru said...

No one is censoring or blocking you, brett. Your rants do much more for my side.

brad said...

VIOLENT LIBERALS: Sometimes it's necessary to get out on the streets and "get a little bloody," a Massachusetts Democrat said Tuesday in reference to labor battles in Wisconsin.

Rep. Michael Capuano (D-Mass.) fired up a group of union members in Boston with a speech urging them to work down in the trenches to fend off limits to workers' rights like those proposed in Wisconsin.

Seriously, Commie guru, you want the union protestors to fight tea partiers and now you have a Dem Rep talking shizz, I would hope you condemn both him and yourself in your next blog.

brad said...

The violence is starting to spread; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zm_Fl3AszuU&feature=player_embedded a union man getting violent, it might get worse. All because some Dem saying there needs to be some blood.

kevins said...

Your fight isn't with me, Johnny C, it's with guru.

He's the one who took my side and criticized you. Duke it out with him.

Communications guru said...

I think you are getting your anonymous screen names confused again.

Johnny C said...

You folks on the right are getting desperate and you should be public opinion is against Scott Walker and with the unions.

And since the protest started there has not be a moment of violence but your boy Scott Walker did thought about sending in a goon squad.

Since you're worried about violence are you going to write to Glenn Beck asking him to tone down his speech?

brad said...

who is glenn beck?

you are for the rights of a few that will cost the middle class even more money, its quite quite hilarious. if youre for the middle class like you claim, put down the unions.

johnny utah, the commie guru wont go after liberal violence, only "right" violence. hypocrisy thy name is commie guru.

Communications guru said...

Unions created the middle class and are the middle class. That’s why the middle class is disappearing and the gap between the rich and the rest of us is huge and growing larger. That’s a fact that even you can verify. The reason for that is union membership is down after the massive attack against them by Republicans.

First, there is no such person as “ commie guru.” Second, when I see some “liberal violence” I’ll go after it.

brad said...

1. Commie Guru = communications guru, its easier to type.

2. You have a Dem Representative saying "get a little bloody" WTF is that supposed to mean? Words have consequences, at least you want us to believe that, then you have some union thug pushing a woman? Just search on any search engine you would like "liberal violence".

Some recent words have consequences examples CNN (granted op ed, but CNN publicshes it) said recently "Obama’s critics keep blasting him for Chicago-style politics. So, fine. Channel your inner Al Capone and go gangsta against your foes. Let ‘em know that if they aren’t with you, they are against you, and will pay the price." The Huffpo You’ve given it your best shot, you’ve tried numerous times to talk with the Republicans, to negotiate, to meet them halfway on every single matter before the American people. But they hate you for many reasons. It’s time you break kneecaps (bold in original). It’s time to destroy the Republican Party. They don’t deserve a seat at the table when all they want to do is score political points by being the Party of No.

3. Im not against unions, I am against unfunded public unions and that in parts of the country the private sector is only "allowed" to hire union firms in their area, for example Chicago.

The public pays for the public employee union members salaries and benefits. The salaries and benefits continue to rise and are unfunded, and states and the FED must/has to reign it in. It can not keep going on and on because funding something that is unfundable will make us go the way of Greece and in essence hurt a whole heck of a lot more people of all classes than just a few people having to pay a few more dollars out of their own pockets.

Communications guru said...

1. And you still can’t do it.

2. It doesn’t mean to reload or to shoot a doctor. Like I said, there is no “liberal violence.”

3. Yes you are. Blaming the economic woes on the unions is ridiculous.

brad said...

1. Cant do what? It is easier to type.

2. Shed some blood sounds like a threat, shoot stab beat whatever. Obama said bring a gun to the fight.

3. Blaming? No, giving people choices helps in Capitalism. The teachers unions pay little to nothing for their health insurance and other benefits. What do you pay? As for collective bargaining in Wisconsin, do you know what "rights" exactly they want to change or take away?

Johnny C said...

Where is this violence? Your boys went down there last weekend and there was no violence. But I'm sure the tea baggers tried their best to cause trouble.

What you're guys are doing is called projection because you guys killed people that disagree with you, you want something to happen to a tea bagger to justify what your side is doing.

Who is Glenn Beck?? Who the fuck are you trying to kid here? This is one of your main talking heads and he's the main one spewing this socialism, communism crap(even tho those two conflict each other).

Bring a gun? President Obama was quoting Sean Connery from the fucking "The Untouchables" talking about bringing matching the intensity and passion on the right during the election. But I notice you didn't mention that Indiana AG that talked about shooting protesters in Wisconsin. Or how Glenn Beck wants to people get shot in the head.

Or Michele Bachmann saying she wants people armed and dangerous but I guess that's different because those conservatives wanted to inspire conservatives.

Unions are the middle class and they're the reason you're not working almost around the clock for little pay. Scott Walker blew the state's budget giving back to his corporate pimps and he's trying to make it up on the backs of average people.

The unions gave Scott Walker what he wants but he wants more. Hopefully this spar those who didn't vote in 2010 to right the wrong and clean house of Republicans..

brad said...

Johnsonville brats, please please please please with sugar on top SHUT UP!

Everything you just said there is either BS or doesnt make any sense. You throw wild accusations all over the place and not a single thing to back them up.

Violent Liberalism, Violent Liberal attacks, attacks on republicans, and on and on and on search on any search engine shows there is such a thing as violent libs just like there are socialist democrats. ITs not "exclusive" to the right.

I think you are in a union and are getting scared that the people are getting pissed at you.

Thankfully I do not work around the clock, thanks to the unions for that.

What you and the Commie Guru are failing to grasp is at what the really dumb teachers union and other public sector unions are doing and demanding. They want tenure, they want to do less, they want more pay and more benefits and pay even less. So the unions want to hurt the taxpayers more so they get theirs.

brad said...

From a friend of mine in Illinois:
I have long held that the unions spend more money on political activism than they would ever disclose. When I inquired with my union, they told me that only $20 out of the $650 I pay every year is spent on political action.

I teach in Illinois and I am entering my fourth year. Illinois is not a “right to work” state, so while I have the option of joining the union I do not have a choice about paying union dues. I pay $650 a year. Of that, only about $150 is kept by my district’s union – the remainder is passed on to the NEA ($150) and to the IEA ($350).

What I don’t understand is how it is legal for the NEA/IEA to use their clout and influence to get legislation passed that requires me to give them money. I don’t have a problem giving my local union their due. However, I do not agree with the policies promoted by the national and state level unions, I do not support most of the organizations to which my money is given by the unions, and I do not agree with the union’s research initiatives that my money finances.

How is it not a violation of my civil rights to require me to pay two lobby groups $500 a year as a condition of my employment?

How is this not extortion?

brad said...

• By 74-18, they back making state employees pay more for their health insurance.
• By 79-16, they support asking state workers contribute more toward their pensions.
• By 54-34, Wisconsin voters support ending the automatic deduction of union dues from state paychecks and support making unions collect dues from each member.
• By 66-30, they back limiting state workers' pay increases to the rate of inflation unless voters approve a higher raise by a public referendum.


On the issue of limiting collective bargaining to wage and benefit issues, however, they break with the Governor, opposing the proposal by 41-54.

If the issues to be taken off the bargaining table are related to giving schools flexibility to modify tenure, pay teachers based on merit, discharge bad teachers and promote good ones, however, they support such limits on collective bargaining by 58-38.

So you and Commie Guru are all about hope and change elections when they benefit your causes but not elections when it doesnt. The people of Wisconsin knew this was coming, that is why they voted Walker and Republicans. It is truly the people here wanting this, not 200k union members in a state of 7 million. Elections have consequences too.

Communications guru said...

Sorry, there are neither “Violent Liberalism” nor socialist Democrats.

No, I wish I was in a union, but, like you, I am benefitting from what a union has won through blood and sweat.

Again, there is no such person as “Commie Guru.” No, neither teachers nor public sector unions are demanding tenure or any of the other crap you lied about; they want the civil right to collective bargain.

brad said...

I really hate the statement "we will agree to disagree" sorry Commie Guru I cant give anyone credit for that, anyways the proof has been shown and proven but Johnny Utah Vegas Union Thug and Commie Guru will not and can not see the forrest from the trees (another plagarism) on a lot of issues. Maybe it is best to give up and not comment anymore, because no matter what it is, they arent wrong ever even in proven otherwise.

The world is out to get you.

Johnny C said...


Again all you done is quote things from questionable sources and haven't provide one example of this so called liberal violence. Search? If there are examples have the courage to link them but I have a feeling these examples of violence will all come from far right wing websites.

What poll are you talking about Brad? Gallup had it 63-31 in support of the unions and within that poll the only people that supports Scott Walker are the Republicans.

Brad, your problem is you don't know what the hell you're talking about one Wisconsin had a surplus and Scott Walker blew it in a few weeks by giving tax breaks to his corporate buddies. And two the unions have conceded to his demands and he wants to stripped them of everything.

Scott pretty much outed himself to a prank caller the other day. This has nothing to do with budgets this about trying to set off a chain reaction in other union states.

I wouldn't talk about elections either Brad because your boys are going to be one and done in power after the GOP year long assault on women and workers.

brad said...

I didnt know Walker could create a $3.6 BILLION deficit plus another $137 million deficit for this fiscal year, in a budget that is not even his all in short span of 1 month. You my non-friend havent a clue. Again, keep drinking the guru's koolaid from his member that kevins referred to.

Johnny C said...

He came into office with a surplus, once again your right wing sources are wrong. But then again you right wingers do love living in that world you created for yourselves.

brad said...

Please good sir, find that for me, because for this current fiscal year there is a 137 million dollar deficit and the state is in the hole 3.6 billion more. So please, Ill even look at your link and may concede a point up to a point depending on the point.

Johnny C said...

It's clear you right wingers live in another world.

brad said...

so youve got nothing, thanks.

Johnny C said...


You're the one making these charges of violence on the left yet you don't have real evidence of that. You whine about the President quoting lines from a movie yet you avoided another elected official telling people in her district she wants them to be armed and dangerous, a national radio and tv show host that incites his followers to violence.

Again Scott Walker went in with a budget and in his first few weeks he blew it on the people that paid for his office. That's the truth and there's is no right wing blog out there will debunk that truth.

Links? You guys are going to whine about it being a far left website while you guys scream and cry about how I gotta accept you using Newsmax or some other self-ID right wing blog.

You know what be funny when the Dems kick the Repugs ass next year we gotta thank some unknown right wing governor in Wisconsin with delusional thoughts about himself.

brad said...

Johnsonville Brats, I want to see proof that Walker blew the surplus, please show me, because it doesnt exist. Im ready for a rebuttle should you find that from a lefty blog.

kevins said...

Brad, you are wasting your time.

Johnny C is a childish fool. He doesn't even understand what he is saying.

And look at guru...he actually says teachers aren't demanding tenure. Cripes, teachers demand tenure probably more than any other benefit. They have said that they will NEVER give up tenure.

Notice, that I never expressed an opinon about tenure, but that will be the argument that guru will take up.

What I said that was that guru is dumber than usual by claiming the teachers union doesn't demand tenure. It's the number one demand.

brad said...

Yeah I know, but if I can get him and the Guru to look up what they claim, maybe they would change their tunes. The efforts are becoming fruitless. Good thing we stand shoulder to shoulder.

FYI Commie Guru, that could be an expression and not just a litteral meaning.

Communications guru said...

That’s creepy; do you always talk to yourself? It’s even more disturbing when you answer yourself. The issue is the civil right of collective bargaining. Again, thanks for the compliment; keep them coming.

brad said...


Communist and socialist groups — including the Maoist Revolutionary Communist Party, the Communist Party USA, Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party and the Democratic Socialists of America — are voicing their support for the public-sector unions protesting Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s plans to curtail their collective bargaining abilities.

If you read this, they sound just like Commie Guru and his butt (since i cant spell bosom or bossom) buddy.

Its crazy how their view points are very similar to the liberal view/talking points. Crazy as in scary like John F'n Kerry.

Johnny C said...

What your point? The tea party attracts white nationalist and other sorts of hate groups. Matter of fact you guys in the tea party were like to a "Storm Front" a skinhead group.

brad said...

Guess who said this?

[M]eticulous attention should be paid to the special relationships and obligations of public servants to the public itself and to the Government.

All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. It has its distinct and insurmountable limitations when applied to public personnel management. The very nature and purposes of Government make it impossible for administrative officials to represent fully or to bind the employer in mutual discussions with Government employee organizations. The employer is the whole people, who speak by means of laws enacted by their representatives in Congress. Accordingly, administrative officials and employees alike are governed and guided, and in many instances restricted, by laws which establish policies, procedures, or rules in personnel matters.

Thats right, Mr Liberal himself, FDR.

Johnny C said...

Yet there is no violence from the protesters in Wisconsin.

brad said...

The primary purpose of private-sector unions today is to get workers a larger share of the profits they helped create. But with a power greater than their numbers, these unions have destroyed the manufacturing sector, forcing jobs overseas by driving labor costs above the price consumers here will pay. The government is a monopoly and it earns no profits to be shared. Public employees are already protected by statutes that preclude arbitrary hiring and firing decisions.

The primary purpose of public unions today, as ugly as it sounds, is to work against the financial interests of taxpayers: the more public employees are paid in wages and uncapped benefits, the less taxpayers keep of the money they earn. It’s time to call an end to the privileged class. And the White House makes a mistake if it thinks it can grow a manufactured and uncivil unrest into a popular movement. Voters will not follow those who flee.

-- The Beast

Communications guru said...

Sorry, unions are far more than just about pay. There are working conditions, due process and professional development.

I guess in your world the middle class is the “ privileged class.” After the right is finished destroying the middle class it will just be the super-rich and the working poor like it was back in the Gilded Age.

brad said...

Sorry, you are wrong. The average yearly salary in Wisconsin hovers around $50k per year. So again I ask you, the people should front all of this extra money for public sector union workers that make more than them and get more benefits and more vacation time? You want equality, this public sector union isnt it.

FYI your party is making a pregnant Dem Senator hide out from the Wisc state legislature because of all this, she is getting pissed and irritable. Way to go.

Another HUGE sticking point is the union wants the govt to continue to take the dues out directly of their members pay checks, Walker wants that to be done away with to. That costs the taxpayers money, and the union can bank on that money coming in. If they have to collect their own, there will be uproars. Thats why the taxes come out of our checks now, so we dont actually see whats being taken out, people just look at their take home.

Communications guru said...

“The average yearly salary in Wisconsin hovers around $50k per year?” So? What is your point? What extra money? These are highly educated and skilled people, and I have no problem with them being paid a living, decent wage.

My “party is making a pregnant Dem Senator hide out from the Wisc state legislature?” What rightwing blog did you get that from?

Taking money out their checks for union dues is a “HUGE sticking point?” Why? The only “sticking point” is Walker wants them to give up their right of collective bargaining, and they, rightly, refuse to do it. They have given Scooter all the concessions he has added fro, but they are not giving up their civil rights.
This is about union busting because they tend to support Democrats, nothing more nothing less.

brad said...

Im going to respond on your newest blog to this. This one looks finished.