Feb 14, 2011

Bills will make state-appointed emergency financial managers virtual dictators

The next time you hear the Republicans talking about how they want less government and prefer local control, don’t buy it.

Michigan House Republicans are debating legislation they introduced last month that could lead to earlier intervention by the state in financially troubled communities school districts and almost dictatorial like powers for state-appointed emergency financial managers.

Rep. Al Pscholka, R, Stevensville, sponsored House Bills 4214-4218. The EFM law already takes the power and authority out of the hands of the people legally elected by the voters and places it in the hands of a person appointed by the governor ad the Legislature.

The new package of bills repeals the current law governing emergency financial managers, Public Act 72. The new proposal will make it easier to appoint an emergency financial manager with several more triggers that allow the state to review local finances, including missed paydays, a creditor with an undisputed claim or simply a resolution from a simple majority in the Michigan Legislature.

The bill also gives the financial manager much more broader powers, and that may be the reason it is so popular with Republicans; it allows the manger to terminate contracts negotiated with labor unions in good faith. It also gives emergency financial managers the ability to appoint people to committees and exclude elected officials from city business.

It also allows them to make academic decisions in the case of school districts taken over by the state.

Currently, only the Detroit Public Schools and the cities of Benton Harbor, Ecorse and Pontiac have emergency financial managers in place, but with the constant reductions of revenue sharing to municipalities and the lower threshold there will be more.

It appears Gov. Rick Snyder wants to trash the constitution and be a dictator. There is a huge push in Lansing, as well as nationwide, to bust public sector unions, and this is just one more attempt.

The bills are currently in the House Local, Intergovernmental and Regional Affairs Committee, and they are up for a hearing on both Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 15 and 16. The committee meets at 2 p.m. in room 519 in the House Office Building, 121 N. Capitol on both days, and the meetings are open to the public.


kevins said...

So when someone criticizes Obama, it's hate speech. But you can call the new governor a dictator who wants to trash the constitution. Interesting. Again, you show how free speech applies only to you and causes you believe in.

The state needs the power to step in quickly and effectively, especially when you see how local governments and school districts have squandered taxpayer money. Detroit schools and Detroit city are top examples. If they don't want any more of state taxpayer dollars, then they don't have to worry about a state takeover. However, in the past, they want all the money and none of the accountability. That hasn't worked very well.

brad said...

Good points.

Communications guru said...

That is just ridiculous. It goes way beyond criticizing Obama and you know it. Stop playing dumb.

What I said was this law will give one person dictatorship like powers. Doing away with elected officials and placing absolute in one unelected person who can ignore the law sounds like a dictator to me.

Are you seriously trying to make the case that is hate speech?

The state already has “the power to step in quickly and effectively,” what this is about is the power to bust unions.

Really, show me an example of “local governments and school districts” squandering “taxpayer money.” Detroit schools already has an emergency financial manager, and the Mayor of Detroit is trying to get the budget under control.

Under this plan, affluent districts, any other district with a deficit reduction plan, like Brighton Schools would be taken over.

kevins said...

What you said was, "It appears that Gov. Rick Snyder wants to trash the constitution and be a dictator."

That's what you said. I can see why you want to run away from that statement, but that's what you said. You lied again.

I showed you examples: Detroit city and schools are great examples. The mayor is trying and I give him credit, but the city wasted hundreds of millions before that...as one small example, the amount that the feds spent to oversee the police department and then the woman in charge starts banging the mayor. Then there was the elected by the people school board president who was functionally illiterate and who liked to play with himself while meeting with the superintendent (I could understand why you might empathize with this guy.)

Brighton schools need someone to step in. They get the most state aid per student in Livingston County and yet they are the only district in a deficit tailspin. Why should Fowlerville folks, who balance their budget, have to pay the tab for more affluent Brighton folks who won't balance their budget?

But again...you said Snyder wants to be a dictator. When I called you on it, you dodged it. Why aren't you man enough to stand by your comments?

brad said...

that is a verbal beat down.

Communications guru said...

I’m not trying to run away from anything, it appears that Gov. Rick Snyder wants to trash the constitution and be a dictator.

Detroit city and schools are great examples of what? The schools already have an EFM, and under these bills, Detroit and many other cities and school districts will be taken over. Brighton is a perfect example.

“Brighton schools need someone to step in?” Brighton may be the only school in a deficit reduction plan in Livingston County, but not in the state. They are in the process of eliminating the deficit. How are “Fowlerville folks” paying for “more affluent Brighton folks?” The fact that they are affluent demonstrates how ridiculous a takeover would be.

But again, I said Snyder wants to be a dictator, and I stand by it. When did I deny it?

Again, doing away with elected officials and placing absolute in one unelected person who can ignore the law sounds like a dictator to me.

brad said...

So if that is your logic, you better start coming down on Obama. Do not ask for examples because you know them already.

I know you wont because you are not an honest blogger who claims to depict the truth but in reality doesnt. Youre just a blogger towing the company line. The Obama company line.

This kind of stuff KevHead, your hypocrisy is becomming more and mroe glaring to all who read your opinion pieces.

kevins said...

Please quit using hate speech. It may inspire someone to do something drastic. Unless that's your goal...

Let's see, a person who was elected by a large margin is trying to move forward his agenda by presenting it to a democratically-elected legislature, and you call him a dictator.

By your definition, Obama wants to be a dictator. I think it is dangerous of you to be talking like that. I disagree with some of what the president is doing, but I wouldn't call him a dictator. Why would you?

Communications guru said...

Pointing out the effects of mis-guided legislation is not hate speech. Unlike the right, I don’t use violent rhetoric.

Let’s see, this law will give one person dictatorship like powers, do away with elected officials and places absolute power in one unelected person who can ignore the law; sounds like a dictator to me. Maybe tyranny is a better word. What do you call it?


You are really tying yourself up in knots to bash Democrats. First, you say you want small government, then you criticize Gov. Granholm for reducing the size of government. Then you claim you want government out of your life, then you want one person appointed from Lansing to have dictator-like powers.

kevins said...

You are again a liar.

When did I say I want small government?

When did I criticize Granholm for reducing the size of government? (I did point out that she shed a lot of state government jobs...pointing out that you should be criticizing her for the ultimate outsourcing of Michigan jobs.)

When did I claim I wanted government out of my life? (I do want government out of my life in many instances, but I don't remember saying it.)

When did I say I wanted one person appointed from Lansing to have dictatorship like powers. (I did say that the state needed to step in to bail out some poorly run local governments, but I never said there should be a dictator. Those are your words, not mine.)

Four more lies. A bit below your daily average, but not bad.

You do use hate speech. You call people you disagree with dictators. You say they are bat shit crazy (or something like that). You make up the term Republican fascist, but don't have the balls to back it up.

You hate democracy and free speech. If you had any skills, you would be a scary, authoritarian type ... the type who would throw enemies of the state into concentration camps or re-education camps. Fortunately, you don't have that power.

You are just someone who is a pleasant diversion...someone who lies a lot and then gets upset when the lies are exposed.

Maybe that's what it means to be a democratic socialist.

Communications guru said...

You are again a liar. Talk about spin.

That’s a good one. If I hated free speech, I certainly wouldn’t let you blather on, but you do more for my side anyway. I hate Democracy because I disagree with you? You are a typical right-winger.

I’m still waiting for you to expose a lie; at least one from me.

I wouldn’t know what it means to be a democratic socialist. I don’t know any.

kevins said...

I caught you in lie after lie and you ignore them.

Is the Huffington Post a reliable source? You are afraid to answer that one, you non-anonymous coward.

I can't figure out what your position is on democratic socialists. First you say they don't exist, then you say you don't know any. I think you have succeeded in confusing yourself.

I'm not a right-winger. How do you justify that claim?

When did I ever say I wanted small government? You made that claim but you can't back it up because it is a lie. You have to ignore this because you are too much of a coward to admit you made a mistake...yet you want to cling to the lie that you don't lie, even when I catch you in them.

Also, you called me a liar. What lie did I tell?

Communications guru said...

Ah, the Republican strategy of if you tell a lie often enough people start to believe it. Sorry, you have never caught me in a lie, and you never will.

Yes, the Huffington Post a reliable source. “Non-anonymous coward?” What does that mean? What makes me a coward? Unlike you, I put my name to what I write and do not hide behind a made up name like you. If there is a coward, it’s you.

My position the democratic socialists GOP false smear is very clear; I don’t know any because none exist in this country.

Keep trying to catch me in a lie. You never will. Plenty of rightwing tools like you have tried and failed.

brad said...

http://www.dsausa.org/dsa.html that is the national Democratic Socialists Party of America website. Caught in a lie? You just do not look up anything before you write it. And since you dont do that, you claim what you say is true. Ignorance to the facts isnt truth, its just stupid lazy ignorance.

Communications guru said...

Nice try, but sorry, wrong again. Like I said, there is no such thing as a Socialist Democrat in this country. There is, however, apparently a Democratic Socialists Party of America. It may be parsing words but “kevins”/anonymous coward’s intentions were to call members of the Democratic Party socialists, and that’s just not true. I do look up everything before I blog about it because I know rightwing tools will try to refute what I write. They haven’t yet, and that’s why I’m very careful. I have never blogged about the national Democratic Socialists Party of America.

However, to be fair, I will no longer say there is no such thing as a Socialist Democrat in this country even though that is true, as long as you stop calling Democrats socialists.

kevins said...

So you are saying that you set conditions on telling the truth. That's odd.

There is a guy named Bernie Sanders. You may have heard of him. He's a United States Senator who describes himself as a democratic socialist. He votes with the Democrats. Big surprise there.

kevins said...

To quote you, poor syntax and all: "My position the democratic socialists GOP false smear is very clear; I don't know any because none exist in this country."

Brad catches you on it and you come up with some harebrained response.

But, as I have pointed out, Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist. So does Bernie not exist?

You were wrong; you have been repeatedly wrong; you've been proved wrong; yet you won't acknowledge it.

You are a liar and you aren't very good at covering your tracks.

Plus, you ignore and lie about the bigger issue. What the national Democrats are pushing has a socialist flavor to it. They...and perhaps you ... admit it in other settings. When conservatives claim about socialist programs, the response is: Hey, if you don't like it, then why do you take Social Security or Medicare or even, in a really dumb statement, drive on government roads.

I'm not saying any of these are bad ideas. I'm not saying a socialist tinge to government programs is necessarily a bad idea. I am wondering why you think it is such a bad idea that you have to lie about it.

Bernie Sanders, a U.S. Senator from Vermont, is a democratic socialist. You say no such person exists in America.

Was in born in Kenya? Do we need to see his birth certificate?

Or were you flat out wrong (again) and refuse to admit it (again) and then lie about it (again).

Communications guru said...

No. Yes; Senator Bernie Sanders, I, Vermont, caucuses with the Democrats as does the Senate’s other independent. What he calls himself is irrelevant.

Communications guru said...

Bye brett.

Johnny C said...

Bernie Sanders himself would tell you he's not a Democrat. And Guru it seems your right wing trolls confuse the crap they get from their media for reality. Right wingers make a baseless charge and when you ignored it because it's not real they think they won.

As for healthcare don't you right wingers think it's hypocritical when Republicans are trying to repel something they get? To idiots like Michele Bachmann government funded healthcare for her is ok, government healthcare for regular people and the soviet tanks are rolling in downtown Washington.

Another thing Kevins or whatever that worthless piece of horseshit calls himself: If you believe everything is socialist then don't drive on paved roads, if you're over 60 then don't take advantage of social security or medicare, if you're a vet don't use the VA and if your house is on fire or someone breaking into your house don't call either fire or police department let your corporate overlords take care of you and see where you will be at in 3 months.

Finally why do liberals have to accept sources like right wing editorials, right wing websites and or in Brad case videos from right wingers from Youtube? But if you cite something from Huffington Post the right then scream about slanted media.

Name five social advancements conservatives were on the right side.

kevins said...

Johnny C...off the meds again.

Can you read? I was the one that used Huffington Post as a source. It totally refuted commie guru's claim...and you can't figure that out...but you learned how to spell profanity.

And now commie guru is mad because I said he's never been convicted of something. Does that mean he was convicted? I'm confused.

kevins said...

Johnny...read slowly.

I never said Bernie was a Democrat. I said he votes with Democrats.

Guru said there was no such thing as a democratic socialist. I (again) proved him wrong.

I never said there was anything wrong with Bernie or his affiliation. I just stated a fact. You and guru then lose it...literally.

I never said roads were socialism. I said that idiots (that would be you) say that whenever someone criticizes government spending, the response by the idiots (that would be you) is to say, "Well, then, don't drive on roads."

And then you go out and prove my point. But you are probably too stupid to realize it. Does someone feed you? Otherwise, how to you remember every day how to eat?

Johnny C said...

So what Sanders votes with the Democrats? He's not an Democrat. Refute all you guys do is repeat what you hear or read in the right wing media. Those things you people spew are so outrageous why would any sane people try to fact check it?

Again do you think it's hypocritical for the Republicans trying to repel something they already have? Why government funded healthcare is fine and dandy for them but it's socialism to give those benefits to for regular people?

As for government spending sick fuckers(that would be you and that other worthless piece of right wing shit brad) didn't care about government spending when the Republicans were in charge so why do you care now? Bush and the Republicans spent money like a teenage girl at the mall with her brand new credit card and there wasn't a peep from you and other fiscal hawks.

kevins said...

Johnny...please tell me that you are a 9 year old. It's hard for me to think that anyone older than that would be so illiterate and devoid of basic communication skills.

I'm typing as slowly as I can, so move your lips and try to comprehend (understand). Commie guru said there was no such thing as a democratic socialist. I proved him wrong and used Bernie Sanders as an example. I also mentioned that Sanders votes with Democrats, which is a fact.

Commie says he never lies and always corrects errors. But he has refused to correct his error (lie?) that there is no such thing as a democratic socialist. So he is lying. That's what I have been pointing out. Can you understand that?

Not that it matters, but I was very critical of the Bush deficits and the Bush warmongering. But guess what? He's not the president. Get someone to read that to you so you understand.

What rightwing propaganda have I been repeating? I haven't even criticized President Obama. I've been calling out Commie Guru for the lies he tells. I quoted Huffington Post to prove how wrong Commie Guru is. Guru lied about me repeatedly. I asked him to back it up. He ignored it. That's why he is a coward. I back up everything I say. Guru snivels and waits for Johnny C to come to his rescue.

Jonny C...you are a stupid person. But you do know how to swear. So does my 9-year-old nephew. But he spells better than you do and he gets A's in English.

Johnny C said...

It seems you have a really hard time to grasp reality but I gotta tell you this one more time the Democratic Party and Democratic socialist has NO relationship with each other. There are Democratic socialist in Europe and Bernie Sanders is probably using that term to describe himself.

As for you constant whining about Bernie Sanders is always voting with the Democrats 1. it's called caucusing and since he doesn't belong to either of the two parties he allowed to do that. 2. And can you really name a Republican bill a person like Bernie can support?

Critical of Bush? I managed to keep up with the right wing media and I didn't hear one right winger talk about Bush, government spending nor the debt. The only time right wingers threw Bush under the debt bus was to defend their sudden concern for debt and government spending.

Guru is doing a pretty good job handling you and that other loser Brad. As for me I like popping you right wing retards with facts and waiting for any response that grape seed size brain of yours can work up.

English? Really dude from reading your post you failed at civics and government classes due to your constant whining about Bernie Sanders caucusing with the Democrats and it seems you don't know the Democratic Party and socialist Democrats in Europe.

As for spelling dude you belong to a movement that's spell the President name "ABMA" and spelling Muslim "muslin"

kevins said...

Johnny C...are you really that stupid or are you being obtuse on purpose? It's a serious question. I want to know.

It is beyong ironic when you make a spelling claim with a statement "a movement the spell (sic) the President (sic) name..." What a moron. By the way, I don't think I've even done either of those spellings, so I don't understand your dim point.

Again, in the slim chance you have half a brain:

1. I've never criticized Sanders in any way. I just said he is a democratic socialist. That's a fact. I brought it up not to criticize Sanders, but to point out still another lie from guru, who says there is no such thing as a democratic socialist. I proved him wrong. He knows it which is why he's gone silent. But you are still stupid...hard to fix that.

2. You get wound up and don't make any sense. You said that it is natural for Sanders to vote for the Democrats. That is exactly what I said.

3. Calling me a right-winger fits with your fact-free name-calling. But I'm not. I don't even remember criticizing President Obama. But I have called out guru for his frequent errors and lies. That doesn't make me a right-winger. That makes me normal.

4. Republicans, especially on the fiscal far right, did indeed criticize the Bush spending, especially toward the end of his second term. That's a fact. Similarly, you've got Democrats critcizing Obama for not being liberal enough. It's a fact. Your idiocy doesn't change facts, just your distorted view of them.

What movement do I belong to? That's another lie from you that you can't support.

I have gone on the record to point out that guru has never been convicted of molesting a child. Can you say the same thing?

Johnny C said...

Getting called stupid by a person who doesn't understand what caucusing is, is very funny. Again Bernie Sanders is a socialist and he would tell you the current Democratic party is not socialist.

I'm not shocked you responded again with a lie. Where was this protest during those Bush years? I didn't see tea party protest after the Repugs passed Medicaid Part D, pushing through tax cuts, kicked started two wars off budget etc.

And the only reason the debt jumped up during President Obama first year was he added Iraq and Afghanistan to the budget.

Kevins you're a liar and a bad one on top of that. The movement you belong to is called there's a Negro in the White House and we gotta get him out.

kevins said...

I will ask you the same question that guru won't answer. Is Bernie Sanders a democratic socialist? If he is, then guru was wrong when he said there is no such thing. It's that simple. Even you should understand it.

Everything else you write is gibberish, unrelated to anything I've written.

You are also a racist piece of crap.

And I notice you didn't comment about the child molestation issue. What's up with that?

Johnny C said...

Bernie Sanders has nothing to do with the Democratic Party so why do you have a hard on for his party label? He votes with Democrats on Democratic bills due to the fact the Democrats aren't trying to hand the country over to the richest one percent and that's his right to do so. Much like Lisa Murkowski can do with the Republicans.

The reason I didn't respond to that bullshit you wrote at the end because it comes from the Glenn Beck playbook accuse someone of something crazy and demand them to refute it.

How do I know Kevins you didn't murder and rape young girls back in 1990? Or you did you murder then rape girls in 1990?

kevins said...

How do I know commie guru didn't murder and rape young girls back in 1990?