Nov 24, 2010

Ensure a peaceful Thanksgiving with the DCCC Cheat Sheet

Tomorrow on Thanksgiving Day, families all across Michigan and the nation will be gathering around the TV to watch the Lions, visit with family and loved ones, eat turkey and give thanks for an improving economy, but there always that one kooky, right-wing uncle in every family who spouts false information gleaned from hours of misinformation and lies from Faux “news” and hours and hours of 30-second TV political ads

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is coming to the rescue with an antidote to that rightwing blow hard to ensure a smooth, family Thanksgiving with its annual “Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet” that offers a few basic and quick answers to shut them down so you can get back to eating, football and socializing. The best antidote to any right-winger is facts, and that usually shuts them up. This free survival kit offers some easy and quick antidotes.

Granted, there are a lot more lies to combat this year than ever before, but the Cheat Sheet will arm you with the real facts so you can answer back with the truth as soon as your Republican relatives start sounding like Sarah Palin or the numerous hate mongers polluting the nation’s airwaves.

The DCC is the official campaign arm of the Democrats in the U.S. House, and you can download the guide today. Do it now, and enjoy the silence, peace and a Detroit Lions’ victory.

Happy Thanksgiving

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